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- By Geeky Girl [gb] Date 11.11.06 12:35 GMT
Next weekend myself, OH and dogs are going to Cheddar Gorge for a long weekend away :-D.
1) Does anybody have any recommendations of places to visit within an hour of Cheddar Gorge. As we don't like leaving the dogs in an unfamiliar place we will keep them with us at all times so places that accept dogs would be good.
2) Any recommendations of walks to do, (as we have an 8 month puppy with us we will be restricted to about 45 minute walks).
3) Any recommendations of places to eat around Cheddar Gorge (or even pubs to keep OH happy ;-D)
Thanks in advance
- By Missie Date 11.11.06 12:57 GMT
Oh Cheddar Gorge is a lovely place :)
When we holiday'd at  Burnham on sea (I think) We would visit Cheddar. Its been years since I've been there but I'm sure its not that far away so maybe you could go to the beach for the day? The dogs should be allowed on all parts of the beach by now I would think. And there's shops and pubs ;)
Hope you have a fantastic time :)
- By Val [gb] Date 11.11.06 13:12 GMT Edited 11.11.06 13:16 GMT
Burnham-on-Sea is about 25 minutes from Cheddar.  You can walk dogs on the beach now, except for between the slipway (by Somerfields) and the Pavilion - the UK's shortest pier! :)  You can park on The Esplanade for free at this time of the year and if you face the sea and go down to the beach to the right of The Pavilion, you have a lovely beach with sand dunes to walk as far as you want.

There are plenty of places to eat in Burnham, avoid Wetherspoons.  Fortes opposite Somerfields, unfortunately has formica topped tables but has good in house cooked food - not Brakes! ;)

The White Hart in Cheddar is a nice pub for food and drink and often has live music too.

If you're into Car Boot Sales, the is a big one at Winchester Farm, Cheddar on Sunday mornings with indoor pitches during the winter too.  Great for organic veg, REAL Cheddar Cheese (not the plastic sticky stuff that you buy in supermarkets, and trays of free range eggs for £1.30! :)

Shame that you've just missed the largest night time Carnival in the world!  Well the last night is in Weston Super Mare next Monday.

Any other specific questions, ask away.  Where are you going to stay?
- By Geeky Girl [gb] Date 11.11.06 14:15 GMT
We are staying a in a small self cattering cottage a few minutes walk from cheddar gorge - if that helps??? :confused:

We have a dog show in Weston-Super-Mare on the Saturday morning so they will be looking gorgeous so we should probably take them stright to the sea to get them nice and mucky!!

Is thee any touristy type places that accept dogs??

- By Val [gb] Date 11.11.06 15:47 GMT
I don't know what sort of things would interest you but here's the Burnham Tourist site and at the bottom there's a Somerset in general tourist site.  Have fun. :)
- By ClaireyS Date 11.11.06 15:51 GMT
we went to cheddar gorge this year, dogs are allowed all round the caves, museums even in the pubs, in fact it is the most dog friendly place I know, and there is plenty of walking to be done round there with fantastic scenery.
- By Debs2004 Date 11.11.06 20:12 GMT
Jacob's Ladder in Cheddar Gorge is a must. :-D Its a killer on the calves but a fantastic feeling when you get to the top! :eek: Have a good weekend! :-)
- By Missie Date 11.11.06 21:05 GMT
:eek: Jacobs Ladder. I can still feel the pain :rolleyes:
- By Val [gb] Date 11.11.06 21:29 GMT
Not sure that's a good idea with an 8 month old puppy?
- By ClaireyS Date 11.11.06 21:39 GMT
Carry the puppy - jacobs ladder is a killer, fantastic view when you get to the top and great walking :)
- By Geeky Girl [gb] Date 11.11.06 21:46 GMT
Should add - this is a 22 kg puppy. I struggle to lift him into the car!! :eek:
Sounds good though!!! :-D
- By Val [gb] Date 11.11.06 21:47 GMT Edited 11.11.06 21:50 GMT
Good lucky Geeky! :rolleyes:

There is a very good Tourist Information Office in the middle of the gorge, on the right as you're going up.  You'll be able to pick up loads of leaflets and I'm sure find suitable things that appeal to you.  There's LOADS going on down here! :)
- By ClaireyS Date 11.11.06 22:01 GMT
ummm...... would be a good all over work out :eek::cool:
- By Geeky Girl [gb] Date 12.11.06 09:03 GMT
Are you lot tryin to kill me off!!! :-D :-D :-D
- By Val [gb] Date 14.11.06 08:41 GMT
Just heard on the news that the work that they're doing in the Gorge (blasting overhanging rock for safety) has been delayed and it will be closed until the end of November so you may have to look further afield, which is a shame as you could easily be entertained for a whole day in the gorge. :)
- By Malakai [gb] Date 14.11.06 11:18 GMT
Not before you cook Christmas dinner, NO! :D :P
- By Brainless [gb] Date 12.11.06 09:12 GMT
Bristol is worth a visit as is Wells if you like small places with Cathedrals.  Actually loads of places to visit.  Stone Henge is probably within easy distance and the seaside towns.
- By kazz [gb] Date 12.11.06 21:53 GMT
Hope you enjoy yourselves. And have reasonable weather,
- By Geeky Girl [gb] Date 20.11.06 16:47 GMT
Just thought that I should let you know - we had a wonderful time :-D. We went to the show on Saturday. On Sunday we got up early and went to the car boot sale then went into Cheddar Gorge. They had been blasting rocks so the road was closed but if anything this was a good thing. As it was 8:00 in the morning and the road was shut - we had the gorge to ourselves ;-D. Us and the dogs and several goats, which, as it was so early were in the roads - Dogs go barmy!!! :eek::eek: (It's a good job they were on leads!!). We walked around the caves with the dogs then sat outside a restaurant and ate lunch. Then we took the dogs around the museum - Puppy goes emntal at a huge revolving skull :eek:. We did not do the last cave as we were told that there was a dragon in there and I thought it might scare the dogs (and we were tired). We didn't do jacobs ladder as I didn't think it would be good for our puppy - maybe next ear ;-). Then did plenty of shopping (it has got me in the mood for christmas). After all of this we were absolutely knackered!!! In the evening we went to a restaurant (I think that it was called the riverside) and I had the most delicious fillet of steak I have ever had - they allow dogs in the bar aswell!!
The place that we stayed at was brilliant. Arrived and there was choccy biscuits for us and doggy biscuits waiting as well!! They provided a whole folder on doggy things in the area and a whole box of towels to dry the dogs. There was a large paddock to run and play with the dogs.
Just need to catch up on sleep - it isn't easy sleeping with dogs in the room with you when they are not used to it. It was either jumping ono us and starring at us, wet nose in the face, even taking all of the covers.
We had a brilliant time - thanks for all of the suggestions, pity we ddn't have longer to do some more things.
- By Val [gb] Date 20.11.06 17:42 GMT
Glad that you enjoyed Somerset.  Maybe you'll have to come again?? :D
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