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- By Gunner [gb] Date 08.12.05 21:09 GMT
Whilst I am trawling through the search function, if anyone knows whether medjool dates are poisonous to dogs, can they either please post here or call me on 01788-575920......reverse charges not a problem.   My dog has just eaten 180g of dates; have been to vets and he has been sick.  The vet rang the Veterinary Poison Information line, but they could only speak for raisins, grapes etc.  Are dates one of the same family?  It's going to be a long night, but will be better if I knew for sure about the status of dates.

Many thanks.
- By Isabel Date 08.12.05 21:52 GMT
I'm sure they are not the same family.  Dates comes from palms and raisins, grapes etc from the vine.  I hope your vet will be able to find you a definative answer but I'm pretty certain the dates will not be harmfull although, obviously so much is likely to upset his bowels :eek:
- By Gunner [gb] Date 08.12.05 21:58 GMT
I hope so; dates are of the dactylus family (good old google) but as noone seeme to be sure what it is in the grapes and raisins that makes them poisonous to dogs, I am still very anxious. Hopefully panicking unnecessarily..... 
- By Isabel Date 08.12.05 22:07 GMT
phoenix dactylifera, I think, for the medjool.  I think you are panicking myself, no good worrying about all the fruits that aren't related to the grape because we know most are safe, I feed a fair few of them to my dogs :)
- By TEILO [gb] Date 08.12.05 22:42 GMT
Hi Isabel  think you are correct, no need to worry,

Phoenix dactylifera  is listed as a save  food  for all
them Arabs feed them to thier Sight Hounds,
- By Gunner [gb] Date 08.12.05 22:44 GMT
Think we were posting at same time. :-)
- By Phoebe [gb] Date 08.12.05 23:27 GMT
Shhhhh - don't tell my dog! I was eating dates eariler and I told him he couldn't have any as they're not good for him... too much sugar... don't want him bouncing off the walls like a todller with ADD. :)
- By TEILO [gb] Date 08.12.05 21:56 GMT
Have a look at the links below.
- By Gunner [gb] Date 08.12.05 22:43 GMT
Thanks Glenhafod, but nothing conclusive unless I am missing something...sorry, not thinking straight, so pls point out the obvious to me if necessary.
- By TEILO [gb] Date 08.12.05 22:53 GMT
Hi I Could not find anything about
Dates being Poisonous, they are
listed as a fruit non poisonus to all
birds, so dogs should be ok,
- By liberty Date 08.12.05 23:01 GMT

Have a look here..........might help put your mind at ease :)
- By TEILO [gb] Date 08.12.05 23:17 GMT
Dried dates are fed to camels, horses and dogs in the Sahara desert. In northern Nigeria, dates and peppers added to the native beer are believed to make it less intoxicating.
- By Gunner [gb] Date 09.12.05 00:06 GMT
Thanks guys!  Knew I should be having a regular pepper with the  beer to limit the falling over properties!  :-)
- By mdacey [gb] Date 08.12.05 23:46 GMT
how long after he ate them, was he sick probably most of them came up,
if he is still bad, and being sick you should go back to vet. watch his poo's
if he gets the runs and is sick at the same time he might get dehydrated.

- By Gunner [gb] Date 09.12.05 00:00 GMT
It was somewhere between 30mins and 2 hours after eating that he was induced to be sick .  Am putting honey in his water and have been given liqjuid paraffin by the vet.
- By mdacey [gb] Date 09.12.05 00:15 GMT
does he seem alright in himself ?
give it 24 hours and see how he is.
hope he will be ok for you.
if you are concerned about him go back to your vet
i hope he will be better tomorrow, and the meds you gave him work.

Donna :-)
- By Gunner [gb] Date 09.12.05 08:33 GMT
Thanks Donna.  As it is now 12 hours since he consumed the dates, I hope we are well past any toxicity issues.  Still waiting for the date stones to come out of the other end though, so still worrying about blockages.  He had a bit of a whine in the night but is perky in himself and slept okay. 

Many thanks.
- By bint [gb] Date 09.12.05 16:11 GMT
Hoe he's ok now. Mind you, I'd be whining in the night if I'd been given liquid paraffin.
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