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- By bevb [in] Date 11.07.06 05:46 GMT
Can someone tell me why my topic "Honestly Just Seen This Ad"  was locked :confused:.
I can't see anything wrong with it or any of the replies.
On the boards I moderate on we always send the OP a pm to tell them why we lock thier posts, so there is no confusion.

- By Admin (Administrator) Date 11.07.06 06:04 GMT Edited 11.07.06 06:07 GMT
Questions on the moderation of the forum should be directed to the Moderator (or Admin) off forum. It is always wise to consult the forum TOS and the FAQ forum. The answer can usually be found there if the Mod forgets or is to busy to PM you at the time.
Up Topic Other Boards / FAQ / Why Was It Locked

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