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- By Chocaholic [gb] Date 18.11.06 13:21 GMT
Hi guys I need some advice. My bitch was mated 16 days ago on day 15 of her season. She continued to bleed as normal after mating. This is normal for her as on previous seasons she stops on day 21 with the exception of when she was in whelp last time where she continued to bleed until day 24 and went on to have a healthy litter of 6. This time she is still bleeding at day 31 :confused: when I say bleeding it went a light brownish discharge, except for the last couple of days where it seems to have got a bit heavier again. It's not dripping from her but there is definitely more than the last 2 weeks, a reddish brown discharge. I took her to the vets on Thursday which really confirmed what I already thought, there is no odour with the discharge, her temp is normal, she is well and eating etc so they didn't give her ab's.  I spoke to the breeder of my bitch and she said that this particular colour in her line is always awkward and often continues bleeding if they are in whelp. I'm just a bit concerned that there has been more discharge the last 2 days . Could this be that she is reducing numbers? as I am sure that this is around the time that the blastocystes implant and start to grow into embryos or could she be aborting? She is showing signs (all be it early) of being in whelp. Her nipples are starting to pink up and she's acting "precious" as one of my friends put it. Isn't it frustrating when they don't do things by the book :confused: any advice would be appreciated.
- By lumphy [gb] Date 18.11.06 17:04 GMT

My bitch did this with her last litter. She went on to have 3 healthy pups. The same as her previous litter.

I also knew from two weeks after the mating she was pregnant. She bled on and of through out her pregnancy especially after a of the lead walk were she would run about. I had to keep her on the lead to be on the safe side.

- By Suffolk Maid [gb] Date 18.11.06 17:22 GMT
HI there- Ihad exectly the same concerns a while back.
My bitch too bleeds throughout her seasons usually to day 22-24 and both times when she had pups about a week after mating had a bit of fresh blood and i was a bit concerned as to why but she had a litter of 9 each time . this time however she had a lot more blood which lasted for about a week and i wondered if she might have miscarried or whatever and even postponed a prospective owner coming to visit because things had been so different but at the scan it was obvious that she had a busy tummy in there and she is mighty big now with pups due on friday so we will know ina few days. I do a pregnnacy diary each time and she has put on more weight this time too so i reckon another large litter and for some reason this bleeding wasn't what i fared it might be. hope all goes well with yours and mine too in a few days!!!
- By Chocaholic [gb] Date 19.11.06 23:14 GMT
Thank you. She is still bleeding :confused: I am keeping a very close eye on her. She seems well in herself, temp still OK etc. I suppose it's the old wait and see game.  She isn't showing any signs of being unwell at all. Tails wagging, she isn't lethargic, she's eating, toileting as normal. I had her scanned at my vets last time on day 28 but I was going to wait a little longer and take her to Archie. I might still take her to Archie but see if he'll do it on day 28.
- By trekkiemo [gb] Date 21.11.06 11:19 GMT
My girl was similar ,she continued bleeding and discharge changed to a hint of green so look out for any change in colour my girl was put on ABs and went on to have a healthy litter much to my surprise .
- By Chocaholic [gb] Date 21.11.06 13:13 GMT
Hi Morag ;-) It's been very strange as her season never actually ended it just went alot paler light brown normal end of season stuff. Then day 15 a complete change alot heavier and dark brown blood. I took her back to the vets yesterday as I wanted to make sure there was no infection. The lady vet was very nice and said it was strange as it looked like old blood. She decided to scan her, more looking for a pyo/infection. No sign of any pregnancy and no sign of infection although she did say on day 17/18 it would be far to early to see anything with a scan. She is now on a 7 day course of Synulox so fingers crossed. I have been keeping a close eye on things in case there is a change in the colour. I'll let you know :-)
- By trekkiemo [gb] Date 21.11.06 14:19 GMT
Synulox is great so don`t worry just watch her closely you yourself will know if she is ok.When I took Bonnie to be scanned I was expecting Archie to say she`d missed you could have knocked me over with a feather as I  was dismissing the signs I was seeing.She did have pups a week early ,small but strong and healthy ,They are now 8 weeks and all of them are huge,the vet was surprised at the size of the girl i`m keeping when I took her yesterday for her jabs they have taken their grandmothers size and not their mothers as Bonnie is a slim bitch. So fingers and paws crossed .
- By scarlettwynter [gb] Date 22.11.06 09:28 GMT

My bitch developed a reddish/brown discharge after being mated and was given antibiotics. She went on to have a healthy litter of 7.

