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- By Lori Date 18.07.06 15:44 GMT
Calling all CD'ers owned by Leonbergers, I need some inside information. A friend of mine is thinking of what her next dog will be and wondered if Leonbergers drool much. While she adores big and hairy (she has two GSD now) she's not that fond of intermittant showers throughout the day. Any other information you think should be shared is also welcome.
- By Missie Date 18.07.06 17:08 GMT
Well I would say no, mine don't. But I know a couple that drool when travelling.
They shed hair a lot and you can't wear black :rolleyes: they take up too much room on the sofa, they love water - a lot! (water features, garden ponds, have to be protected from them LOL)  You can't water the garden with them around, takes hours :P
I love mine, wouldn't be without them :)
- By yrlance Date 18.07.06 19:01 GMT
My boy doesn't either unless you sit and eat in front of him.....  The girls i have had don't either, just lots of hair with everything...
They are feeling the heat at the moment so lots of water around every few hours.  My boy was very easy to train and we have just got a new baby girl of 8 weeks so i shall let you know how she gets on.  Trying to get her use to a crate at night at the moment lots of shouting...
We wouldn't be without them now, we had our first in 1998.
- By Missie Date 18.07.06 21:01 GMT
:eek: :D :D when I first read it  I wondered what on earth you were doing putting a baby in a crate :P then realised you meant the canine kind :P

Thinking of the human kind, I would also say they are very good with children. I have some super photos of my grand daughter with them. And they don't even mind her being around them when they are eating and they love being around her when she is :D :D they make good hoovers and mops :)
- By leomad Date 19.07.06 05:56 GMT
  Well my first advise would like the wind!!!!!......lololol....... but seriously lips on a Leonberger should be close fitting, having stated that I think all dogs can drool from time to time but no,  my lot dont drool either, :) :) :) and also are suffering in the heat at the moment :rolleyes:.
I would advise your friend to go to some shows and also to visit as many breeders as she can. She can do this by contacting the Leonberger Club secretary and asking for a list of breeders in her area. (If you pm me, i will give details). Leonbergers should be strong and muscular, faithful, intelligent, amendable, self confident, neither timid nor aggressive.... I couldnt live without mine, they are my world, but warn your friend   One is never enough!!! :):)

- By Jwilson [gb] Date 19.07.06 06:52 GMT
Drool, NO:eek:.

Drinking:rolleyes:, they like to let a few good mouthfuls drain all over the floor:eek:, whether inside or out, so a handy mop is essential!!!

Ater eating they like to rub their mouths over you or the sofa.

Mine is the light of my life and whatever he does I take it as normal. no worse than kids!!
- By Enfielrotts [eu] Date 19.07.06 07:00 GMT
My parents Leo never drooled, she didn't like to go in water at all unless it was up to her toes but she would avoid that where poss LOL!  She was a fantastic dog, could not fault her in any way - my rotts drool far more than she ever did and the only thing she did that my rotts do is have a drink then save most of it in their mouth and walk of allowing it to spill out ail over your newly mopped floor LOL!  She was quite a bit of work on the grooming side but not as hard work as say a Newfie....I would recommend the breed no probs ;D

Ah yes, can also confirm that they love to use the sofa as a face cloth after eating too - think my rotts picked up all bad habits from her as they also 'try' to do this but they are not as spoilt as Cassy was so don't get away with it LOL!
- By megan57collies Date 19.07.06 07:23 GMT
One word Missie, CARDIGAN :)
With you, it's not the dog that drools. TIC :)
- By Lori Date 19.07.06 07:10 GMT
Thanks all! I'm sure she'll be glad to have this info. As you said Helen, the next step will be to go get some hands in some fur! That's the best part isn't it. :-D
- By HuskyGal Date 19.07.06 08:33 GMT
Oh Lori!
Be careful you wont become tempted yourself!! :eek:
I watched the Leo's at Crufts this year, and then at Southern Counties met Leomad and Missie's Leos...I was bowled over,blown away..Gorgeous dogs!!! then evil Missie sent me photo's of one of her Leo's with her little granddaughter sprawled all over the perfectly happy dog, and more pics of granddaughter playing with the leos and spraying them with a hose ( then turning the hose on herself and copying the dogs drinking the water!!!!! tooooooo cute!!! :D) so it was a done deal...I was hopelessly madly in love with Leos!! They make your heart smile :)
- By Missie Date 19.07.06 09:04 GMT
aww, thanks Liv :)
One day you might, just might, be deemed worthy enough to own one, then you can drool over your own :P 
- By yrlance Date 19.07.06 10:28 GMT
Hey Missie, yes the puppy kind of 8 week old, although i don't rule the child one out, my son is always in my dogs crate or pen.  Our poor dogs are all suffering in the heat this week, lots of water everywhere.  I had to wet all the patio as i think it was too hot for our pup to walk over.  I could talk about leos for ever, never met another dog that does it quite like them.  They are the most gentle of giants as they should be. 
- By leomad Date 19.07.06 13:03 GMT
Hi yrlance
Try putting wet towels in freezer for an hour and put them down for the dogs, they love it!! I also have a 12 week old puppy who is curled up on her towel most of the day!!! ......Bless :)
- By leomad Date 19.07.06 13:04 GMT
Thank you HG :) :) XX
- By yrlance Date 19.07.06 14:25 GMT
Thanks for that idea Leomad, i shall give it a go.  I usually soak our boys bed and he lays on that it is a hose down one and can take it.  I shall try the towel for our pup.  cheers.
- By leomad Date 19.07.06 14:35 GMT
No problem yrlance, my youngest loves it!! I was up 5.30 am soaking 6 bath sheets then folding them for the freezer. :eek::eek:I will be glad when the weather breaks now and so will my back lol :) :)
- By yrlance Date 19.07.06 16:29 GMT
I shall have to soak two large towels next time as our boy wants on it aswell.. LOL.  You should see him trying to get on it..He is such a big softy with her, he just gets better.  She loves it and now only goes out to dip her feet in the cat tray full of water, her little pool.  :cool: Hope the weather cools soon.
- By Lori Date 19.07.06 15:19 GMT
To right Liv! I had a short list of about 5 breeds when I went out searching for puppies last year. Leo's and Italian Spinones were high on my list but my OH got final pick and he wanted a Golden. mind you I LOVE my boy and wouldn't swap him for anything!! I think a nice Leo bitch might make an excellent water buddy for Milo. :-D
- By ShaynLola Date 19.07.06 15:47 GMT
Aaaah, what's wrong with a bit of drool?? :D :D
- By Lori Date 19.07.06 15:54 GMT
I can live with quite a bit drool but Dogue de Bordeaux type of slime slinging is a bit much on a daily basis. I like a string of drool I can flick off with one hand. ;-)
- By Missie Date 19.07.06 16:01 GMT
I like a string of drool I can flick off with one hand

