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- By Guest [gb] Date 11.12.05 19:11 GMT
Hello i am new to the showing world. I purchased a lovely whippet at 4mths old, with great show potential. I know that the Standard height for a male whippet is 18.5-20 inches. My boy is currently 20.5inches. I am told that most of them in the ring now are over height, is this true or will he be penalised for his height. He is 7 mths now.
- By Brainless [gb] Date 11.12.05 19:38 GMT
As long as he doesn't grwo anymore then he is within standard, if he grow a bit more then he will not do well under judges that don't care for big ones, but as we don't measure them in UK rings unless the rest are real small making yours look big a judge would have to take his size into account along with other faults and virtues coampared wth the ohers.
- By gofaster [gb] Date 11.12.05 20:37 GMT
My whippet bitch is the height range for a whippet under the KC standard but 99% of people say what a small whippet she is, i have to say that whippets are getting to big .
- By PeteT [gb] Date 12.12.05 22:04 GMT
I agree, what's the point of having a breed standard for height if judges ignore it?
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