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- By Guest [gb] Date 11.12.05 20:39 GMT
I am looking for open shows which will be held in Scotland, for example, Edinburgh, Wishaw etc. Can you please help me out as my pup has reached the age to show and i am looking for open shows for the above months?

Help greatly appreciated
- By Blue Date 11.12.05 22:23 GMT
If you join the SKC as a member they send you out the Scottish show diary this includes all shows held in Scotland open and champshows PLUS all the champshows in the whole of the UK. It is about 18 I think and this includes free entrie to the SKC shows ( not the dog entry) a case of pedigree chum 24 cans.
- By fifi [gb] Date 11.12.05 22:24 GMT
Irvine & district 25th Feb, entries close 1/2/06 secretary Mrs Green 01290 700317. East of Scotland on 5th March, entries close 6/2/06 secretary Mrs Baillie 01620 880218. Falkirk on 15th January entries close 28/12/05 secretary Mrs Page 01324 880352, Upperward of Lanarkshire limited show on 18th feb, entries close 23/01/06 secretary Mr Griffiths 01698 792834.  Kirkintilloch limited on 12th feb, entries close 16/01/06 secretary Mr Cross 01698 887776.  Hope these are of use to you.
- By meredith [gb] Date 11.12.05 23:04 GMT Upvotes 1
Guest try this website for downloading schedules for shows in Scotland
- By sam Date 16.12.05 21:19 GMT
the dog world annual usually have a full list.
- By onetwothree [gb] Date 17.12.05 09:26 GMT
Have a look at this site:
Up Topic Dog Boards / Visitors Questions / Open Shows for 2005/2006

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