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Up Topic Dog Boards / Health / Have you ever seen Mucus Jelly like and grey poo before?
- By katt [gb] Date 05.01.06 17:05 GMT
My puppy (he is a Westie) was on Burns fish and rice and was doing rather well on it, his stools had improved they weren't normal but we thought we had turned a corner and slowly he was getting better as he had put on weight but for some reason on New Years Eve this all changed and he hasn't been the same since.

I phoned the Vet on New Years Eve and was told him what was going on, puppy's stool was mucus formed jelly like consistency he had vomited I was told to withhold food from him then place him on a soft diet (fish and rice). We have had to do this on and of since New Year Eve with no luck, one minute his stools would start forming then out scoots the mucus then he will vomit. I've never seen stools like this in my life, it's like they are attempting to form but all jelly like and grey, and when he vomits he is vomiting indigested food. This morning he is so depressed and has slept on and off all day (he has only been awake less than 2 hours today) he has vomited 4 times but his stools look like they are trying to form but he has smelly farts and his coat looks very dry and dirty. I'm getting worried now and made an appointment to see vet tonight as I'm unsure at what is going on with him.

Have any of you ever seen these types of stools before? If you have what was the diagnosis and how did you stop this from happing?
- By Teri Date 05.01.06 17:32 GMT
Hi Katt,

jelly like coating over stools or following immediately after is generally a sign of the intestines being overworked - often due to a bug or the dog eating something inappropriate.  The faeces being a grey colour, particularly if soft or porridge like, would be more of a concern as it could be a pancreatic disorder - especially when coupled with sickness and obviously undigested food.

I'm glad you already have your vet appointment in place for tonight - your little guy sounds as though he needs a thorough physical exam and this will probably be backed up with blood work to rule out parasitic infection (such as giardia) and check function of vital organs :(    

Good luck and please update when you can.  Best wishes meantime, Teri x
- By Dill [gb] Date 05.01.06 23:33 GMT
Only time I've seen anything like this is when my dogs have had rawhide chews and chewed too much for too long (eaten some rather than just chewed them ;) ) ;) needless to say they don't get them any more ;)
- By marguerite [gb] Date 06.01.06 17:48 GMT
When was the last time you wormed your westie? He could be needing wormed again. My pups had a bit of mucus when they were needing wormed, what age is he.? I have westies as well and I feed my pups on Butchers tins, I have also fed barf, but lots of new owners dont want barf so now feed the butchers and as it has no additives in the food I find this is fine, they are fed this from about 4/5 wks of age. Hope this helps a bit, if you need any more information just PM me. Dont keep changing types of food as this is not good for any breed of dog, you have to change foods gradually, thats one of the reasons I give my puppy buyers at least 1 months supply of food with the pup, so they dont change feeding habits as it can upset the tummys of pups.
- By katt [gb] Date 06.01.06 18:44 GMT Edited 06.01.06 18:52 GMT
He has gastroenteritis again!! Vet says this is all down to him having such a sensitive stomach; I've to take a faeces sample so that they can test it. He had two injections and now on antibiotics.  It looks like he may keep having gastroenteritis until his stomach is stronger. :(

Teri Vet said they will do a full check on the faeces sample.

Dill he can't have rawhide chews or even a bone due to his allergies. :(

Marguerite He has been wormed every month since I've had him. He was last wormed at the beginning of December vet ruled worms out and I haven't seen any worms in his faeces or vomit but when they do the faecal test we will soon find out.  Marguerite I wish I could feed him other foods but I can not he can only have fish rice or potatoes and nothing else he has only Burns food the food is used as his treats as well.

Were so careful with everything he does, he isn't allowed to scavenge, he doesn't get a chance to do it, no one attempts to give him a treat as everyone knows he gets very unwell if he has something he shouldn't, I'm a bit of a clean freak so I'm told and I scrub everything so I do not have a clue how he got gastroenteritis again. :confused:

Thank you for all your help
- By Teri Date 18.01.06 13:37 GMT
Hi Katt,

How's the little guy doing?  Did test results reveal anything?

