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- By Hopie [gb] Date 30.11.05 08:15 GMT
Hi,  I wonder if anyone can help.  I currently looking for a border collie (girl) puppy, preferable colour being black and white.  I have had border collies in the past and am looking to show and do agility/obediance with it.  I have contacted several breeders over the last few months and have been let down a few times. Does anyone know of any good breeders that will have pups in the next few months? I stay in Glasgow but am willing to travel.  Any replies would be most appreciated..........thank you.   
- By janeandkai [in] Date 30.11.05 08:52 GMT
contact the breed club they will be able to help you find a breeder. contact details at the bottom of the link page. there is a scottish one too :)
- By Hopie [gb] Date 30.11.05 19:32 GMT
Hi......thank you for the posting.  We have already been down this route however at present there is no-one on the kennel club listing that is breeding or will be in the next few months ( to our knowledge) I have also tried contacting the secretary of Border Collie club however her tel number is currently not on the site. If you have any further information on breeders, I would be most grateful if you would pass it on.  Thank you.
- By megan57collies Date 30.11.05 13:42 GMT
Send me your details.
I know of a litter that is available now in Scotland from a reputable breeder who has had all the health checks, hips etc.
I can send her your details to contact you if you want.
- By Hopie [gb] Date 30.11.05 19:38 GMT
Hi Megan........

Thanks for the prompt reply. I would be most grateful if you could forward my contact details to the breeder.  (see below)
Alternatively if you would prefer - you could pass her details on and I will make contact.

E-mail:-  tel 07720845906

Thanks again.......
- By megan57collies Date 01.12.05 11:02 GMT
Hi Hopie

Have forwarded your details
- By Hopie [gb] Date 01.12.05 11:57 GMT
Thank you !
- By Hopie [gb] Date 02.12.05 18:00 GMT
Going to see them tomorrow. We are really excited and nervous. Just reading up on all the questions we have to ask.  Thank you for putting us in touch.  I will let you know how we get on.

- By Hopie [gb] Date 06.12.05 11:57 GMT
We have picked one.....the litter were all so adorable ! The breeder was fantastic too. Thank you so much for putting us in touch.  We pick the puppy up on 17th December and are so so so looking forward to it ! We are currently considering the names for her, we had originally thought of 'Brook' but on seeing her she looks like such a mischevious llittle lady so we are now thinking maybe 'Abbie' or 'Leah'.  Our last beloved border collie was called 'Skye' and our pups kennel registered name is Skyvana.... so it is so comforting to think that Skye's legacy will continue. 

Thanks again.........

- By michelled [gb] Date 06.12.05 18:47 GMT
oh congratulations! what good news!!!!
- By megan57collies Date 12.12.05 11:03 GMT
Hi Hopie
Glad I could help. Saw Sophie at LKA on Friday. She told me you had been to chose one. I'm really pleased for you and glad I could help.
Good luck with your new pup :)
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