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- By ClaireyS Date 28.01.07 18:54 GMT
Ive been told Alf has weak hocks and to improve his movement will need to strengthen them up.  Now most of his life (he is 2) he has had mostly free exercise, ive been advised by someone in the breed that road walking would be best.  I was just wondering what other peoples thoughts were on this? could this improve him or is it something that cant be cured? 
- By Soli Date 28.01.07 19:12 GMT
You could just be unlucky in that he has weak hocks which no form of exercise will correct.  However, in my experience, most of my dogs have all moved correctly with a mixture of free running and road working (a couple that didn't move correctly had conformation faults).  Slow road walking will really make him use the tendons and ligaments in his joints and could tighten them up if you're lucky.  It also produces great muscletone.

My only advice is try it daily for 6 months and see what happens :)

- By jas Date 28.01.07 19:17 GMT
Years ago I was advised by a very experienced breeder that the best way to improve hocks is to walk the dog briskly up a fairly steep hill and then slowly back down again.
- By BEDLEM [gb] Date 29.01.07 09:31 GMT
This is quite interesting as I was always (obviously mistakenly) under the impression that muscle tone building needed free running and galloping. My boy gets road walking - quite often up a big hill (and I wondered if walking up hill was tougher on dogs like it is on us!) swimming once a fortnight and some free running once a week as well as bouncing around the garden at almost full speed everyday chasing balls, and playing tag with me, etc. He is a greyhound and retired from racing due to a hairline fracture of his hock. He gallops around the garden now (18 months on) like nothing had happened though:cool:.
- By Soli Date 29.01.07 09:49 GMT
It's always interested me how different breeds have different appearance of muscle.  You get your stockier breeds with bulging rounded muscle, then you get your sighthounds with longer, almost flat muscle.  It all goes along with conformation.  If a dog has correct conformation and is exercised correctly (with a mixture of road walking and free running) then it should have the correct muscletone for it's breed.  Road walking helps to tighten feet, along with all the ligaments and tendons plus builds muscle, whilst free running helps improve the cardiac and breathing systems whilst flexing the tendons and ligaments that you've just strengthened by road walking :)

Think of racehorses - most of their work is done on roads and tracks.  It's only about two or three times a week at most that they have a gallop.  Similarly with packs of hounds - all their fitness/stamina work is done along roads and tracks too.

- By ClaireyS Date 29.01.07 09:54 GMT
thats been my problem, my boys dont often get road walks, only when its dark, they both have fantastic muscle tone - the judge yesterday even commented on it, but obviously their muscle is built up from free running only so other areas have missed out.  Made a good start yesterday, we were out for 2.5 hours - all lead walking :eek:
- By newfiedreams Date 29.01.07 10:36 GMT
Just to say...I walk the Newfies...AFTER they have finished developing!! around 3.5 to 4 miles a day at a brisk pace of around 6mph...'cos I go on me scooter! LOL We are quite a sight apparently and even after losing Cassie last year I STILL get asked...'what happened to the other one'?...or...'don't you have 2'? I even had Taxi drivers stopping and asking! But seriously, Judges have said 'what fantastic condition'(of the dogs!) I see far too many FAT Newfies in the rings!!! People think that because they are a giant breed they should be fat or not exercised properly...which is absolute tosh!
- By ClaireyS Date 29.01.07 09:51 GMT
I cant even think where we have a big hill locally :confused:
- By JJ240_4 [lv] Date 29.01.07 10:27 GMT
Hi Guys,

Sorry for adding to this page, but do you know how i start a new forum/conversation?  I dont seem to have any option, when i go to chat it says that this is really worried about my dogs eye and i need to start a new topic.

- By Annie ns Date 29.01.07 10:29 GMT
Go into the Health section and click on Add Topic, top left of page. :)
- By Isabel Date 29.01.07 10:29 GMT
When you open up the appropriate forum section such as Health you should see top left hand "Add topic"
- By JJ240_4 [lv] Date 29.01.07 10:53 GMT
Thanks guys, I will give that a try - Me and technology dont get on:-))
- By MariaC [gb] Date 29.01.07 12:24 GMT
Why not try hydrotherapy?  Great muscle and strength builder!
- By ClaireyS Date 29.01.07 12:30 GMT
he did hydrotherapy last year when he had a bad leg, I was thinking about that but when dogs swim do they not use their front end more than their back end ?
- By MariaC [gb] Date 29.01.07 12:46 GMT
No they use their back end too - it really strengthens both!
- By ClaireyS Date 29.01.07 13:28 GMT
I might have to take him back then, so blooming expensive though :rolleyes:
- By Harley Date 29.01.07 18:08 GMT
Take him to the beach if you live near one and they can swim for free :) or a river :)
- By ClaireyS Date 29.01.07 18:17 GMT
Alf doesnt "do" swimming :rolleyes:
- By Harley Date 29.01.07 19:02 GMT
Harley does swimming but doesn't do " coming out the water when asked" :D
- By ClaireyS Date 29.01.07 19:15 GMT
lol Alf just stands at the edge of the water and waits for Fagan to retrieve the toy then mugs him for it :eek:
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