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- By maglaura [gb] Date 25.05.06 18:08 GMT
Hi could I please ask for so advise my daughter bought  a rotty last week said puppy is 8 weeks old and was given its first injection by the breeders vet at 6 weeks they where told to take her for the next one at 9 weeks so she made an appointment today at the vet they told her that she still needed to have the double lot of injections and that she isnt covered as she was to young for the original is this right?
the puppy came from a breeder found through the kennel club and she did research the breeder and his previous litters and all seems ok
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 25.05.06 18:20 GMT
If first injections are given too early the maternal antibodies which are still circulating will render the injection ineffective. First injections aren't usually given before 8 weeks, with the second one being given at a minimum of 10 weeks.
- By maglaura [gb] Date 25.05.06 18:22 GMT
Thanks for that I thought it was early myself but I just  though the breeder would have know best I will let my daughter know she was worried it would cause her a problem giving her all those injections
- By Carrington Date 25.05.06 18:27 GMT
I don't disagree with Jeangenie at all as I personally would not vaccinate before 8 weeks for those reasons, but I do know that a lot of vets will vaccinate from 6 weeks, mine is one of them, as I was shocked to hear a neighbour had hers done at that age, it is done with a raised eye of caution that it may not work:rolleyes: what I don't understand is why it is given then.:confused:
The Rotti breeder is certainly out of pocket in having them done in the first place.
- By Isabel Date 25.05.06 18:36 GMT
Was it just the Parvo virus cover, some people opt for this but it does need repeating later because of maternal antibodies as others have said.
This is what Intervet say about their product

>A single injection should establish active immunity to disease caused by canine parvovirus infection in dogs of 10 weeks of age or older.   Where earlier protection is required afirst dose may be given to puppies from 4 weeks of age, but because maternally derived passive antibody can interfere with the response to vaccination a final dose at 10 weeks of age or older is generally recommended.

- By maglaura [gb] Date 26.05.06 08:11 GMT
no on the pups record it looks like the same one she had done yesterday the pup is booked in for next injection at 10 weeks so she will have had 3 lots
- By Minny_Minsk [gb] Date 25.05.06 19:05 GMT
I collected my pup at 8.5 weeks.  The breeder had his first jabs done at 8 weeks old, but because of his age they only gave him the 2 in 1 (Parvovirus and Leptospirosis).  So when I took him into my vets for them to check him over and look at his vacc card they said he needed a 5 in 1 jab at 10 weeks old (the above two plus Distemper, Hepatitis and Parainfluenza), and then had another 2 in 1 jab at 12 weeks old (Parainfluenza and Leptospirosis) - giving him the full coverage he needed to go out and about at 13 weeks.

- By Vagabond [gb] Date 25.05.06 19:47 GMT
I've previously given puppies their first vaccination at 8 weeks only for the new owners to be told they have to have the course again because they use a different batch.
- By maglaura [gb] Date 26.05.06 08:14 GMT Edited 26.05.06 08:22 GMT
I wonder why they would need to do that childrens vacinations are done over 3 months and they dont have the same batch I am sure I did wonder if my daughters vet was just after getting the full amount for the jabs I guess they get a better deal from the drug company if they use both vacines in the set but after reading this I see CJ was too young
- By onetwothree [gb] Date 26.05.06 15:42 GMT

Personally I would not let my vet give 3 lots of jabs.  They take a lot out of a dog's immune system, especially a young puppy's.

Tohme's suggestion is a good one - ask your breeder for details of their vets, call their vets up, and explain the situation.  Ask if they can give you the 2nd vaccine.  You can either take it to your vet and ask him/her to inject it, or you could take your pup to your breeder's vet for the 2nd jab too.

There are several reasons why your vet is saying this: It could be because your breeder's vet and your vet use different manufacturers of vaccine.  Although the different manufacturers' vaccines do work together, they have not been tested and definitively proven to do so, so in order to cover his back your vet may be insisting that the jabs are begun again from the beginning.

Have a look on the records which your breeder should have given you, from their vet - it should say what the make of vaccine was, that was used.  What vaccine does your vet use?  Phone up and ask.  If it's a different type, that's probably why.  You need to obtain a 2nd vaccine which is the same make as what your breeder's vet used. 

I doubt very much that your breeder's vet would have given the vaccination at 6 wks to the whole litter, if that was too young.  I've heard of pups being given first jabs at 6 wks before, so it must be in the guidelines for whatever make of vaccine your breeder's vet used.  Perhaps your vet's vaccine has different guidelines - that doesn't make the first vet wrong.

When you have found out what make of vaccine your breeder's vet used, and your vet uses, you can look them up here:

That will tell you details like at what minimum age they should be for the first jab, when the 2nd jab should be given etc, for each manufacturer.
- By maglaura [gb] Date 26.05.06 16:03 GMT
thanks I will pass this on but as she has already now had the second injection I guess it wouldnt help much to see the vet her breeder used I will pass on the infomation that you have supplied and let her decide how to proceed I think she may be joining this site to get some info herself
- By tohme Date 26.05.06 12:55 GMT
Not a different batch, but a different protocol.  Really if a vaccination is done prior to obtaining the puppy I would do what I did when I went abroad many years ago, get the second half of the vaccine from the original vet and take it with me, simple!
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