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- By Guest [gb] Date 28.11.05 15:20 GMT
I have a 18 month old staffie bitch called Maisie. Lately she has a problem with weeing on the floor durring the night. She knows she should do it outside and will let us know when she needs to go durring the day. she trained up from a puppy when we got her at 8 weeks old and was fine untill recently when ocasionally she would wee on the floor durring the night, now it is nearly every night. I have tried telling her off for it and ignoring it but nothing seems to work. It is always in the same place even though i always clean it up. We go to bed about 11.30 when she is let out and we are up at 7.00. I have also tried setting the alarm durring the night to get up and take her out but sometimes even a couple of hours after going to bed she has already weed, i have also tried taking her water away at bedtime incase she is getting up for a drink as soon as she is put to bed. I have thought about putting newspaper down in the place she wees, but is this incouraging it, i have also thought about getting one of those things you can get to hear babys cry in other rooms incase she is trying to let us know she needs the toilet but we cant hear her, or a cage as i have read dogs wont wee in their beds, or is she too old to introduce a cage to her and what if she does do it in her bed and every day i have to wash her bedding. Durring the day when left on her own usually for about 4-5 hours she does'nt have a problem. Could she have become scared of the dark, should i try leaving the light on. Please can you sugest the best thing to try or any other ideas. thanks
- By SharonM Date 28.11.05 15:42 GMT
She may have a water infection, or one of my girls is known to do this when she's due in season, could it be either of these?
- By Teri Date 28.11.05 15:55 GMT
I agree with Sharon - it could be a UTI.  The best thing to do when anything unusual happens re. a behaviour is to have a vet check done to rule out medical causes ;)

Has she been spayed?  Incontinence even in young bitches can occasionally be due to that.

Regards Teri
- By dogman123 Date 19.12.05 12:56 GMT
Hi - I had the same problem with dog incontinence. I used dog nappies specially designed for the incontinent dog, just to get us through the issue until it was sorted. Try
- By Goldmali Date 19.12.05 13:08 GMT
For male dogs belly bands are a lot cheaper and easier and less of something the dog will notice. :)
- By jas Date 19.12.05 13:46 GMT
One of my pups began to wet in the house at night. He was 10 months at the time and it was long after he had been fully house trained. After trying various other things I advised the owners to move his bed to another room and let him sleep there. That solved the problem instantly. Although his owners had been cleaning up very carefully, perhaps the smell still lingered, but for whatever reason he stopped wetting in the house over night and has been fine since.

So maybe changing the room where she sleeps might be worth a try, but do as others have suggested and get Maisie checked for a bladder infection before you do anything else.
- By dogman123 Date 20.12.05 12:42 GMT
Tried both the belly bands and moving to different rooms + loads of other things, but nothing has stopped the problem. Vet says no "medical reason" so we use our dog nappy every day, but the pads are coppers so not too costly over a year.
- By karenclynes [gb] Date 20.12.05 18:51 GMT
Hi Guest,

Telling her off will be pointless unless you catch her in the act - She could have done the wee hours before you are telling her off so she won't understand what she is being told off for.  Also taking her water away is not a good idea - dogs should have access to water 24/7.  If she is drinking too much then that could be indicitive of health problems that could be made worse by taking water away. 
It is quite possible that something has scared or upest her at night time and this how she's displaying her worry.  Could you sleep down with her for a night to see what is happening/ or video record what is going on.  Just to see if something is upsetting her or if she's trying to let you know that she needs out.

Hope things get sorted.

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