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- By tychlo [gb] Date 09.07.06 21:58 GMT
Can anyone point me in the right direction to finding a ringcraft class in these areas please.
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 10.07.06 05:48 GMT
The Kennel Club can help you with the details of your nearest Ringcraft club if you telephone 0870 6066750.
- By ponk [gb] Date 10.07.06 06:03 GMT
Hi there, there is one at Hinckley on a Monday night, its at a social club near the theatre, think its called Stockwell Head, if thats any help.
- By universalady Date 10.07.06 07:16 GMT
Hi, we run a ringcraft in Ryton On Dunsmore on a tuesday night (Coventry)
- By sarahl [gb] Date 10.07.06 08:41 GMT
Where about in Leics are you looking?
- By tychlo [gb] Date 10.07.06 11:38 GMT
Well im near hinckley so could in theory do any area as have car can travel! Obviously one near to would be good but i need contact details, I have heard there is one in nuneation rin by the canine society? Cheers for the replies.
- By sarahl [gb] Date 10.07.06 11:42 GMT
In that case, then, the club at Hinckley is probably closest to you held at the Hinckley working men's club, Stockwell Head (near the Concordia theatre).   They have training every monday from 8pm with a match night on the first monday of the month.  I think they are organising another interclub match for the first monday in August with Rugby so the more the merrier supporting Hinckley.

The secretary is Dena Abbott and her tel no is 01455 610445 if you need more info.

- By ponk [gb] Date 10.07.06 12:02 GMT
Just got the details for Hinckley. Mrs Deanna Abbot 01455 610445, think my friend is going tonight.
- By ponk [gb] Date 10.07.06 12:06 GMT
Sorry, I had the post reply page open, then took a lengthy phone call, and saw someone had posted the details already!
- By tychlo [gb] Date 12.07.06 12:30 GMT
Thanks all some great info and contacts... Just one more thing i have boxers and want to attend a ringcraft class that has larger dogs, someone has told me a few have manily toy dogs locally, anyone shed any light on this? I would have thought you would have got a mixture where ever you go like normal training class. I do however want to attend somewhere my breed is liked and understood.
- By sarahl [gb] Date 12.07.06 13:18 GMT
Hello again,
Wigston & district mainly have toy breeds, so probably not the best one for you.  Mountsorrel meet on a tuesday night (2nd tuesday match night, 4th tuesday training) at Sileby Social club.  They have various breeds and there is a breeder there who has just had a litter of boxers.   Coalville CS meet on the 1st (match night) wednesday and then 2nd and 3rd wednesday for training and are majority gundogs/larger breeds but are pretty knowledgeable.  They meet at Bagworth village hall.    They're the only ones in Leics that I know of - maybe a bit far for you?

- By ellierags [gb] Date 11.10.08 13:54 GMT
Hi there Wigston and district are not just toy breeds,they are a friendly  and helpful group Meeting 1st and 3rd tuesday of each month, 1st each month training and 3rd each month MATCH
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