Regards Teri :)
- By katt [gb] Date 19.01.06 00:12 GMT Edited 19.01.06 00:21 GMT
He is up and down like a yoyo Teri, he was better on the antibiotics and eating fantastic his faeces was fine as well and turned so happy. :confused: but for the past three days his faeces have turned very soft he looks so miserable, he is chewing away at his front and back legs/paws again!! :( We all hate seeing him like this it's so unfair on him. I am going to write a diary of his amounts of food (go back to basics with his food ) also everything he does just to see if I can see if i can help him more.
I've got to take another sample to vets again, so I don't know what is going wrong they just keep saying gastroenteritis all the time. :confused:
- By NannyOgg [gb] Date 19.01.06 10:20 GMT
My GSD pup had a really bad stomach problem a while ago, which left her having the runs daily and vomiting. When she did have a poo, it was watery, and very mucus-y (almost like geletine or something) and the colour was a grey brown. She then deteriorated very quickly. We took her to the vet and the vet initially thought it was virul and gave her a huge injection of anti-biotics, and then she was on penicilin for 7 days, she was also on Pro-Kolin three times a day and on sensitivity diet. Anyway, after keeping a food diary (as the problem came back) we found she was intolerent to the food we were giving her (Burns). She went back on the veterinary sensivity diet (which is shockingly expensive) for three weeks to clear out her system and then we reintroduced a different feed (Royal Canin Osteo and Digest) and she has thrived since then - put on weight, doing proper poos and no more mucus. I just wanted to say all that as without keeping a food diary the whole situation may have kept going on and on with trips to the vets for a lot longer. There is no harm in you keeping a food diary and just seeing what comes of that.
Good luck and best wishes xxx
- By fourpaws [in] Date 19.01.06 20:48 GMT
Katt - has he been tested for things like Campylobacter? Just a thought ...
- By katt [gb] Date 19.01.06 23:48 GMT
Yes Fourpaws the last sample they said no.

I have starved him all day and tonight we put him on steamed fish and rice and I think I will keep doing this for one week to detox him and see if his stomach settles down. He has defecated once and it's was much better than before at least its formed. :)
- By katt [gb] Date 20.01.06 00:08 GMT
Thank you NannyOgg
We are finding this all very strange, he has been allergy tested and we only give what he is allowed to have so we do not understand how he keep getting gastroenteritis. Maybe doing the diary we may suss what is going wrong so we decided to only feed him steamed fish and rice for a week and write in diary what happens and slowly introduce the food if it recurs like it has been (hope it does not :(  ) we will do what you did and give the vet the diary and see what he makes of it.

- By Teri Date 20.01.06 00:37 GMT
Hi Katt,

Thanks for the update although I'm sorry it's not been an easy ride for you all :(  I think keeping a strict food (and poo) diary is an excellent idea.
Have you asked your vet to test for EPI?  It's done as a blood test called a "TLI test" and will rule out a specific pancreatic problem that presents grey, slimy stools as you've described.

Regards, Teri :)
- By fourpaws [in] Date 20.01.06 03:22 GMT
Katt - has your vet considered IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease)? It does sounds like he has some sort of gastrointestinal inflammation or infection. An Intestinal biopsy (via endoscopy or surgical) is needed to determine if IBD is the cause. Have you tried feeding a protein source that's he's not had before, such as rabbit, turkey etc to rule out any allergy he may have to a certain protein?
- By Christine Date 20.01.06 06:59 GMT
Hi Katt, heres some links on d/rear :)

He`s pretty young to have anything serious, hope it isn`t. I`d try keeping him on bland food for a week like you`re doing, adding probiotics & digetsive enzymes, then try introducing usual food very slowly :)
- By onetwothree [gb] Date 20.01.06 10:05 GMT
Katt - Have you ever given him pigs ears or smoked bones etc?  These can carry bacteria which cause nasty gut upsets in puppies.  Adult dogs have strong stomachs and guts which can destroy the bacteria, but puppies don't. 
- By katt [gb] Date 20.01.06 16:10 GMT
Teri, fourpaws & Christine 
Last time we where at vets we asked if it was something else as we only give him what he is allowed and nothing else and the vet still says no it's all to do with his allergies. :mad:
His allergy test results say he can only have fish, rice, potatoes and oats nothing else he only has fish and rice so were baffled how he keeps getting ill. We do not over feed him the nutritionist says were actually under feeding him he doesn't want any more so we don't force him (don't think u could force feed a dog anyway). He only gets Burns for his food and his treats as we know how quick other foods will go through him.

After my last post yesterday it started up again and today he is refusing food and not drinking. I have put some protexin professional in his water and given him two ice cubes and he has licked them a little. I do have some tree bark powder and considering using this but unsure how to get it in him cause he won't eat or drink anything maybe I should just put it in a syringe and squirt it in his mouth.

:mad: If I have to take him to the vet again I think we will explode at them as they will just poke needles into him give antibiotics and protexin and send him home. This is angering us now as he has had gastroenteritis more than 5 times (I have lost count of how many times now) and I am surprised that they won't even consider it to be something else, he is not getting better why the hell wont they look at something else :mad: For crying out loud if this was a child that had gastroenteritis over 5 times in 3 months the child would be rushed in to investigate further. Maybe I should take him to another vet and get a second opinion.

Sorry for repeating myself and coming across angry I am just upset just now.

