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- By pitmenzie [gb] Date 02.12.05 23:26 GMT
Hi , My bitch had 12 puppies last Saturday.
Unfortunately she either sat on one or it got smothered somehow.
However the remaining 11 are all doing well.
She does an awful lot of panting and I wondered if any of you out there has had a similar experience with their bitch.  She also leaves the puppies only for a short whioe and tries to dig herself a bed.
Is this a primative thing? I took her to our vet yesterday and she has taken a blood sample as I was worried about eclampysia (might be spelt wrong).  She seemed to think she looked ok and I haven't had the result of the blood sample yet.
Maybe she is just too hot lying on the vet bed.  She is in the kitchen which is prob about 70 degrees.

Can someone let me know if they have bitches like this?
- By dedlin [gb] Date 03.12.05 06:43 GMT
my bitch panted for about 4 days post whelping and constantly wanted to make a nest under the bed but i didnt let her move any pups. mine had 11 but 3 were stillborn. they do have big litters!
- By Herbiedax [gb] Date 03.12.05 09:05 GMT
Our girls pant for about a 5 days after whelping and perfectly normal. I found reducing the room temp helped, although at 70degrees that's about right. Our last girl was digging around for weeks, particularly a spot that she had designated outside behind all the conifer pots!!
- By robinqueen [gb] Date 03.12.05 10:04 GMT
Hi, My Lady panted after whelping, I was worried & contacted the vet. He said this was quite normal & to give calcium tablets with her food every day just in case of eclampsia. Hope this helps.
- By Blue Date 03.12.05 12:42 GMT
They pant with milk production. 
- By pitmenzie [gb] Date 05.12.05 10:54 GMT
This is Pitmenzie here, thanks to everyone for their advice.  Sorry to the Administrators about "advertising" my breed.  I didn't think altho I should have know better.
I am new to your site and have gained a lot of advice through reading before my bitch whelped.
She seems to coping well......we still have 11 puppies and they have all doubled their weight since birth (9 days old today).  She is leaving them for small periods and I am sure this is good for her.  I took her a 15 min walk today.  Still puffing a lot in the evenings, guess it is because the house heats up towards evening.
Thanks again.
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