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- By Leigh [gb] Date 27.06.02 12:26 GMT Edited 02.04.08 10:21 GMT
Please take a few moments to read the following :)

The Forum TERMS OF SERVICE should be read first, as everyone agree's to abide by the terms before they start to post :-)

Let's highlight, various aspects of the TOS which seem to be 'missed' on a regular basis and then move onto the 'facilities' that are on offer :-)


* All groups are moderated for foul language and commercialised promotional posts.

* Always be respectful of other users, the system, and the moderators.

* Because your posting may be more pertinent to another on going discussion, or it might spawn its own thread, it may be moved as the Champdogs Moderators, sees fit.

* Please do not post the same question in multiple forums. Just choose the forum you consider the most appropriate. Duplicate posts will be removed.

NB: Occasionally,a post/thread will be move to a more appropriate forum.
If you have 'mislaid' a thread, check other forums.

Sometimes, it is necessary to move a thread temporarily to an administration area.
The thread will be returned in due course

* Members may post links to informational sites (commercial or otherwise) which are relevant to the topic subject matter. However you may not post a link to a site with which you are affiliated. The Champdogs administrators reserve the right to remove any link they deem inappropriate.

* No press releases, newsletters, Webpages, or copyrighted content may be inserted into posts. Minor excerpts of less than one paragraph (5 sentences) may be used. All other forms of inserted content from Press Releases, Newsletters, Webpages, or any other copyrighted content placed into messages will be removed without exception. A link to the content is appropriate.

* Posts which reference puppies for sale, proposed litters, adult dogs for sale, dogs for rehoming, rescue dogs and stud dogs for hire will be removed, even if posted in response to a visitors question. Please reply privately to such queries.

NB: Visitors Question Forum. This forum is no longer in use. If you wish to post, then you need to contact Admin and register

* This forum system is not a venue for personal or private vendettas. Keep your personal business as just that - personal. This forum is not a venue for personal disputes.

* Please don't drop promotional urls (we do not allow sig file urls). Signing your name is fine, however commercialised posts will be edited. We tend to err on the side of caution to protect the integrity of the system.

* Please keep your language clean and decent. This includes personal inflammatory language as well as obscenities.

* Please stay within the topic area of the forum you are posting a message in, and within any topic that another poster may have started.

* One way to guard against misunderstandings is to read over your response before you post it. Flaming or personal attacks are not allowed or tolerated.Should anyone use aggressively inappropriate language, start a personal attack, or engage in hate speech, they will be barred from all further discussions.

NB: Please remember that this is a public forum. If you add a post, you must expect people to comment on it. People will hold different points of view. If you are not prepared to hear an 'alternative' point of view to your own ~ Do not post :-)

* The forums are not a venue for advertisements** in any way. It will be the sole discretion of Champdogs and it's moderators as to what constitutes an advertisement.

**Fundraising/Sponsorship/Donation Requests are ALL prohibited. Anyone found using the forum to raise funds in any form, will be REMOVED. This includes via the Chat facility and PM**.

*We do not allow "Please sign my petition posts".

* We do not allow look at my site posts.

* Members are automatically notified when they receive a private message. All "I have PMed you" posts will be removed.

* You will not copy and retransmit any information out of these forums without first getting the permission of the Champdogs administrators and the original author of the message.

Remember: The TOS applies to Private Messages as well as the public threads.


There are several 'links' in the top righthand corner of the forum page:

The "Forum" link will take you to the complete list of forum subjects. You will also see smaller links  namely, New Posts and  Active Topics. If you would rather not 'trawl' each forum looking for the most recent posts that have been added, then both these links are 'short cuts'. Have a play and see which one suits you best :-)

"Search" this link will help you find past threads on any subject that you may need information on.

The "Options" link will allow you to amend and add details to your profile. You can also change your password to something easier to remember by using this link. Do not forget to click 'change' if you do make any alterations. Profiles may not be used to advertise your business/services/goods etc

"Help" is what it says it is and includes amongst other things, how to do smileys and links.

The "Home" link will take you to the web sites main page. If you are searching for information on breeders, breed clubs and breed guides, this is the place to look. You will also find details of how to register with the main site.

The "Diary Of Events" link can also be located on this page :-) ALL members of the main site, can posts details of their events in the Diary.

To reply to a post .. click on the 'reply' button on the header of the post you would like to reply too.

To start a thread .. go to the forum that most suits your subject and click on 'post topic'. A message box will appear for you to type in. :-) There is an 'edit' option on the box header, incase you make a spelling mistake or want to add to your post. If you edit your post at a later date, please indicate that you have done so. Do not worry about posting in the wrong forum,Admin and the Mods can move posts if necessary.

Lastly, Champdogs membership is made up of members from all over the world,and one or two from other solar systems :D We all have different cultures and views on dogs and life in general. Posts relating to religion and war will be removed. Please remember this when posting :-)

Think that about covers it :D
If you have any questions, please check the Feedback and FAQs Forums or email [email]Admin[/email].
- By Admin (Administrator) Date 13.11.07 12:52 GMT Edited 13.11.07 13:08 GMT
PS: Location Location Location

don't forget that you all have a members profile too. If you have not already done so, you may like to add your location to that information? As our membership grows and is open to visitors from all over the world, It would be interesting to see where you have all come from. It would also help when replying to threads. Locations could make a difference to the information supplied and discussed :)

How do I update my profile?:

1) click on your username
2) click on the OPTIONS link - located just under the 'send message' link.
3) add what information you wish to appear
4) scroll down and click CHANGE

Please remember that the Terms of Service applies to your Profiles
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