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- By Guest [gb] Date 07.12.05 18:04 GMT
hi what are peoples opinions of this food thanks
- By ShaynLola Date 07.12.05 18:08 GMT
I think the packaging has more nutritional value than the contents...
- By Phoebe [gb] Date 09.12.05 00:24 GMT
The packaging says it all as it's about as trustworthy as a dalmatian with multicoloured spots. Apparently, a lot of carp fishers swear by it as bait.
- By ice_queen Date 07.12.05 18:23 GMT
It's great as a treat in the ring but not as a balance diet!
- By Patty [gb] Date 08.12.05 13:14 GMT
I agree with ice-queen. OK as a treat (if you squeeze them you can gt 4 bits out of one loop!) when training, but definitely not as a balanced diet.

There are many good diets out there. Some of the better known ones are Burns, James Wellbeloved and Arden Grange.

All the best,
- By Goldmali Date 07.12.05 18:28 GMT
When I worked as a vet nurse we used to see more dogs with problems with food allergies that ate frolic than any other food. We used to be able to look at them and say "There's a Frolic dog" before even having asked what the dog was fed on.
- By inca [gb] Date 07.12.05 19:15 GMT
gives nice red poo .......that i think says it all about the colour content
- By tohme Date 08.12.05 11:33 GMT
My opinion is that it cannot be regarded as actual FOOD.............
- By Brainless [gb] Date 08.12.05 23:01 GMT
I would only regard it as treats, and then broken up so one lasts as a treat for all four dogs!

It is full of sugar, just like Hi life,a dn woudl be equivalent to feeding your child on Mars Bars.
- By perrodeagua [gb] Date 08.12.05 23:18 GMT
Sounds like another well known food which you can tell what they are fed on from the scent from their backside :d
- By earl [gb] Date 09.12.05 14:15 GMT
We give this to our dog as a treat because she doesn't eat a lot, so we thought this gave her more nutrients.

Has anyone got any suggestions of a dry food that would be better for her that we can give her as a treat?
- By lgould [gb] Date 09.12.05 14:40 GMT

My lot love sea jerky and it's natural.  Available on-line
- By tohme Date 09.12.05 14:54 GMT
A dry food that is particularly inoffensive is Burns, available from the web or certain small pet shops, or James Wellbeloved.

You may find that Naturediet is preferred as it is prepared in the consistency most like raw food, it is vacuum packed and sold widely.

If your dog is well, fit and active you may be lucky in having a dog that eats only what it needs (many of us live with the permanently starving.........) :D

So giving her extra is pointless.

If you wish to give treats, then you can give raw or cooked fruits/vegetables (not onions or grapes), raw or cooked meat, tripe sticks, ocean bites by Burns or puffed jerky.  Pigs ears and many other dog treats are cooked in oil so not terribly healthy.
- By earl [gb] Date 09.12.05 16:13 GMT
Thanks Tohme.  We tried her on Naturediet but she wouldn't eat it.  We've had toy poodles for thirty years and they all seem to be fussy eaters.  This is the only dog we've had who will actually eat dog food.

I'll have a look at Burns and see if that looks like a good treat.
- By Patty [gb] Date 09.12.05 18:48 GMT
Hi there,

The best sort of treats is just human food. I use tiny bits (size of your small fingernail) of ham, cold meats (the cheap stuff from the supermarket), hotdogs, veggies (if they like them) and cheese (it may upset some dogs' stomachs).

Buy I would say to jsut get human grade food and cut it up into tiny bits and place it in the fridge.

I also find my dogs love liver cake bits. They are very nutritious, very,very easy to make and you get looooooads from one tray. I freeze mine. If you PM me at then I can send you the recipe.

- By earl [gb] Date 10.12.05 18:18 GMT
Hi Patty, thanks for replying.  She'll eat 'human' food no problem at all, but we want to keep her eating 'doggy' things.  We do mix a bit of cold meat and things in with her meals to encourage her to eat and she does eat, just not very much, which is why we were trying to give her dry dog food which would be good for her as a treat.
- By RRfriend [se] Date 12.12.05 04:01 GMT
IMO Frolic should not be given as food. Not as treats either, really. They are unhealthy, fattening and filled with coloring. I have seen dogs that usually never react to food, get skin reactions from Frolic. Dogs love Frolic, I love chocolate even though it gives you pimples, I suppose. ;-)
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