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- By sadie Date 24.09.06 12:21 GMT
My friend is looking to rescue a westie she is already the proud owner of a westie bitch and is looking for a companion.

It will go to a loving home where the dogs come first.

Where's the best place to find a Rescue Westie??
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 24.09.06 12:53 GMT
The usual breed rescue page seems to be down, but you could try here or contact any of the breed clubs listed at the bottom of the Breed Standard who would be able to give you more details. Good luck!
- By kernahan [gb] Date 24.09.06 15:27 GMT
I work at a small dog rescue centre in Oxfordshire. We have a westie called macks who came in recently. ( his owners were separating and neither wanted him!!!!) he's about 12 years old, abit of a doddery old man now, maybe poor sighted, but quite sweet if a little bit of a loner. He hasn't been neutured ( we think he's abit old for the op.)  If your interested i will p.m with address and contact no's
- By marguerite [gb] Date 24.09.06 16:27 GMT
Hi try   that is the official westie rescue.
- By westier [gb] Date 26.09.06 00:11 GMT Edited 26.09.06 15:47 GMT
Er - "official" westie rescue?  What is that then?  Who deems it to be "official"?  The government?  I don't think so.  This makes me so cross.

I wish you would not be taken in by the 'advertising' put forward by certain people.  It was probably the first ever rescue scheme for West Highland White Terriers, started in the 1970s, but that's all.

Westie ReHoming, for instance, is a rehoming organisation.  Not an "official" rehoming organisation, because that would mean nothing - just empty words.  So, only a rehoming organisation.

The important thing is that Westies in dire need get rescued and rehomed by whoever the owner-in-trouble chooses!  And the only thing that matters is the welfare of the dog.  Not who carries out the caring act.
- By JaneG [gb] Date 26.09.06 01:00 GMT
Steady on there Westier, as you say the important thing is that dogs in need find new homes, no need for anyone to get upset or defensive :)
- By Moonmaiden Date 26.09.06 05:45 GMT
If it is listed in the KC rescue booklet the rescue will be sanctioned by at least one breed club
- By Val [gb] Date 26.09.06 06:23 GMT
Interesting rescue website.  The very first thing it mentions is money! :(

To my "official" breed rescue, also a registered charity, money is the last thing that they talk about.  The dogs always come first.;)
- By Isabel Date 26.09.06 13:30 GMT
Clever use of words :)  It does not actually claim to be the official Westie rescue or even a official rescue just that this is it's "official online home" of this particular rescue.  As if there could be a bogus online home for them :D
- By Lokis mum [gb] Date 26.09.06 14:45 GMT
Westier - as this is only your second post (and I can't find your first, although you registered almost a year ago, might I remind you, very nicely about the Terms of Service that you agreed to abide by when signing up.

These include this point :-  Members may post links to informational sites (commercial or otherwise) which are relevant to the topic subject matter. However you may not post a link to a site with which you are affiliated. The Champdogs administrators reserve the right to remove any link they deem inappropriate.

As you obviously do have a commercial connection with your site, I think that YOU ought to edit your post!

JG has given a comprehensive list of rehomers that are KC affiliated.

Sadly there are too many "rescue" organisation which seem to encourage the production of poorly-bred dogs/puppies :(

- By marguerite [gb] Date 27.09.06 16:39 GMT
Well aware of the fact westier!!!, I used to be a "friend of westie rescue" and at one time did know most of the committe members and rehomers, it is NOT a kennel, but westie folk that take the dogs into their own homes for socialisation etc. (mostly show and members of the breed clubs, which I am a member) Did not know there was another "westie rehoming service"
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 26.09.06 06:46 GMT
There are also these contacts:

Westie Rehoming
Jacqueline Ferris-Woods, Swindon, Wilts. Tel: 01793 790695

Westie Rescue Scheme
Sandra Fowler, Yorkshire & Derbyshire, Tel: 01302 883335
Ted Hill, Yorkshire & Derbyshire. Tel: 01302 725525
Sue Waterman, Hampshire & Dorset. Tel: 01489 573759
Anna Flint, Surrey & Sussex. Tel: 01323 763260
Dave & Jane Johnson, Derbyshire. Tel: 01332 832180
Sue Steggall, Devon & Cornwall, Tel: 01395 279212
Caron Tucker, Cleveland & Northumberland. Tel: 01642 896539
Daphne Lee, Kent. Tel: 01304 365573
Dorothy & Georgina Peacock, Somerset & Avon. Tel: 01749 870370
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