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- By Guest [gb] Date 03.12.05 23:42 GMT
We are looking for a chihuahua puppy for a family pet. Our 16 year old basenji and our 17 year lab died earlier this year and, as dog lovers we are ready to bring up and love another dog. We have a smaller house now which we feel is better suited to a smaller dog; having researched the smaller breeds we keep coming back to a chihuahua. We do not need a pedigree - and really can't afford one! A chihuahua mixed with something else would be fine. I think our only criteria is that we are lookiong forward to the thrills and spills of a young puppy!

If you know of anyone we could contact that could help us we would be most grateful. We live near Chester, and our email address is

Many thanks

Janet Dean
- By CALI2 [gb] Date 23.12.05 20:52 GMT
Sorry to here you have lost both your dogs. Just wondering who you got your Basenji from. I myself have 2 at the moment, mother and son.
- By Brainless [gb] Date 23.12.05 20:58 GMT
I would contact the breed clubs for a list of reputable breeders.  You may have to wait, but it is best to wait for a well bred pup.
- By Soli Date 24.12.05 07:00 GMT
If you don't mind a cross breed why not wait til after the holidays and go to your local rescue centre? I'm sure there'll be a little person just waiting for a wonderful home :D
- By Daisyhaz [gb] Date 29.12.05 12:01 GMT

Have you tryed though because your after a cross breed you can't be sure wheather their a puppy farm so just make sure their robust and outgoing and that their temperment is ok. Their is also this add which is a cross between a chihuahua &  Pomeranian I don't know where abouts it is though sorry!!:rolleyes:

Good Luck  :cool:
- By spanishwaterdog [gb] Date 29.12.05 13:05 GMT
I can't believe what I've just seen on that site inder the Pomeranian's!!  DISGUSTING.

A dog that is undersized, supposedly bred by a veterinary nurse who is supposedly a KC accredited breeder and she's selling it for £1500.00!  Oh and the GBOR are interested in her!!!  When we've bred Pomeranian's that size they have gone for 10 times less than that price!

If that's the type of person who gets KC accreditation then I won't bother !

And the cross breeds are going for the same price as quite often a KC reg. Pom goes for.

I wouldn't go for a dog off that site after just looking at what I've just seen.

Notice tht my breed isn't even listed on that site although other breeds that I've never heard of are.  Thank God that none are listed though.
- By TansysMum [gb] Date 29.12.05 20:46 GMT
It really is worth checking out rescue centres. We got our puppy from a centre at 11 weeks old.....she was said to be a Jack Russell/chihauha cross, but you can't ever really tell :-) She is nearly 5 months now and is adorable. She looks like a miniature Alsation!! She stands about 12 inches to her shoulder. We wanted a small mongrel puppy, and with a bit of perserverence and luck we got exactly what we wanted. Good luck!!
- By roz [gb] Date 30.12.05 19:19 GMT
Couldn't agree more about that site, spanishwaterdog! I wouldn't, personally, touch it with a bargepole! Only for my breed it is currently featuring a "Jack Russell" that bears no resemblance whatsoever to a JRT and an ad for a PapillonxJRT that is described as "looking like Gizmo". Highly responsible way to seek buyers. Not!!!

But as TansysMum says, do check out rescue centres. Sadly, it's that time of the year when some potentially wonderful dogs will find themselves homeless. :(
- By Tricolours [gb] Date 31.12.05 18:03 GMT
If you are looking for a cross bred puppy go to a rescue centre, I have got my last 2 dogs from the RSPCA, I know a lot of people on here dont like this society but I have never had any problems with them my self.
Anyway I got my lab cross at 8 weeks she is now 5 years old, and a little mongrel approx 6 months old they didnt know exactly how old he was but we were his 3rd home, dont know why because he is the sweetest little dog he is now 2yrs old. To get a dog from the RSPCA regardless of age will cost you £75.00 bitch and £50.00 dog.

Give a rescue dog a home.
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