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- By dan161081 [gb] Date 19.11.05 15:38 GMT

we have a 9 week old pedigree black GSD

we were feeding him on normal supermarket puppy food and he kept being sick over and over again , so we took him to the vet and she said he was fine and gave us some royal canine chicken and rice tinned food. We have been feeding him that for 3 days with a handfull of dog mix in and he has been fine no sick what so ever. So last night as suggested by the vet we moved him on to hi life complete moist real meat menus , but hes been sick about 10 times since we fed it to him.

we are happy to go and buy him chicken and rice tins , but we are looking to see if there is a cheaper route first?

any ideas anyone? any advice would be appreciated

- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 19.11.05 16:18 GMT
How long have you had him? What was his breeder feeding him on? It's important not to change puppies' food too quickly, especially when they've just had the stress of moving home.

I'd suggest you go back to what his breeder was feeding him (I'm assuming he wasn't sick all the time there), and feed him that for a fortnight, till he's properly settled. Then gradually, over a period of at least a week, change to whatever quality food you intend to feed him - there are very many good puppy foods on the market: Burns, Royal Canin, JWB etc. (Personally I'd ditch the Hi Life.)

How many meals a day is he having?
- By dan161081 [gb] Date 19.11.05 16:23 GMT

we have had him for 7 days

they said they were feeding him pedigree chum and chicken and rice , but they said he was being sick sometimes and very fussy about what he eats.

i have just been looking at CSJ which looks good , its either that or royal canin tinned chicken and rice
- By Phoebe [gb] Date 19.11.05 22:08 GMT
He's a very pretty puppy! It sounds to me like he's got a food intolerance, so if I were you I'd steer well clear of anything with lots of colouringing in like Bakers, Butcher's dry (the tinned is fine), Pedigree etc... To be honest, I would steer clear of any semi-moist food like the Hi-Life or Frolic as it is just rubbish and full of cereals, sugars and colourings - I'm presuming it's the one that's like rubbery chunks in texture as oposed to meaty tinned dog food? Perversely enough, the Hi Life tins and pouches seem pretty good with nothing artificial (my dogs enjoy the large breed one occasionally) - maybe these (moist) are what the vet meant as opposed to the semi-moist? Complicated I know! As far as cost goes, it's usually more economical to feed good quality food - it may seem expensive but in the long run it's cheaper than constant vet trips and wasted half bags of food etc... I'd keep him on the Royal Canin if he's not being sick on that for at least a week to give his body a chance to get on an even keel. Then change over gradually over a week or more.

A popular combination is James Wellbeloved (dry) with Naturediet (plastic tray), both of which you'll get at any large pet shop. Even if you were to only change on to trays of Naturediet, it's about half the price of Royal Canin in tins and is free from any additives. Another of my dog's favourites - yep, I spoil them rotten and I better not tell you about the raw chicken wings! If you only shop at the Supermarket, you might have to do some label reading and/or experimentation. Have you tried him on tinned Butcher's dog food?

When you said a handfull of dog mix, what did you mean? Mixer like Winalot?
- By chels5 [gb] Date 20.11.05 11:11 GMT
if he is used to a dry food and you are happy with it, have a look at burns its what i would class as a really good food for dogs with delicate tums, my own dogs are fed on csj herbie rings, which they have never had a problem with, or me!  but will depend on what he is used to already, you could do that plus nature diet,
have a look and decide on what YOU are happy to feed, as you are bound to get loads of opinions!!!!!! anything you change over to, must be done very gradually, and make sure you have maounts weighed out for his weight as often people over feed when changing to a new food, and the dog also gets the runs!
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