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- By Guest [gb] Date 18.11.05 16:02 GMT
I have got a 15 month old Paterdale terrier and she is chewing everything from phone wires to duvet covers. We have got her chewy rings that are ment to keep her occupied but she just gets bored. It isnt like she is left alone because she has got a crate. Please could you give me ideas about what to do and how to stop her!
- By lucyandmeg [gb] Date 18.11.05 20:52 GMT
Patterdale terriers are primarily working terriers who are highly active most of the time. At 15 months she is past the teething stage, and i would imagine it stems from bordom or lack of exercise. She may need more physical exercise so that she is too tired when in the house to chew. She may also need more mental exercise, which is more tiring than a walk, in the form of constructive play and training. Chewy rings are ok for some dogs, but others need something a bit more as they can become boring very quickly. Have you tried a stuffed kong or activity ball, where they have to work to get the treats out, or even a raw bone to chew? If she is not being supervised then keep her out of the bedrooms so that she can't chew the duvets etc. Is there usually someone with her all day? Dogs need company and very few dogs will play on their own with their toys for long.
ALso what are you feeding her? Some diets can make a dog hyperactive, much like e numbers can for some children. Food such as bakers whic hare highly coloured can make a dog hyper. SOmething more natural such as burns, naturediet or even BARF.
- By Jasmin [gb] Date 09.01.06 12:10 GMT
Have you tried giving her roast bones? Chewy toys are a bit less natural and dont really last well. Bones tend to keep dogs attention due to the smell and taste, pigs ears are great too but she will prob chew that up within 30 mins or so. If she lives in doors alot of the time she must have regular exercise, from the exercise mine have around the farm all day, if I had to move to the town I would have to give them at least 3 hour long walks per day with time off the lead to run and other activities such as chasing a ball or chasing you!! If she is fully stimulated try getting her teeth checked she could be in some discomfort, I think you can buy formulas to spray onto things that dogs chew, but this will only save your possetions, you wont get to the root of the problem by doing this. Good luck.
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