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- By Polly [gb] Date 05.09.06 07:32 GMT
I have a dog, which the vet has advised trying this product on. Previously I have used Frontline spray and Drontal wormer.

The last time I used a spot on product was years ago, after the dog I had then was always sick for several days afterwards. The new dog is closely related so natually I am concerned he might react the same way. So I just wondered if anybody here has used Advocate Spoton combination flea/wormer treatment and what their experience of this was.
- By Missie Date 05.09.06 07:36 GMT
I used it on Maddie a few months back, no reactions to it, allergy or otherwise :) Had to refrain from her getting wet for four days after application though so had to make sure I did it well before she was due to go swimming :)
- By silverdog [in] Date 05.09.06 10:07 GMT
I used advocate on my dogs once this year, and had no ill effects. However I thought I should reply to this because I bred a cat that just recently was given Advocate and days later its hair started to fall out.  It had an allergic reaction to the Advocate.  So I got in touch with my cat breeder friends and asked if any other cats had similar experiences, and was told that she had heard of lots of cats going bald or having health problems, and people are avoiding it.

- By abraham [gb] Date 05.09.06 13:19 GMT
i use this as it is suppose to repel the mange mite as my gsd good mange about this time last year. he suffers no side effects, and as he dislikes pills it is ideal.
- By Lillith [gb] Date 05.09.06 15:36 GMT
In answer to your question, I have used Advocate on my dog with no adverse reaction.

However, this does not mean that your dog will be ok with it.  I would talk to your vet about your concerns and other possible treatment options.
- By Polly [gb] Date 05.09.06 21:23 GMT
I discussed it with the vet this morning he said Advocate has a different chemical make up to frontline so probably won't react the same as the front line did. I was hoping to get others views as I had never used it and was wary of spot on treatments. I would like to know how others have got on who have used this product before I commit myself to buying it for the dog and possibly making him ill. Thanks everyone who has replied to this enquiry I shall try it and let you all know how it goes.
- By Polly [gb] Date 06.09.06 11:20 GMT
Well I have been and gone and done it! I got the Advocate stuff and am now watching the dogs for any reactions.........
- By Dogz Date 06.09.06 12:37 GMT
We have used it over the summer months and it has been great!
- By Polly [gb] Date 07.09.06 15:59 GMT
Well 24 hours have passed now. so the results are mites one - dog and owner zero! He is still scratching like something demented! How long does this stuff take to work? At least he is not unwell, no dog could feel under the weather and scratch like he is!

Next stop childrens nit lotion if the scratching does not stop!
- By Lillith [gb] Date 07.09.06 16:47 GMT
These things do take a while to work.  Also, I'm not sure what you are treating but the recommended treatment for sarcoptic mange is two doses four weeks apart - and in my experience, it can take both to get on top of the problem.

Some people say that the itching gets worse before it gets better - it does seem like that to me but I don't know if there's a factual basis to it.

I expect you were joking but please don't apply anything else ... if the active ingredients are the same it could constitute an overdose. 

On the other hand, I know someone who treated their child with Frontline :eek:  (NOT RECOMMENDED!)
- By Missie Date 07.09.06 16:50 GMT
Yes, we had the two doses four weeks apart. It does seem to take a while but it does work :)
- By Polly [gb] Date 08.09.06 08:26 GMT
Every year between August and September we struggle with harvest mites, we also have a large fox population which does carry the mange mite. :-( We are currently attempting to get rid of the harvest mites which appear to be winning this battle of nerves at the moment.

I have only ever once used nit lotion on a dog. I had a dog who got a severe dose of lice while working on a shoot, I suspected one of the beaters dogs was a touch lousy having seen it scratching all morning like something demented. I tried Frontline and other stuff from the vet and nothing was working. So eventually in desparation I used Lyeclear Creme Rinse which people use on children, and it got rid of the nasty beasties once and for all. My vet was aware of what I was doing all the way through that episode as even he could not understand how the lice could with stand Frontline etc...

If the Advocate course does not work I'll be back for more suggestions!
- By Val [gb] Date 08.09.06 08:28 GMT
How about Benzyl Benzoate?  It did the job 40 years ago. :)
- By silverdog [in] Date 08.09.06 11:41 GMT
I thought good old TCP killed harvest mites?
Thankfully we dont seem to get them. I read in a dog book somewhere that TCP killed harvest mites. So its worth giving a go.

- By Polly [gb] Date 10.09.06 20:20 GMT
Hi Everyone,
Still no improvement and my dog is driving me crazy scratching still! :-( Only difference is tonight for the first time in years peed on the floor in the house! :rolleyes:
I will try TCP and let you know how I get on. Incase the TCP does not work either can you tell me where to get the Benzyl Benzoate stuff and how do I apply it?
- By MariaC [gb] Date 11.09.06 09:59 GMT
just a thought, what about a good tea tree shampoo?
- By Polly [gb] Date 11.09.06 12:11 GMT
Tried that early on in the battle. I was also told Coal Tar soap is good but haven't tried that yet.
- By Anna [gb] Date 11.09.06 16:18 GMT Edited 11.09.06 16:21 GMT
Try bathing in Hibiscrub available from the chemist - I have bathed my dog in it.  You can also get Episoothe or Etiderm from the vets and Quistel is meant to be good but I have never tried this. Have you tried anti-histamines to help with his scratching ? You can get Episoothe cheaper online than from the vets.:-)  When I used Stronghold on my dog I had to use it for 12 weeks - every two weeks - but he started scratching again a couple of months after and I was told that Stronghold would treat the mange but never cure it for good and only an Ivermectin injection from the vets would kill them off completely. He had an ivermectin injection a few weeks ago and he doesn't seem to be scratching much now.
- By Lokis mum [gb] Date 11.09.06 17:23 GMT
Why not send Tanya (Gundogsrbest) a PM - she's been successfully treating Daisy for a very nasty case of sarcoptic mange!  The difference in a month is absolutely incredible

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