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- By Guest [in] Date 22.11.05 17:06 GMT
I have recently purchased a ruby cavvy puppy whose registered kc name is side toffee and his parents are called Bryn bonniegail and Draigfach ddu. I was wondering if anyone else has a pup with these parents and i was also wondering if the only way i could see his pedigree was when i do the transfer of registered ownership forms or if i could see it on the internet somewhere. thank you for reading this,
from Lea and Archie the pup
- By Fillis Date 22.11.05 17:17 GMT
His breeder should have given you a copy of his pedigree.
- By tohme Date 22.11.05 17:17 GMT
You can ask for a copy of any pedigree of any dog even one that you do not own as long as you have the KC details of it and the sire/dam upon production of a fee to the Kennel Club.

And if you have bought your dog from a reputable breeder they should have given you a copy of the pedigree when you bought the puppy,
- By Val [gb] Date 22.11.05 17:40 GMT
Did Archie come from Wales?
- By Goldmali Date 22.11.05 17:40 GMT
If you register with they have an extensive database of Cavalier pedigrees.
- By perrodeagua [gb] Date 22.11.05 18:50 GMT
You should of been given a pedigree from the breeder.  As you dog doesn't have an affix doesn't sound like they are well known in the breed or show because show people usually do have an affix.

Are you sure that the dog is KC registered and not DLRC registered?
- By Admin (Administrator) Date 23.09.09 08:36 GMT
This is a very long shot, but if the original guest 'Lea' is still around, please can you contact Admin. It would appear that your puppy has a false pedigree and the registered owner of the dog purported to be Archies sire would like to contact you.
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