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- By Brunodog Date 21.09.06 10:00 GMT
We are off to Wales for a week on Saturday with the dogs and was just wondering if they are allowed on the beach/es, or if there are any that theyre not allowed on. Does anyone know? Ive emailed the Welsh Tourist Board but they havnt replied yet.
- By paulaj [gb] Date 21.09.06 10:06 GMT
Hi there

I can't tell you which beaches, but this link might be of help if you know the names of any beaches where you are going, you can put the info in and it will give you details.
- By Brunodog Date 21.09.06 10:16 GMT
Thanks Paula :)
- By Brunodog Date 21.09.06 10:19 GMT
The search bit wont work for some reason :(
- By Lois_vp [gb] Date 21.09.06 11:00 GMT
Depending on which part of Wales you are visiting, I might be able to help :)
- By Brunodog Date 21.09.06 11:06 GMT
Hi tyby I was hoping you would come along, i remember you sending me a dog friendly brochure for WAles :) We are going to North Wales near Betws-y-Coed and will be going to North Wales beaches, probs Anglesey(sp?) etc. Thanks.
- By Sunbeams [in] Date 21.09.06 11:39 GMT
We live in Prestatyn - have been over to Anglesey in the summer, but a lot of the beaches where holidaymakers go only allow dogs after 30th Sept.  I know by us the beach is split into areas where dogs are and are not allowed between 1st May-30 Sept - after that date, over the winter, they can go anywhere!
- By Lois_vp [gb] Date 21.09.06 11:44 GMT
Hi Michelle
I'm pretty sure Betws y Coed comes under Conwy County Borough Council.  I've just looked at their web site but it's not the best in terms of info for visitors (likewise Anglesey Council).  But if you ring these nos. and ask to be put through to the Leisure/Tourism office, someone should have the details you need :-
   Conwy - 01492 574000
Anglesey - 01248 750057

Hope this helps and hope you have a lovely holiday :).
- By Brunodog Date 21.09.06 11:49 GMT
Thanks :)
- By chrisjack Date 21.09.06 16:54 GMT
need to visit Borth/Ynyslas, gorgeous beach, nice to swim, beware of some undercurents.

dogs welcome- esp. this time of year! you actually drive on to beach- and can just open the boot- they can jump straight out and emjoy the wide beach!

from borth you can see aberdovey, this is just west of powys, and very accessible from midlands, the road runs right through mid-wales from chester or birmingham- to the coast. im from in the middle of both (more towards the sea) and we never get bored of going!

pm me and i can get you a postcode to search on multimap x
- By mygirl [gb] Date 21.09.06 17:18 GMT
Theres plenty of dog friendly beaches on Anglesey, lligwy beach nr molfre we go most mornings, Newborough, Abberfraw we go there alot in the sand dunes walking (just beware of rabbit holes).

Penmaenmawr has a wide expanse of beach when low tide too and good access as its immediately off the A55.
- By Sunbeams [in] Date 21.09.06 17:53 GMT
My brother said Black Rock Sands is great - he goes camping there a lot, and you can drive onto the beach as well.
- By Mayvis [in] Date 21.09.06 18:31 GMT
Hope you have a good time in Betws-y-coed. Absolutely lovely place, and alot quieter around this time of year. I often take my dog to Harlech beach which allows dogs and isn't that far from Betws.
Enjoy yourselves
- By Brunodog Date 21.09.06 19:11 GMT
Thanks everybody Im going to write all those beaches down :)
- By pinklilies Date 21.09.06 19:36 GMT
Aberdovey beach lets dogs on one end :)
- By curly [gb] Date 21.09.06 19:54 GMT
I live in Swansea and was amazed in the Summer,our local beaches are quite grubby,I mean the beaches on the foreshore.No dogs are allowed on these beaches between May and end of September.On the gower coast about an extra 20mins away the beaches are gorgeous they are so clean and you can stand up to your waist in the water and you can still see your feet,but I was really surprised no problems with dogs visiting any time of year,we spent many days with the 2 dogs and 3 kids through the summer having a great time,it was like a little community of dog lovers.
- By perrodeagua [gb] Date 21.09.06 20:09 GMT
At Rhyl if you go to the Sun Centre (if it's still there, not been for years :d) if you face the suncentre you are allowed on the beach behind and to the right of it but not to the left!  Used to love going there in the summer with my dogs when we used to have a caravan there, now I travel to Merseyside instead, they have lovely beaches there and they all seem to be dog friendly all year round!
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