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- By Vinnie [gb] Date 28.07.06 11:54 GMT

I'm thinking about booking a room in a Travel Lodge - when I ring I get an automated service :mad: and there doesn't seem to be any details on the website re pets. Am I right in thinking that all Travel Lodges are dog friendly?


- By Vinnie [gb] Date 28.07.06 12:08 GMT
:rolleyes: Sorry, just ignore me - just had another look at the website and found that you can take up to 2 dogs with you :cool:
- By AlisonGold [gb] Date 28.07.06 12:20 GMT
Hi Vinnie

If you go to the question and answers it tells you that you are allowed two domestic pets, however you pay £10 per pet.  Once you book the room you inform them that you are bringing your pets and they charge you when you arrive.

- By mygirl [gb] Date 28.07.06 12:48 GMT
Or alternatively leave your dogs in the van/car book in wait for a shift change and voila.

i didnt say that shhhh :eek:
- By DORA [gb] Date 28.07.06 12:52 GMT
Or you can try a Holiday inn that don't charge for dogs and you get breakfast included:cool: just check on the website as not all of them allow dogs.

- By tohme Date 28.07.06 15:03 GMT
Travelodges take dogs but there is an official charge of £10 per pet and no more than 2 pets in a room.

However it often depends if the hotel receptionist is dog friendly ;) and of course if you have several of the same breed and go back and forth individually most do not notice............... ;)

Premier Travel Inns do not allow dogs, but Novotels do, again at £10 per dog (officially)............
- By AlisonGold [gb] Date 28.07.06 15:22 GMT
The one thing about travel lodge is that if you book early you can often get a supersaver rate at £15 a room or saver room at £26 a room, so together with the £20 (for 2 pets) then £35 isn't a bad price for 2 people and 2 dogs .
- By michelled [gb] Date 28.07.06 15:38 GMT
we always book in WITHOUT the dogs,& mention we have dogs,sometimes we are charged,sometimes not,sometimes full price, sometimes less.all good!
me & my friend went away doing dog shows at easter,stayed in two different travelodges for two nites at each. at the first one we were charged £10 between us (different rooms!) she had 1 dog,i had two, & at the next one although we "mentioned" the dogs twice we never got charged!!!
i think it helps if you pay for the rooms on-line & not when you arrive!
- By Fillis Date 28.07.06 15:46 GMT
See if you can find an Ibis hotel (there arent a lot) - they dont charge for dogs.
- By Moonmaiden Date 28.07.06 15:59 GMT
Hotel Campanile are a french chain with hotels in the Uk & they do not charge for dogs. Abroad they allow dogs in the bars & restaurants I shared many a meal with show dogs in Amsterdamm that were entered at the All Winners

They are not bad hotels either
- By JaneG [gb] Date 29.07.06 03:53 GMT
The £10 per dog is per stay, so if you stay more than one night it's still only £10. Also they can only charge £20 max but have always let me take all 4 dogs in. I stayed in the Travelodge at Aberdeen last weekend - me, my brother, two neices, 4 dogs - all in the same room at the supersaver rate for 2 nights - verrry good value :D
- By Rosemarie [gb] Date 29.07.06 20:35 GMT
We stayed at a Travelodge in Liverpool a couple of months ago and they charged £5 for Molly.  However, the hotel was absolutely and unbearably hot, it was like sleeping in a furnace.  We had to put the dog in the shower every couple of hours throughout the night, and I had to wrap myself in a wet towel to try and get some sleep.  I wrote to complain but haven't heard anything back.  This was before the current heatwave as well - I certainly wouldn't recommend it, I've never been so uncomfortable in my life.
- By LucyD [gb] Date 30.07.06 19:11 GMT
I've stayed in one Travelodge that was hot and stuffy like that, to the point I was worried Henry was becoming distressed in the heat. But most of them have been fine - last time we went, I rang up as instructed to notify them about the dog, but in spite of walking in and out with him a dozen times, nobody asked me for the £10, so I didn't offer it! :-D

I remember once we stayed at one before a club show, and everyone was paying for one dog, then sneaking in the other 3 or 4 through the ground floor windows! :eek:
- By JaneG [gb] Date 31.07.06 03:51 GMT
LOL...Lucy....the ones for crufts are always like that, I've seen salukis, terriers and even a wolfhound lifted through the windows! I noticed the last one I stayed at though they had wires on the windows so you couldn't open them more than a few inches :rolleyes:
- By The dachsie lad [gb] Date 30.07.06 18:51 GMT
We have stayed at the Ibis in South Coventry - absolutely great, reasonable and indeed do not charge.
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