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- By Julieann [gb] Date 20.04.02 15:26 GMT
I have just posted a topic on breeding board. And have had my question answered! Though now Molly is booked in to finally have her op, why does it cost so much!? my vet has quoted me £200.00 that includes all the injections and after care etc! Does that sound expensive to you?

- By digger [gb] Date 20.04.02 15:52 GMT
Julieann - I am getting my bitch spayed soon as well - which vets do you use? Remeber I'm in MK as well (St Georges day parade tomorrow ;-))
- By chloedog [gb] Date 20.04.02 16:26 GMT
where do you live ?? we charge between £120 to £140 all in(south) spaying in bitches is actually quite a major operation that takes a lot of time and involves entering the abdominal cavity, depending how long your vet takes to do the op ?? it usually goes on time, some vets can do it in 20 minutes others 40 minutes, with the amount of anesthesia/drugs used etc, i would suggest that £200 is a lot but again it depends on vet prices in your area, find out what anesthesia is used/what pain relief is given/what anitbiotics/what post operative care is given etc. i would suggest phoning around for prices in your area BUT and a big BUT if you are happy with your current vets surgical skills and the service he/she gives then i would pay it ! the cheapest is not necessarily the best ??
- By cleopatra [gb] Date 20.04.02 16:40 GMT
I am due to get my bitch spayed in the next few weeks, though i am in london so price won't be that useful to you. However, i have 3 vets - i use each for different things and they are all within a 10 min drive. I was quoted between £140, £160 and £200 resp[ectively. I have found this for everything here - including injections where there is a £10 difference for exactly the same thing. In the end you have to go for a vet you trust.
- By nutkin [gb] Date 20.04.02 17:55 GMT
As I understand it, depending on what weight your bitch
is the price will vary, also if you live in an expensive area
the price will vay. I posted a topic on this one the other
week. My bitch was just spayed 4 weeks ago. They quoted
me £188-00 on a 30kg bitch and in the end I paid £150-00.
They kept her in hospital over night as it is a large, op.

- By Helen [gb] Date 21.04.02 11:40 GMT
I had my bitch spayed about 6 months ago and paid £135 and that included Rapinvet (sp?).

Helen (Lancs)
- By eoghania [de] Date 21.04.02 11:48 GMT
I think you said something about your Molly being in heat. If she is, that adds to the costs because everything is swollen [$ they have to be concerned about blood loss. I thought you had some type of spay cert. for her to have it at a lower cost? I could be wrong. I am quite often ])
Aftercare should be including at least one more visit... to remove the outer stitches.
good luck to you both.
toodles :cool:
- By mattie [gb] Date 21.04.02 11:57 GMT
I was under the impression that you could not spay a bitch on heat at all its very dangerous,it has to be done in between seasons
- By Helen [gb] Date 21.04.02 11:59 GMT
Didn't Julieann say somewhere else that she has booked her to be spayed in two months time?

- By SaraW [gb] Date 21.04.02 12:04 GMT
she did Helen
- By eoghania [de] Date 21.04.02 12:32 GMT
It's done, just not favoured :cool:
"Can I spay during heat?
Yes, we can spay an animal at anytime during it's reproductive cycle. However, we prefer not to do it. During an animals heat the uterus is engorged with blood, this makes the surgery longer as the surgeon must take extra care with the tissues. The risk of complications (hemorrhage) increase during heat. The cost of spaying an animal in heat is slightly greater than a spay in a normal animal, this increase in cost reflects the greater length of anesthesia."
- By Julieann [gb] Date 21.04.02 13:06 GMT

I did get a voucher from Battersea to help get her spayed for £30.00. I am new to this but am also terrfied to put Molly through any more upset and pain, but I know I must do it for Molly in the end. I would not get Mol spayed while in Session my vet would not do it for one. And they told me to wait for 2 months then she can have her op and she is booked in now to have it. I do agree that no amount of money whether cheap or over the top makes much difference to me, just as long as Molly is looked after OK is all that matters. Though when I was quoted the £200.00 I was shocked but then the vet did explain and gave me a list of what it pays for. When we got our male BC done it only cost £60.00!!! And Molly is of a midum size.

OOps and I have missed St Georges day march today ouch!!!!!! My vets are Midsummer Veterinary Group in Eaglestone or Stantonbury in Milton Keynes. They are very good though Molly can't go in unless she has her muzell on now as she bit the vet last time! Oh so, what happens then when she goes in for her op? Will they keep her muzzell on? Will they take care of her when she comes round as she can be a sod and bit or nip when she is unwell and will worry terribly for me and Andy??