Thank you all for your advice it's very much appreciated.
- By katt [gb] Date 20.01.06 16:21 GMT Edited 20.01.06 16:25 GMT
He has allergies 2:
Soya Bean
Corn (maize)
Cows Milk
Whole Egg

The only foods he can have are:
White Fish

Allergy Test was done by YorkTest Veterinary Services

The only food he has is Burns fish & Rice, maybe I should try Naturesdiet fish and rice now
- By Teri Date 20.01.06 16:29 GMT
Hi Katt,

with so many allergies already he may be developing an intolerance for one of the approved ingredients :(   In a home prepared can you perhaps try him with freshly made mashed potato and perhaps a novel protein such as rabbit,  venison (or maybe cottage cheese)?  That way if he's only been eating a rice and white fish diet of late you'd be removing both from his diet and could guage if there's an improvement.

Another thought is that if he perks up while on ABs, he could possibly have SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth)?

regards Teri :)
- By Teri Date 20.01.06 16:23 GMT
Hi again Katt,

I can fully understand your frustration :(  Personally I think you should ask for an immediate specialist referral - it may be that your vet just doesn't fully believe that you're as dedicated to a strict diet regime as you are and therefore isn't looking to other causes than either accidentally getting hold of an antagonist or a viral infection.

There are a multitude of things which could be causing these problems and equally there are further problems which can be caused or exacerbated by a delayed diagnosis.  Your poor boy sounds as though he must be feeling very miserable today and him now not drinking is obviously an added worry for you. 

I'd advise you phone the vet now and explain about him not being interested in taking fluids - your vet should be able to provide you with some electrolytes (which you can give by syringe) and ask him to request a specialist referral a.s.a.p.   As you rightly say, were this a child action would have been stepped up by now - don't accept any further excuses if you're remotely unhappy with your vet's response.

Good luck and keep us posted.  Will be thinking and praying for you ;)  Teri x   
- By katt [gb] Date 20.01.06 16:45 GMT
Teri last night I did a little research and have read that the more he keeps having this, the more his intestine wall will leak protein and cause sensitivity. Maybe he is getting a sensitivity to the fish and rice now, I know where to get rabbit from and will get some and give it a try.

I feel the vet dismisses us they where told of once by the head of the practice as they dismissed a reaction he had to a vaccine so were starting to think there is some animosity there. We believe they do not believe what we tell them I am here 24/7 and he never leaves my side (I work at home) I am the one that gives him the food he only gets what I give him no one would dare give him something else as I would explode.

I'm going to phone my husband and get him to make an appointment and meet me there, it's time we put our foot down and get to the bottom of this.

- By NannyOgg [gb] Date 20.01.06 17:51 GMT
When my girl was really sick with a food intolerence the vet said that if ever she refuses food and water in that way again, and shows symptoms of dehydration, a good emergency option is to put Dioralyte in their water. This is cheap and easy to get, and also a lot of people keep it in the home. I would NEVER suggest anyone do this unless they check with their vet, but it was an easy way for us to replace the essential salts into her system after such a bad period of having the runs. We also froze it in cubes and gave those to her. I can't profess to have gone througheverything you have with your poor little mite, but I know how worried sick I was with my girl so I can sympathise. I would definitely demand a referral to a specialist to see what is going on.
- By Teri Date 20.01.06 20:45 GMT
I hope you got things resolved Katt - all crossables suitably crossed here ;)   Let us know how things go when you have the chance and give your sweet boy a hug from me.  Teri x
- By Christine Date 20.01.06 18:08 GMT
Hi K :)  just been going thru your old posts to catch up with everything. If I were you i`d seriously consider asking your vet for a referal to a homeopathic vet, or a specialist vet hospital. Its been going on too long now :(

You need to buy refrigerated probiotics. What kind of tree bark powder do you have & where did you get it from?
- By katt [gb] Date 20.01.06 23:44 GMT
Christine he seems to have a sensitivity to just about everything and we are afraid to give him something that he could have an allergic reaction to. We do give him a probiotic by protexin that the vet advised us to give daily as it's the only one they say he can have that's on the market. We thought when he was much better we could attempt a goats probiotic but with how he is going I doubt we will be attempting this for sometime.

We could only get a appointment for tomorrow and was told if he got worse through the night to phone emergency number and just keep doing what I have been doing. I have given him Tree Barks (Slippery Elm Bark 90% & White Poplar Bark 10%) powder by that someone on this forum advised me to give a long time ago but we where afraid to try it. My husband and I had a long talk and we decided it's worth a try we so hope it works.

We will have a good talk with the vet tomorrow if we get no satisfaction we will go to another vet.

Thank you everyone for your support and advice I will keep you updated.

- By Christine Date 21.01.06 07:31 GMT
Hiya K :)

Which protexin are you giving him, theres a few of them ? Dorwest is not the 1 I have but seems good, I`d go ahead & give it a try, hope it worked.

How was he during the night? Give us an update when you`ve been to vet please :)
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