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- By silverdog [in] Date 02.10.06 17:33 GMT
Is Galastop in any way detrimental to a dogs fertility if used on a regular basis before breeding ?  I have someone thats been in contact with me and I have not bred the bitch, but they have had to go to the vets for Galastop after every season since the bitch had her first one at 7 months of age. The bitch is now older and the vet has advised they breed her.  I wondered are their any side effects of Galastop ? Or not as the case may be ?
Should a dog actually be given this every season as matter of course or not ?
We have only used this about 8 years ago when a bitch's milk did not go after a litter of pups, but we have never had to use it for Phantoms, but I understand that this is used all the time.  I just wondered.
In my experience a bitch that has phantoms badly does not always make an excellent mother.  Would you all agree with this or not ?  I would like to hear some stories of bitches that have serious phantoms, producing milk etc.  I suppose in the wild Aunties that had phantoms would come in very handy.
- By cassieaurora [gb] Date 02.10.06 18:43 GMT
Hiya dont know if i can help ive had two bitches with phantoms ive never used Galastop i agree in most cases alot of bitches who have phantomes dont make great mother but all bitches are diffrent one of my girls after having a phantom was mated and was the best mother you could ask for but there all diffrent sorry but have to say this what is it with all these vets and advising people to breed  :eek: :mad: i see lots of people say oh my vets said i should breed as my dog is in excellent health and has a good coat but then they want advice on how to breed as they have never done it sorry makes me very angry although i dont know if its the same in your case :cool:
- By weima [gb] Date 02.10.06 20:40 GMT
In my expereince, Galastop does not affect the bitch when breeding. Also, bitches that have bad phantoms don't necessarily make bad mothers. I have a bitch at the moment who produces milk after her seasons & when she had a litter did very well.
- By Lokis mum [gb] Date 03.10.06 06:08 GMT
I'm concerned that the vet is suggesting breeding from her without talking first about breed-related health tests - hips/elbows eyes, breed-related conditions etc!

- By silverdog [gb] Date 03.10.06 14:49 GMT
Thanks everyone.
Its interesting and if anyone else has anything more to add please do.

What does Galastrop do exactly ?

As for Margot, Hi.
The bitch is hip scored and elbow tested. 
It is amazing the amount of vets that tell pet owners that their bitch should be bred from. The vet told them to breed because of the phantoms.  He did not advise the hip scoring etc, but this guy read all he could and went along himself and got it done. So the vet is rather naughty.

My vet did tell me the other week, vets know nothing about breeds standard all we are is vets he said. We just treat sick dogs. Unless a vet really has an interest in one particular breed they are not looking at what a dog should really be to its standard.

I suppose some vets are not BVA qualified to do the hip scoring, or eye testing so do not bother to tell a lot of pet owners just what is needed ?  Do you think that is why ?

- By Lokis mum [gb] Date 03.10.06 15:21 GMT
You know, I think we all have to work on vets - how many of them actually know what breeds require which tests prior to breeding?

Do we really have to educate them?   I do sometimes wonder!

- By silverdog [in] Date 04.10.06 10:19 GMT
Yes I agree Margot.
Do you think it would be a good idea to give a small card with our details on, to the vets as they always keep a book for rescue contacts in there.  Tell them that if anyone wants to breed their dog of the breed we own, that they could give them our details and we could talk to the owner of the dog and tell them what they need to do, and of course NOT push our own stud dogs onto people, but to give an objective talk to people about breeding ?  Would that work ?

- By Lokis mum [gb] Date 04.10.06 11:33 GMT
Actually, that sounds like a really good idea!

I'm not even sure that I would use my Aussie boy as a stud - he is wonderful - but I'm not sure..... (and anyway, there aren't any other Aussies around) - and I dont have a male lab!!! :D

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