oh yuk please I'm trying to eat :D :D :D

love your new sig ;)
- By Lori Date 19.07.06 16:31 GMT

>love your new sig  <

I tried to include you with the Leo but there were too many characters. They'll need an escort of course missie!!
- By TrishaH [gb] Date 19.07.06 21:36 GMT
Oh! - I never knew what a Leonberger was, so used Google images - Now I  know what the cuddly 'woolly rottweiler' was in the vets the other day!  ..Thought I'd never seen one like that before - lovely ! :)
- By Missie Date 19.07.06 21:50 GMT
cuddly 'woolly rottweiler' :eek:  :D :D

makes a change from a gsd x  I suppose :P  LOL

- By TrishaH [gb] Date 19.07.06 22:23 GMT
Oh Dee, she looked far too proud of herself to be anything but a thoroughbred! :D
I just thought it was a long haired version that I'd not seen before!
- By Missie Date 19.07.06 21:52 GMT
Never mind Lori, I did it myself ;)

:D :D
- By Lori Date 20.07.06 12:03 GMT
Hurray! here comes the Leoavalry! Thanks missie :-D
- By leomad Date 20.07.06 05:34 GMT
I like a string of drool I can flick off with one hand

Its when it lands in your coffee Hey Dee!!!! :) :)
- By Missie Date 20.07.06 07:40 GMT
:eek: yes H thanks :rolleyes:

- By Teri Date 20.07.06 07:47 GMT
Eeeeeuuugh :rolleyes:  Put me right off my "Special K with red berries" :eek: :eek: :eek:
- By Missie Date 20.07.06 07:50 GMT
"Special K with red berries"  and a bit of drool :D :D lovely :P
- By leomad Date 20.07.06 13:29 GMT
Swallow or spit...Missie???? :) :)
- By Teri Date 20.07.06 13:31 GMT
NO, NOOOOOO NO!  You have to stop this thread now - it's making me ill :eek:  It's completely flying in the face of TOS Teri's Over Sensitivity
- By Missie Date 20.07.06 15:19 GMT
oh H !!

:D Teri :D
- By HuskyGal Date 20.07.06 15:57 GMT

>Swallow or spit...Missie????<

:eek: :eek: :eek:
ROFL!!!!!!! caaaaaaaaaant believe you wrote that!!! :D Laugh???....Off to change my Tenna lady now!!!
- By Lori Date 20.07.06 12:04 GMT
Ooh, another trainer has a Dogue and he managed to land a string right in a cuppa during a camping trip. Yummy ;-)
- By Enfielrotts [eu] Date 20.07.06 12:09 GMT
cuddly 'woolly rottweiler'   

makes a change from a gsd x  I suppose   LOL


I have to say, I was  alittle puzzled by that as they are nothing like rotts LOL - rotts are black and tan??? - I am aware that they are often mistaken for GSD x's tho ;)
- By Missie Date 20.07.06 12:35 GMT
ah Kelly, some leos are very dark, most are of the 'lion gold' but a few are saddled black with gold(tan) undertones :) and I suppose if you haven't seen many of them you could only guess what they were :) There are loads of breeds I see at shows and have to ask what they are :P

PM me Kelly, let me know how your bump is  :D :D Bet its hot for you even more so isn't it?
- By Teri Date 20.07.06 12:39 GMT
There's a fair few Tervs kicking about these days that would pass for Leos with prick ears :eek: :rolleyes: but I didn't say that :D )
- By Brainless [gb] Date 20.07.06 20:50 GMT
I knew a Terv cross Golden who looked like a Mini Leo.
- By TrishaH [gb] Date 20.07.06 22:51 GMT
Now I just had to look up 'Terv' to see what that was - and no, it was not one of those - they don't have ears like Rottweilers! :)

Well, the 'woolly rottweiler' I thought I saw at the vets was the same colour as some of the Leonbergers I saw when searching for them on Google - I saw dark and light ones. Yes it was lighter in places than a Rottweiler, but longer hair on dogs is often lighter at the tips etc, and I just though it a different type :D

Whatever - they're beautiful dogs!
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