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- By bevb [in] Date 31.08.07 14:22 GMT
I know I have had trouble finding out what dosage of piriton I should give my dogs in the event of a wasp sting especially in the mouth. So today I asked the vet while there about Shadys cystitis.
These are the doses for my two with thier weights so hopefully you will be able to work out the correct dosage for your dogs. She did say she would be concerned about giving the liquid piriton to a dog stung in the throat that was gasping as it could end up down the airway.

Shady-weight 36.2kg = 1-2 4mg tablets

Milo-weight 6.5kg = half-1 4mg tablet or 60mls liquid
- By ja.moss [gb] Date 31.08.07 14:32 GMT
Thanks, thats one I shall put away just in case either of mine get stung.  My Goldie is always chasing flys, wasps and bees around the house and garden.  So this will more than likely be something I need for the future.
- By bevb [in] Date 31.08.07 15:50 GMT
Mean't to add this dose is safe up to 3 times a day.
- By Missie Date 31.08.07 17:30 GMT

>Milo-weight 6.5kg = half-1 4mg tablet or 60mls liquid<

are you sure its 60mls for 6.5kg -  3 x daily? That seems an awful lot :confused:
- By bevb [in] Date 31.08.07 19:56 GMT
Yes thats what the vet said and wrote down for me.  She commented on how much you have to use as its very dilute compared to a tablet, thats why she said it could be dangerous trying to get that down the throat if they are gasping for air due to swelling round there.
- By Missie Date 31.08.07 20:42 GMT
According to the 'human' dosage on the bottle, adults and children over 12 the maximum dosage daily is 60mls, thats why I queried it. 60mls is like 12 spoonfuls. The thing is, if your vet is right then for my 60kg dogs, I would be going through quite a few bottles in a day :eek: I'd better get the tablets in instead :rolleyes:
- By rachelsetters Date 01.09.07 20:15 GMT
I too think it seems rather high?  12 x 5mls spoonfuls in one dose!  I don't think I would be happy with that dosage for my lot at 30kg let alone 6kg!

I'm going to double check with my vet next week to be sure - would hate to overdose them.
- By f.a.brook [gb] Date 01.09.07 20:19 GMT
It may be diffrent but, our American Cocker is on piriton for a skin allergy, 1 4mg tablet a day, he weighs about 12kg.

Fiona x
- By zarah Date 01.09.07 20:45 GMT
I was told much higher for my 45kg Dobe - 10 4mg tablets a day! Sounds incredibly excessive to me :eek:
- By Missie Date 01.09.07 20:50 GMT
I think I will check with my vet on Monday aswell. I know last year when Molly got stung several times the vet gave her a jab of some kind of antihistamine and said I could have used piriton but I never thought to ask him what the dosage would have been, though she is bigger now LOL so will check just to make sure.
- By Ktee [au] Date 02.09.07 04:34 GMT

>10 4mg tablets a day!

Surely that would just about knock a dog out? :eek: I know one of my dogs gets drowsy on just one piriton,but she's a small breed.
- By Dill [gb] Date 02.09.07 17:52 GMT
From the PIRITON website:

>Piriton Syrup is colourless syrup. Each 5 ml of syrup contains 2 mg of chlorphenamine maleate as the active ingredient.

>Piriton Allergy Tablets are round, yellow tablets engraved on one side with a P above the break line. Each tablet contains the active ingredient chlorphenamine maleate 4 mg.

Therefore  5ml of syrup is the same dose as half a tablet - how could the vet get the dosage so wrong???? :eek: :eek:
- By Blue Date 03.09.07 09:45 GMT
Being honest I was told dogs or humans couldn't over dose on Piriton.    PLEASE NOTE don't take that as gospel. VET VET VET for adminstration of drugs.
- By Missie Date 03.09.07 10:50 GMT
Taken from the above mentioned site:

If you take more syrup than you should:
If you (or someone else) swallow more than the recommended dose, or if you think a child has accidentally swallowed more than the recommended dose, contact your nearest hospital casualty department or your doctor immediately. Do not drive if it is you that has taken too much. Take the syrup with you so that the doctor can see what has been taken.
- By Brainless [gb] Date 03.09.07 11:11 GMT
Sounds like the dosage should have been 6ml and not sixty.  As five ml is equivalent to half a table (the tablet dose given you) then that sounds right.
- By KaisersMummy [gb] Date 06.07.11 22:37 GMT
hi guys.  I have a male rottweiler weighing 55kg.  He suffers runny eyes/nose and little scabs around face neck and head areas etc so for last 3 yrs been told by vets to keep him controlled to automatically give him piriton from march to october every year.  The dose I been told is 4mg tablets and upto 5 tablets twice a day.  My female is 38kg and is allowed upto 4 twice a day although she barely suffers.
Generally from march i give him 2 tablets twice a day which often controls it and just up it when scabs start to appear or on days that we visiting more woody areas/fields etc.  At moment he has lots scabs and watery eyes so am giving him 4 at night and 5 in morning.
When he was previous insurer and covered for allergies i used to get piriton from vets but now as i have to pay for and since they not that cheap i buy from over the counter at tesco or morrisons etc.  I buy their own brand piritons which are tesco chlorophenamine.  This is not to be confused with any other own brand hayfever tablets which are often loratadine based or cetirizine based which can be harmful.  The only ones that vets will osage info on is the sanction and recommend and that can give dosage amounts on are the hayfever tablets that are "chlorophenamine based".  These are only available over the counter and not on the shelves like other hayfever tablets because they are the ones that state can cause drowsiness etc.
In tesco for example the piriton in piriton packaging is £2.95 for 30 tablets or offer at moment of £4.98 for 60 but i buy their own brand chlorophenamine which is £2.00 for 30.  vets charge around £4.50 for 30 so half the price.
hope this helps x
- By Nova Date 07.07.11 06:24 GMT
Yes, had a bitch that needed them and she weighed 20kg I was told to give her 3 a day, in one dose, for a week but the vet said always the original type not the non-drowsy.
- By Rhodach [gb] Date 07.07.11 07:28 GMT
Those are huge doses, the adult human who weighs more is only Rx 4mgs every 8hrs.
- By Butler 1 [gb] Date 07.07.11 08:09 GMT
When my BMD got stung quite badly by wasps, spoke to the vet and she advised two tablets and they worked very well he weighs 51kg
- By Dill [gb] Date 07.07.11 20:46 GMT
The human dose is one tablet, up to 4 times a day.   This is normal piriton, not the day long variety.

Can't think why a vet would advise a regular dosage of 4 tablets once a day ?   Seems a huge dose all at once and then no cover when it runs out?

with our old dog we gave one tablet 2-3 times a day depending on how he was and what time of year it was as he was worse in summer.
- By Crichton [us] Date 11.07.11 11:40 GMT
My first dog was allergic to housedust mites amongst other things and I was told by the vet to use Piriton.  Initially I went by the human dosage but was told by the vet to use 1-2 tablets up to 3 times a day (35kg dog) as dogs have a different metabolism to humans.
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