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- By AlisonGold [gb] Date 04.09.07 17:45 GMT
On the main board it tells me that there are posting today. However, when I open up that board the last post is 28 August and it tells me that that is the most recent posting. Any ideas?. All the other boards are okay.
- By Lea Date 04.09.07 18:35 GMT
It could be that someone posted something on there and it wasnt allowed so the mods removed it, but the computer still thinks irs on there if that makes sense!!!
I am sure someone will be along soon to explain it better LOL
Lea :)
- By Admin (Administrator) Date 04.09.07 18:39 GMT
All posts added to the B&B forum have to be screened before they are made visible to visitors/members to the site. The Moderator does this when they get time. Unsuitable posts are removed and will not be activated for public view.
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