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- By lauragrimsby [gb] Date 13.09.05 16:25 GMT
does any one no if shar pei's get a funny smell i gag wen i go in the room any one no any thing about this
- By sandrah Date 13.09.05 16:36 GMT
It could be an infection under the folds of skin. Check the folds, especially around the mouth.  Or it could be her anal glands which usually give off a nasty fishy sort of smell.
- By lauragrimsby [gb] Date 13.09.05 16:39 GMT
she has been to vets and every thjing is fine she said she was in perfect health health
- By sandrah Date 13.09.05 16:45 GMT
Well I would give her a bath then.  She could just be dirty.
- By Phoebe [gb] Date 13.09.05 19:55 GMT
Shar-Pei have a very different smell to other dogs. If it's overpowering or unpleasant, there could be something wrong.

Can you try to explain what the dog smells like? And also what length of coat it has. This might give us a clue to a solution.
- By tasha199 [gb] Date 13.09.05 21:14 GMT
my shar-pei stunk to high heaven and had an awfully greasy coat he itched like mad and was forever bleeding, it turned out he had a major skin complaint, a few thousand pound in tests and treatment(excellent insurance company), in the end they still didnt get down to the root of the problem. is it a kind of yeasty smell? just keep a good eye on her and as sandrah said keep checking her folds, once our shar-pei started with this, unfortunatly it didnt stop. fingers crossed its just her "smell"
- By Dill [gb] Date 13.09.05 23:38 GMT
My friends cocker used to smell abominably :(  :eek:  and yes we used to gag when we went in the room :eek:  the vet checked it over and declared nothing wrong, I said rubbish take him back and see a different vet, this vet found the source of the smell, the fold of skin on the lip was infected, the dog was treated and the smell cleared up.  They always had to bathe the lip regularly tho as it flared up on a regular basis if they stopped.
- By nic29 [gb] Date 14.09.05 11:27 GMT
I have had 3 Shar Pei and still have 2 and I have to say they are the unsmelliest dogs in the universive.  I am of course biased. 

They are very clean to the point of being cat like and I have never smelt any strong odours from any of mine.  I do bath them once a month and then they get a blow dry (they enjoy it), brush their teeth 3 times a week. 

Can you pinpoint where the smell is coming from on your dog?  Ear infections can smell badly as can other infections on the body.  Is your dog very wrinkly?
- By lauragrimsby [gb] Date 16.09.05 15:08 GMT
people say it is because i am pregnant it is her breath i am sure of it i changed her dog food a month ago i regulary cheack her fold and shr has baths frequently with coatex which is prescribed for her could it be her dog food ?
- By Phoebe [gb] Date 16.09.05 19:57 GMT
What are you feeding her on? It's possible it's the food but it wouldn't be my first guess. Do other people notice the smell? Have you checked her teeth (especially the back ones) for plaque build up? If it's obvious to other people, it may be worth getting the vet to do a blood or urine test for her kidney function, just to be on the safe side.
- By mannyG [us] Date 17.09.05 03:31 GMT
Oh my god , not to offend anyone but Shar-Pei's just stink!! I remember throwing up when i went over to one of my mothers neighbours yards.
- By lazydaze [gb] Date 17.09.05 03:38 GMT
Ah they dont smell, even when wet from the rain they dont. but i am biased too as i have 2 my self :)
stinky butt now and then though lol.

- By Phoebe [gb] Date 17.09.05 11:52 GMT
If a shar-pei 'stinks' it's either got something wrong with it or is not being properly cared for. And it's not like they need a lot of bathing or grooming compared to any other breed.
- By peilady [gb] Date 17.09.05 14:19 GMT
Well said Pheobe, couldn't have put that better myself. My only "sweaty sock" type smell in my household of 7 Sharpei, is poor Ash, whom as you all know has Allergies to Yeast & Mold, and also over produces Yeast (so basically allergic to herself) plus she has Hypothyroidism (HypoT) And even now Ash only needs bathing once every other week to keep her in tip top condition. None of my other Pei have ever been bathed, and my oldest is 8 1/2 years old.
- By lauragrimsby [gb] Date 29.09.05 10:33 GMT
excuse me my baby is cared for 150 percent and it was the dog food as i have changed it  and the smell is going so i think remarks like that should be kept to your self people wud not come on here if they did not care for there baby's
- By Blue Date 29.09.05 11:29 GMT
Can you not tell if it is her breath or skin??
- By nic29 [gb] Date 29.09.05 15:03 GMT
Shar Pei do not smell bed actually.  They are very clean and a lot of people have remarked on how undoggy mine smell.  I am also pregnant and I can smell so well at the moment and I have to say that I am more inclined to say people smell worse than Shar Pei.  There is nothing I like better than having my eldest on the sofa next to me cuddled up and giving him a big hug. 

And surely you can tell if your nose is that good where the smell is coming from?
- By Phoebe [gb] Date 29.09.05 15:55 GMT
Don't throw a wobbly - you came here asking for advice with vague information. My last comment was actually and quite obviously aimed at mannyG. Why don't you have a fit at him for accusing all shar-pei of smelling horriby? And what I said is true - you've just said that you've changed her food and the smell is going, so something WAS wrong. I never said that YOU didn't care for your dog, did I? I didn't even imply it unless you took my post totally out of context, which you obviously decided to do.

I don't mind taking grief if I'm in the wrong, but this is just ridiculous. And before you say anything no, I'm not criticizing you in any way over what you feed your dog on.
- By Lindsay Date 29.09.05 15:59 GMT
If it's the breath, it may be that she is building up tartar and plaque...
My dog can't chew bones, etc much at the moment due to having colitis, BUT this is affecting her breath.

However, if I give her a chew she has to really gnaw at, the smell (which i hasten to add is only very slight on her) goes away.

I am going to start using dog toothpaste on her, never thought I'd be doing that :( but it's important as a problem with the teeth can affect the arteries later in life.

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