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- By sam Date 06.05.02 08:41 GMT
Does anyone know anything about Dettol being dangerous to dogs? I have used it in the kennels & on the floor of the dog room for years, but was told in a most authorative way at a show today, its a bit toxic to dogs. Mind you, this did come from a lady on a trade stand selling kennel disinfectants, so maybe it was a bit biased!
- By westie lover [gb] Date 06.05.02 08:53 GMT
Dont know if Dettol is toxic but was told years ago not to use it, but to use a squirt of washing up liquid and a tabelspoon of bleach in the mop bucket and then rinse well afterwards on the kennel floors. I use Jeyes Fluid ( well rinsed afterwards) on the concrete runs . I use Dettox to clean the plastic whelping beds daily when I have puppies, to no ill effect.
- By Jackie H [gb] Date 06.05.02 10:12 GMT
I've always understood that it is OK for dogs but dangerious for cats, any dissinfectant that goes milky in water is OK for dogs but Not for cats. Jackie H
- By Lara Date 06.05.02 12:02 GMT
Thanks Jackie - just had a look on my Jeyes Fluid tin and it says keep especially away from cats. I didn't see that before! I've chucked it out now as I use Trigene anyway. I did used to throw Jeyes Fluid around about twice a year though and rinse it away thoroughly before putting the dogs back in but never worried about the cat. I guess I thought that horrible stink would keep him away!!
You live and learn.
- By Leigh [gb] Date 06.05.02 12:14 GMT
Jeyes' Fluid contains the same phenolic compounds as Creosote etc. It is a corrosive poison and will affect dogs as well as cats :-)
- By Dawn B [gb] Date 06.05.02 15:03 GMT
I would thoroughly recommend "Trigene"
It is expensive, but is an excellent disinfectant, fresh smelling and totally safe with pets. It is used in hospitals, we use it in our kennels and was recommended to us by our vet.
- By sam Date 06.05.02 17:18 GMT
I have decided to stick to Vircon now.....we have loads left over from FMD so might as well!!!
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