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- By weims [gb] Date 12.07.01 17:46 GMT
Does anyone know if there is an independant governing body for vets.?? A friend of mine had a rough collie age 2 yrs, he had been pooorly and the vet didnt know why. Last weekend my friend rang the vets out of hours and told her that the dog was really ill and had not eaten for 3-4 days and was not drinking either. He seemed to have deteriotated over a few hours and the vet told my friend that he was a young dog and it couldnt possibly be anything serious and to take him to the surgery the next day. The dog died during the night. My friend has complained to the surgery but to no avail. We were wondering if there was someone else she could report this young female vet to? Any ideas anyone?
- By Tripsox [us] Date 12.07.01 19:06 GMT
The BVA are the govening body for vets, I'm sure they have a website, but I would have thought the Kennel Club would be able to provide an address or telephone number. Does anyone know what the dog died of? I would imagine that this information would be needed, could another vet perform a PM? Horrible things to speak of when you friend is so upset over loosing her beloved dog. I wish him/her well with the complaint, this sort of behaviour is unforgivable.
- By weims [gb] Date 12.07.01 19:53 GMT
Unfortunately we do not know what the dog died from. On top of that he was cremated. Had I known about this sooner I would have told them to get a PM done but they were too upset and its only now (4 days later) that they are angry and want justice. Someone on another site has suggested 'Justice for Dogs'... I have not heard of this organisation, has anyone else?

- By Leigh [us] Date 12.07.01 19:56 GMT
Hi Wei,

This is the telephone number that I have for them : 01544 370213.
They are were set up originally at the time of the Dangerous Dogs Act but have expanded into other area's.

Good Luck.

- By Polly [gb] Date 13.07.01 21:14 GMT
The governing body for vets is the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

It is unfortunately often confused with the Royal veterinary collge! The latter is a veterinary college which trains new vets, and is always thankful of any fundraising done to help buy medical equipment.
- By Vicky [gb] Date 14.07.01 17:38 GMT
As Polly said, contact the RCVS with details about what happened. This is the main organisation who will be able to assist with this. Can your friend go to the surgery to speak to the vet in person? This often works out more than leaving telephone messages etc. The address to write to is:
Belgravia House
62/64 Horseferry Rd
London SW1P 2AF
Up Topic Dog Boards / General / Vets Governing body?

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