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- By louisechris1 [gb] Date 17.02.06 16:47 GMT
We have 4 dogs, 2 Weimaraners, a Ridgeback and a Great Dane pup.  The problem lies with our Weimaraner dog Casper who has 'sloppy poos'.  We got him a few months ago as a 2 year old and he is a bit highly strung.  He gets stressed out over the littlest things and wonder if this could be a cause of his problem?  We have tried him on Bakers Complete, Pedigree Chum Complete and Iams, none which makes the slightest bit of difference to him.  The dogs never get leftovers apart from plain rice or pasta if I have made too much and his pigs ears and chews are limited.  I think I read somewhere else on CD that Chappie can be good for dogs with delicate stomachs?  He is a great dog, very fit and healthy in every other way.  Our Weimaraner bitch occasionally has the same problem, but usually because she has pinched Caspers pigs ear and eaten that as well as her own.  The other two can eat anything and don't have a problem.
- By onetwothree [gb] Date 17.02.06 16:58 GMT

In my opinion Bakers is one of the worst dog foods out there - it is full of artificial colours, preservatives and other additives.  It contains added sugar and salt.  It does not tell you what vegetables or meat products are in it...I could go on but will stop.

Pedigree Chum doesn't have the nickname of Pedigree Bum for no reason!!  It is only SLIGHTLY better than Bakers in my opinion - and that's only because I don't believe it has the added sugar - it has everything else Bakers has though!

Iams again, I wouldn't rate.

Why don't you try foods like:

James Wellbeloved:


Wafcol Salmon & Potato (wouldn't recommend the other Wafcol flavours):

Arden Grange:   (would not recommend their "Classic" line but the more premium line looks good)

If you try a couple of these foods and the runny poo still happens, he most likely has an allergy or intollerance to one or more ingredients and you should take him to the vet and ask for a "York" blood test.  This will test for any allergic reactions to foods and will give you a read out of what exactly he's intollerant of so you can avoid it.
- By LJS Date 17.02.06 17:07 GMT
Nature Diet Lite is very good as well :)
- By bevb [in] Date 18.02.06 20:24 GMT
Try PAH own food it sorted out my dogs sloppy poos.

- By becky_2006 [in] Date 18.02.06 21:16 GMT
chappie is very good for dogs with dodgy tummys (and doesnt break the bank either!) ive got a lab, cocker and am.cocker, all of which used to suffer with sloppy poo.  ever since being on chappie, they havent had any problems.
- By ClaireyS Date 18.02.06 21:46 GMT
can I just say that whatever food you chose you must stick with for a number of weeks, the sloppy poos wont stop overnight and may get worse with a change of food before they get better.
- By sara [us] Date 19.02.06 01:23 GMT

>Bakers Complete, Pedigree Chum Complete and Iams, <

Louise the first 2 foods are known for giving tummy upsets.I wouldnt feed any of the above 3 foods if they paid me too! :(
- By weezie [gb] Date 19.02.06 17:37 GMT
my weim is nearly 2 and had real problems with her tummy when she was little. we tried a few different foods and she was on various medications but the answer for us was naturediet (which she loves) and bio yoghurt. the best yoghurt seems to be yeo valley natural. i dont think she really needs the yoghurt anymore but she enjoys it!! we had to be really careful with which treats she had, but now she can eat anything!! i hope ur weimy gets better soon!
- By cadbury [gb] Date 21.02.06 13:41 GMT
Why wouldn't you recommend Arden Grange's classic line onetwothree? I feed both my boys on this and they are doing fine!

As far as I can tell the only difference between the two is that the classic range doesn't contain the fresh chicken and obviously has slightly lower levels of protein / vitamins etc on the analysis?

I always thought that I was feeding them a good quality food so just curious really what your thoughts are on the classic and whether I should consider upgrading?:confused::confused:
- By onetwothree [gb] Date 21.02.06 15:43 GMT
Well, compared to, say Bakers and Pedigree, any Arden Grange product is streets ahead, so don't stress.

You're right there's not much difference apart from what you mention - I actually feed the Arden Grange Prestige at the moment, which is 30% protein.  You can actually see the difference in the food - I've never seen a dry dog food which looks so moist and dark - it LOOKS like it's got 30% protein in it!! 
- By cadbury [gb] Date 21.02.06 18:58 GMT
ooh the prestige sounds quite nice! I might treat them to a bag and see how they get on with it!

- By tohme Date 21.02.06 19:02 GMT
Your dog may be intolerant of one of the ingredients rather than allergic to one and before experimenting with various brands you need to consider why you are changing.  If differing  brands contain the same ingredients it is likely that there will be no change.  I would consider brands which have the fewest ingredients in them and avoid some ingredients that can exacerbate digestive problems in some dogs ie wheat, maize, linseed, sugar beet pulp and avoid products that contain added salt, sugar and colourings.

Naturediet would be my first choice for a commercial diet followed by Burns and then JWB (both brands certain products).
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