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- By The Charmed One [in] Date 22.10.05 02:44 GMT
What can i do to help her would you give supplements or hand feed them ?
- By Brainless [gb] Date 22.10.05 07:53 GMT
How do you kn0ow she has no milk?  Mulk is produced on a supply and demand basis, the more the pups suckle the more is prodcuced.

How old are the pups, are they failing to gain any weight/loosing weight.  A slight loss ans a say or so without gain in otherwwise content pups is nothing to worry over.

the bitch needs nutricious food, and as much to drink as you can get into her.  If you are feeding a dry food soak it, it will get the liquid into her, and also her mouth may be sore so will ecourage her to eat enough.  Feed her in her whelping box at least 4 times a day, as bitchesw will often not get out of the whelping box to eat.
- By SharonM Date 22.10.05 08:15 GMT
If mum really doesn't have any milk, then supplements won't help!  You will need to bottle feed the pups!  I had this problem last December, my vet told me NOT to bottle feed as the more the pups suckle it WILL bring mums milk down.  Unfortunately it didn't and we lost 3 babies :-(

I ended up hand rearing 5 pups successfully,  it was hard work but I would do it again if I had to.  My vet couldn't understand why her milk didn't come in, my girl did have a c-section after delivering just one pup naturally.

Good luck, I hope her milk comes in for you all.
- By perrodeagua [gb] Date 22.10.05 09:15 GMT
If your [pups are thriving and putting on weight then she has got milk, it isn't easy for us to get it out!  As the others have asked can you give us more details re. age etc. of your pups.
- By The Charmed One [gb] Date 22.10.05 14:32 GMT
sorry i ment to say little milk not no milk,pups are doing fine our vet give mum a shot of oxytoin to bring her milk down, we have had littlers before and have allways been able to squrt milk out of the teats thats how come i asked 
thanks anyway its allways good for a second opinion of some one who does not want your money 
- By Brainless [gb] Date 22.10.05 22:37 GMT
As with humans some bitches do not let down the milk if you try to milk them (I breast fed my son for 14 months yet could never get more than an ounce into a bottle using a pump).

If pups are gaining and content and look plump and not dehydrated then I am sure she will make enough milk until you start to intoduce semi solid weaning food.
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