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- By scarlettwynter [gb] Date 01.06.06 16:46 GMT

Can anyone tell me what the difference is between Frontline and Frontline Combo? I know thatyou  the can buy the former without a prescription but that is all.

- By onetwothree [gb] Date 01.06.06 17:16 GMT
Frontline just kills fleas.  Frontline Combo I believe kills ticks and fleas.

I use Advantix, which kills ticks and fleas, but buy it in from the US without prescription.
- By Brainless [gb] Date 01.06.06 17:18 GMT
I beleive Frontline has always killeed ticks as well, at least the spray has always been used for both, and the ordinary Frotnline can be used for the Pet Passport (well it was in 2002 when I used it).
- By onetwothree [gb] Date 01.06.06 17:24 GMT
Ok, I take that back - here is the info:


Frontline Combo:
- By scarlettwynter [gb] Date 01.06.06 18:03 GMT
Thank you. It seems that the combo carries on protecting for approximately 8 weeks after application. Is it advisable to treat the house also? There are no carpets, it is all hard flooring, and the suite is leather.
- By onetwothree [gb] Date 01.06.06 20:08 GMT
Are you treating preventatively, or do you have a flea problem?

If preventatively, I wouldn't treat the house as well.

If you have a flea problem, how bad is it?
- By Lillith [gb] Date 02.06.06 07:52 GMT
The main difference between the two products is that whilst both kill adult fleas, Frontline Combo also prevents eggs/larvae from developing.  Having fed on a dog treated with Frontline Combo, an adult flea may still lay eggs before it dies, but they will not develop and the life cycle will be broken.

You obviously know something about this because you ask about treating the house - which is where the eggs are laid, not on the host animal. 

As onetwothree says, if you are working preventively then it should not be necessary.  However, if your dog suffers from Flea Allergic Dermatitis, then you may wish to take a belt and braces approach by treating the house to kill any viable eggs lying around - and they can lie around for some time waiting for a suitable host.

- By scarlettwynter [gb] Date 03.06.06 09:59 GMT

Thank you for that.

I am using it purely as a preventative measure so won't treat the house just now as I hate aerosols.
- By bestdogs Date 03.06.06 10:53 GMT
I live on Exmoor and we have quite a problem here with ticks, for the last couple of years I have found Frontline doesn't work as well as it used to on them. I tried Advantix last year which is very effective, however one of my dogs had an allergic reaction to it so I won't use it again. My other dogs were ok with it- just to keep it in perspective. I am using Frontline Combo this year, so far with great success, I have not seen one tick since applying it.
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