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- By Guest [gb] Date 09.12.05 17:25 GMT
I was looking for a bulldog and am now the proud owner of a lovely red and white girl who i got from a good kennel through the kennel club.
But i am new to the breed and am still learning everything i can about them.
the question is i have been studying the breed standerd as best i can but the standerd states bulldogs should never be black, yet on the internet on an ad mart site there is a litter of black bulldogs for sale that are KC registered, but because they are black they are going cheap ( as the lady puts it ) my friend could not resist and rang the lady and she say that they are pure pedigree but somtimes you get throwbacks and have black puppies is this true?
She says that she has had them for years along with her other breeds , and happens alot is this true , sorry to be a pain but i would like to learn.

- By Brainless [gb] Date 09.12.05 17:30 GMT
I have never heard of black being a colour that you would get in the breed especially as it is specifically a fault, so to ahve a whole litter of blacks would be very syspect in my book.

What are the Kennel club names of the supposed parents and someone in the breed woudl be able to tell you if it were likely, as woudl the secretary of an6y of the buldog breed clubs who should be able to advise if this is a reputable breeder.
- By MollMoo Date 09.12.05 17:35 GMT
Seen the advert, it does sound very cheap however well known lines are mentioned in the advert so they could be mismarked pups.  And theres nothing wrong with having a mismarked pup as a pet :)  If you do decide to go ahead (I dont really recommend that people buy pups from people through that site)

Take someone with you if possible who knows all about the breed who can go through the pedigree with a fine tooth comb, just to make you aware there are black Olde Tymes too, so it could possibly be someone with an Olde Tyme litter that has used a dog from the lines mentioned :)
- By louzola [gb] Date 11.12.05 15:56 GMT
bulldogs should never be black,ive never known one yet,wouldnt reccomend buying from them,id go to somewhere else and pay more,hope this helps
- By carolyn Date 11.12.05 19:52 GMT
Its a hoax the breeder has no puppies and someone has been trying to cause trouble.
A few people know who it is and things are in hand.
- By MollMoo Date 11.12.05 21:00 GMT
Why would someone do such a thing? :(
- By kirsty s [gb] Date 06.01.06 00:25 GMT
hello you wanted to know about black bulldogs well i am a new owner of a fantastic pup so i am also learning but yes its true that black bulldogs are the ugly duckling you dont see them often but you can get them you are most likley to get 1 if you breed a brindle to a brindle
- By Brainless [gb] Date 06.01.06 01:11 GMT
Are they truyly brindle or just not showing much brindling which seems to take tiem with many other breeds that have the dark (black brindle) colour?  Boston Terriers for example often appear at casual glance to be black and white, but are not.
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