Hope all goes well.
- By Chocaholic [gb] Date 24.11.06 20:43 GMT
Just thought I'd post a quick update as someone else has a similar query today. The bleeding has finally stopped :cool: not quite sure wether it is the AB's orif it would have just tailed off on it's own. She is definitely starting to look in whelp now @ 3 weeks today. Obviously don't want to count my chickens so will get her scanned next Friday and will hopefully have a clearer picture then. It's been a worrying week and you tend to ignore all the positive signs for fear of false hope but fingers crossed ;-)
- By Chocaholic [gb] Date 28.11.06 16:36 GMT
Another update. No sooner finished the course of AB's and she's started bleeding again :confused:
- By SharonM Date 28.11.06 17:17 GMT
My girl was the same, had the AB's,  she stopped bleeding, as soon as they finished she started again.  My vet said it's not what the text books say, but if she was his girl then he would put her on them till the end of pregnancy, which we did and had a lovely litter of 6 pups.

Good luck.  Let us know how the scan goes.
- By trekkiemo [gb] Date 29.11.06 06:37 GMT
Sorry to hear she`s still bleeding ,I also would see if vet would keey her on ABs ,are you having her scanned this week?
- By briedog [gb] Date 29.11.06 08:09 GMT
gollie was the same,she was on abc synlox  this type of acb is safe while mating and in whelp  i was at a talk on this subject on sunday,and it dosnt affect the sprem the talker did say to cover the bitch with abc while mating,for 5 day course of abc,which i always when i had my stud dog the bitchs that came to him i ask if they could be but on abc as well only one bitch didnt do it and she didnt fall in whelp.but the next season the owner put her on abc and she went on to have a litter.

yestday i went to the vet to get some abc as gollie as come into season and will be mated next week ,we look at her notes last time and she was on abc beacuse of the bleedig and a yellow discharge untill day 51.she went on to have 5 VERY BIG PUPPIES for a little bitch with no side effects.
- By briedog [gb] Date 29.11.06 08:13 GMT
ps the reason that she may still bleeding light is that the uterus has not close.the same in humans.

but she can still go on to have a litter.

she may bleed lightly a bit after the birth untill that next season so dont worry about either,

this was cover in the talk as well
- By Chocaholic [gb] Date 29.11.06 11:17 GMT
Thanks everyone ;-) well we went back to the vets last night and she is now on another course of AB's but can't see any blood today so maybe it was a one off. The vet was "open" to the idea of keeping her on AB's but ONLY if she keeps bleeding which I agree with.
He then decided to palpate her which to be honest looked really uncomfortable :confused: but said he could feel 2 and didn't think she was having a big litter. He then went on to tell me a story about how he mated his bitch twice and she aborted both times at 4 & 5 weeks :eek: how insensitive!!
Had a chat with Archie the sheep scanner last night and he told me to bring her along tonight and he will have a will let you know ;-)
- By briedog [gb] Date 29.11.06 11:18 GMT
fingers cross
- By SharonM Date 29.11.06 12:52 GMT Upvotes 1
My girl was palpatated and I was told she had definitely lost her litter, he even scanned and so NO puppies :(  although I could just about make out black blobs, he said no it was the remains of the aborted pups.  Went back two weeks later, he picked up 2 on scan said no more than that, went back again another 2 weeks later this time he found 4 pups (again I thought I saw 5) she went on to have 6.

Good luck with the scan, let us know how things go.
- By Chocaholic [gb] Date 29.11.06 19:21 GMT
Well we're back from the sheep scanner and.......7 puppies :cool: I feel much better now ;-) everything appears normal and as it should be. Fingers crossed all goes well for the next few weeks.
- By trekkiemo [gb] Date 29.11.06 21:13 GMT
Great news Gilly keep her on ABs ,hope all goes well from here on  .All fingers and paws crossed for you and your girl .:cool::cool:
- By SharonM Date 29.11.06 21:46 GMT
Well done, Great news!  I'll keep everything crossed that all continues to go well, but try and get your vet to keep her on the AB's till the end, insist if you have to.  Her cervix may still be open and you don't want infection getting in.
- By Chocaholic [gb] Date 29.11.06 22:01 GMT
Yes I will keep a close eye on her. Bleeding seems to have stopped again.
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