- By digger [gb] Date 21.04.02 13:40 GMT
Julieann, I'll email you privately.....Ops - no I won't - yours in private :-( Would you like to email me at
- By chloedog [gb] Date 21.04.02 19:46 GMT
hello, unfortunetley if she bites (due to nervous aggression) than she will probably need her muzzle on for the pre-med once she has that she should relax,some vets may let you sit with her when she has her premed ?? ask ? and depending on how she behaves she may need her muzzle on for the induction of anesthesia - ALL dogs can bite when waking up as they are confused, disorientated (s?) so your vets should be prepared for that, (hazardous part of the job i'm afraid) but nothing will come of it even if she did as it is up to the vet (individual) dealing with her on the day to protect themselves and the others working with them.
the reason your bc male cost £60 is because his bits were on the outside and take a fraction of the timeto do and a females op is a lot more complex (inside)
hope this helps !
- By LorraineB [gb] Date 21.04.02 21:25 GMT
Hi, we live in the North West, it cost me £95.00 to have one of my rotties spayed, that included pain killers and anti biotics for aftercare. The other vet I use who is closer to home quoted £150.00 plus aftercare treatment, they said they used a 'special aneasthetic'. Daisy came home same day with small incision, never would guess she had just had op.

I was amazed and £50.00+ better off
regards Lorraine
- By Schip Date 22.04.02 09:43 GMT
My Schippy bitch cost me £90 for spay and aftercare which is about normal for my area.

Most vets these days use 'Isoflow' anthestetic systme as it is very light and quick to reverse so less of a risk to your animals. I've had birds of only 4 wks operated on with no problems using this system, I wouldn't even have considered the surgery on them without it. I don't know as they consider it a 'special' anthestic but I do know when my vets first started using it several years ago it cost them a lot to set up.
- By LorraineB [gb] Date 22.04.02 21:44 GMT
Schip, I recently lost my akita during a c section, another breeder told me after that akitas are very intolerant of aneasthetic and to always insist on Isoflow, but it was very expensive, vet who quoted me £150.00 for spaying was the one who lost my akita - certainly was not Isoflow

- By Sarah Date 22.04.02 21:51 GMT
Akita's often have a clotting problem too :-(
- By LorraineB [gb] Date 22.04.02 21:56 GMT
Sara, do you have akitas ???
- By Schip Date 23.04.02 12:18 GMT
Lorraine do Akitas have a similar problems to most Spitz breeds with Anthestics? I'm sorry to hear you lost your girl that has to be awful.

My vet had some experience with spitz breeds and said that he never give's a premed to most of them as they tend to 'go under too deep'. Schippperkes are renound for being difficult on the 'table' and a few had warned me that they do not tolerate well. My friend was a vet nurse at my practise and she had a rescue schip whom she castrated and saw for herself first hand just how intolerant they can be!

In this area most practises use IsoFlow and have done for about 3 - 4 years so it would never enter my head that you would need to insist on it. I have had chinchilla's castrated, rabbits, guinea pigs, and my parrots operated on with not a loss - I wouldn't consider any surgery for any of my animals unless it was done under Isoflow.
- By LorraineB [gb] Date 24.04.02 21:58 GMT
Hi Schip,

My vet said she had never heard of intolerance in Akitas, but being a cynic she would say that after what happened I would think,. I spoke to a top akita breeder who said that alot of the original imported akitas were not hip scored due to the problem with aneasthetic, Willow was only 2 and a half and healthy, I was devastated as I was in the surgery with her and noticed the drain of colour in her uterus but did not click why it was happening until too late. I do know that the vet did not use Isoflow though.

- By Schip Date 25.04.02 11:27 GMT
Hey Lorraine

Ever thought of changing vets lol? Mine have a healthy respect for me as a breeder and owner of many animals and have learned over time not to mess me about - I tend not to take it too kindly lol. One of my puppies broke her toe and needed X-rays but was due to be shown in the next few wks - without asking it was noted on her paperwork 'No shaving of leg first show 4 wks!' I've never laughed so hard in all my life I'd not even thought about her leg etc only her injury and what pain she was suffering.

Vets are on a whole very dubious about breed specific claims so I think between my reputation going before me regarding the parrots and his personal experience with more than one Spitz breed helped.

I have actually spoken with our veterinary hospital, our local practice, and was told that the Isoflow cost them almost £5,000 when they brought it and that was without training for the staff! So now I understand why it is considered expensive and special!

I really don't know how I would cope if I was in your circumstances with my bitch on the table like that - that has got to have been awful for you?
- By LorraineB [gb] Date 26.04.02 17:33 GMT
Hi Schip, I think worse thing was guilt, if I had not mated her it would not have happened, I have her daughter who is 6 months now and the thought of any op for her is a nightmare now. Will send her to other vet I use for any I think.

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