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- By briedog [gb] Date 19.09.05 06:32 GMT
has any one had their bitch spayed and left 1 ovary in like they do in humans.

one breeder told me this yesterday that they can do this in female dog so they dont blow their coat and put on weight.

if anyone done this can you give back some fed back on the good/bad side of this subject
- By Brainless [gb] Date 19.09.05 06:57 GMT
The bad sie is that she will still come into season and be attractive and want to mate with dogs.  This basically negates one of the main reasons for spaying.  Same as vasectomising a male.
- By briedog [gb] Date 19.09.05 07:08 GMT
how can she come into season when the womb and a ovary been take out,she cannot bleed,or swell up

it like me i had a hysytom [CAN NOT SPELL IT] i dont have periods any more,i still got i ovary so i dont need to go on hrt traetment and i had it done when i was 29 and i am 48 now
- By Val [gb] Date 19.09.05 07:35 GMT
I used to recommend this to grooming dogs and those who were left with ovaries didn't tend to put on weight or have the significant coat changes that those who had everything taken away experienced.
- By Brainless [gb] Date 19.09.05 07:48 GMT
No the bitch wouldn't bleed but she would become attractive to males and show the other signs of being in season. 

In effect she would have silent seasons, which are even more of a pain than normal ones.

This is a problem with some spayed bitches that attract males at certain times, a little of the ovarian tissue has been left and as a result they become attractive to males when they would have been in season. 

As a result of this some bitches have had to be opened up and the offending tissue looked for and removed.
- By Val [gb] Date 19.09.05 07:50 GMT
That's interesting.  I've not heard that before.  I can't say that's happened to meeeeeeee! ;)
- By Val [gb] Date 19.09.05 07:56 GMT
Sorry, back on subject!  Vets in 3 seperate practices in Berkshire were happy to leave an ovary when requested over a 10 year period.  I'm not aware of any problems arising.
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 19.09.05 08:02 GMT
One ovary releases enough hormones to make a bitch just as attractive to males as if she had both. The only difference would be that you'd know her matings (for which she'd likely be just as keen, as would all the neighbouring dogs!) wouldn't result in litters. The phantoms would continue as well.
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 19.09.05 07:51 GMT
A friend's bitch had an incomplete spay when a tiny piece of ovary was accidentally left behind. Her owners knew something was wrong when she continued to swell when her seasons were expected and become attractive to their males, even though she didn't bleed. This was only cured when repeat surgery discovered the piece of ovary and removed it.
- By Val [gb] Date 19.09.05 07:54 GMT
Maybe that explains why I sometimes................................:):):)
- By inca [gb] Date 19.09.05 08:12 GMT
interesting girl was speyed and has since becme very timid and shy she also has a coat that looks like a sheep.....
- By Phoebe [gb] Date 19.09.05 09:22 GMT
A good friend of mine had exactly the same experience. Tiny bit of ovary left behind and the bitch still came into season and was attractive to males and swollen vulva etc... It took them two attempts to find the rogue piece of ovary. She was spayed because she had really bad mood swings and split seasons, so poor girl really went through it.
- By jackyjat [gb] Date 19.09.05 17:26 GMT
From my own experiences (much like briedog), she will get seasons!  I had the op then went back to get the remaining ovary taken away as I still suffered from cyclic problems every 28 days.  One ovary can do the job that two do as they compensate.

PS I put on weight!!!
- By Dangermouse [dk] Date 19.09.05 18:36 GMT
both my bitches have been done, everything out, and it has not changed their coat at all. I can't see the benefit to be honest, in leaving a bit in there, with all the phsycological trauma it could cause the bitch (male dogs harrassing, phantom pregnancies etc) just because it *might* change the coat to have them done completely. I am so glad mine are done, I never regretted it once :) 
- By Brainless [gb] Date 19.09.05 18:55 GMT
The coat changes are not dramatic in soem breeds, ny own are reasonably OK, they do change but not to the extent that they become a problem or completely untypical, which is the case in some breeds, especially spaniels.
- By Spender Date 19.09.05 21:06 GMT
Am I right in thinking the coat may become more woolly in some breeds, Brainless? 
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