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- By Nikki-deeee [gb] Date 15.08.05 23:04 GMT
My 6 month old lab ate a sock yesterday; a cotton sports sock! We thought we would leave him and see if he would vomit or pass it but neither has happened yet. He's fine in himself, still eating, drinking and going to the toilet. Any ideas if we should start to worry yet? He's a typical lab dustbin but this time he's gone a bit too far, he'd swallowed the sock like a gannet before we could say 'Barney no!' :-)
- By Teri Date 15.08.05 23:20 GMT
Hi Nikki-deeee,

If your 100% sure it went in and 100% sure it didn't come out then I'd make my next port of call the vet - as in first thing in the morning :(   This could very easily cause a blockage and while from your post there seem to be no symptoms of such as yet, that is certainly no guarantee that there wont be soon and dogs can go rapidly down hill in such circumstances.

Don't want to be an alarmist but it's important to have this checked out.  Good luck, and please let us have an update.

Regards, Teri  :)
- By Nikki-deeee [gb] Date 15.08.05 23:29 GMT
Thanks. We're 100% sure it hasn't come out but as far as goin in is concerned, it was my brother and mum who had him yesterday. My brother was walking through with his washing and the dog grabbed a sock and the next thing they couldn't find it. We'll do a full house search in the morning in case he's hid it somewhere (along with all his 'missing' toys!), if not we'll take in straight to the vets. Thanks again for your advice.

- By Teri Date 15.08.05 23:30 GMT
Fingers crossed it shows up - preferably outside of the dog!!  Good luck, Teri :P
- By janeandkai [gb] Date 16.08.05 08:22 GMT
although sock swallowing can be serious, i wouldnt panic just yet. i have a 7mth malamute that obviously thinks he's a lab as everything is fair game to him... socks a speciality, even tries to pinch them off the washing line. i have lost count now of the amount he has successfully pinched and swallowed. they have all come back up although not in a state where you'd want to wash and keep them lol
the longest it has taken was usually 3 days after eating them, but it seems to have speeded up now (maybe as he's a bit older now ) and they are out again usually the next day. :D
hope all is well again soon
- By stanley Date 16.08.05 08:49 GMT
Just to make you feel a little better, my spin who was completely fine within herself drinking, eating, playing & generally bounding around was sick ( a few months ago now ) within the vomit was a whole pair of my 7 year old son's pants !!! :confused: To say that i was gobsmacked was an understatement, she is a HUGE theif but i still have no idea where she would have got a pair of his pants from lol. She just looked at them after she had brought them up & carried on playing !
She is very lucky that it didnt cause a blockage ! If i had known that she had eaten them i would have taken her to the vets to get her checked out, i'd keep an eye on your boy & seriously think about taking him to the vets, as Teri has suggested.
Good luck & hopefully it will have come out the other end this morning :D
- By Anwen [gb] Date 16.08.05 10:19 GMT
When my dog ate a sock, it came out the other end clearly marked "made in England" :D
- By kelly mccoy [us] Date 16.08.05 15:39 GMT
i would take the dog in to have it checked socks can be difficult to pass depending on the type the intestines can just accordian up around them and get gangrene...i know of more than one case that did not have a happy ending
- By Clarabelle [gb] Date 16.08.05 17:50 GMT
I have a black lab who also ate at whole sock when he was 16 weeks old.  I called the vet and they advised me to keep an eye on him and if he started to vomit then to bring him in.  I did this and followed him around everytime he went to the loo looking for the sock.  He was perfectly ok, his normal self, still eating etc and I was getting concerned that it still hadnt appeared.  Anyway 8 days later it can up, I was so relieved!!  It is hard to keep them away from these things when they are young as you seem to have to have eyes in the back of your head.  Luckily for me itwas a one off experience as I watch him like a hawk now but it was worrying all the same. 
- By stann [gb] Date 17.08.05 01:28 GMT
The lab next door ate a sock which wrapped and blocked his intestine which was nasty and costly for the operation to remove it. He was very sick so thats how they knew he had a blockage. Keep a close eye and speak to your vet.
- By Bluebell [gb] Date 17.08.05 12:51 GMT
To be honest unless he is showing signs of being off colour, I think that the vets will just tell you to keep an eye on things. Problem is that it will not show up on an x ray and so they will have to cut him open to check things out and that should be avoided unless there is a really strong possibility of there being a problem. Trust me mine has eaten all sorts from gloves to fishing bait baskets, which we thought may have been complete with a hook. Fortunately the worst any have ever given him is a runny bum. 
- By labmad [gb] Date 17.08.05 15:54 GMT
You are talking to an expert here!

When Henry was a puppy he ate a sock and I panicked so much I took him to the vet immediately.  The vet said just keep an eye on him for signs of vomiting, not being able to hold food down or pass anything the other end and if he goes off colour etc etc...eventually, up came the sock.

Then months passed and he did it again...a pair of knickers and a sock this time...same thing happened....threw them up!  He is like lightening and just snatches at anything on the floor and mum had dropped them out of the washing pile - they were dirty of course, he doesn't like clean ones!!!

Then months passed again and we had some bad news about my aunty and whilst my dad was on the phone (he left the door open leading upstairs) and yes....Henry went on a rampage upstairs.  I didn't even know that he had eaten anything and didn't notice anything missing until...he started going off colour, he threw up bits of food and was generally unwell.

Took him to the vet....  £500 later - out came 4 pairs of knickers and 3 socks!  He had eaten the whole lot, straight down no chewing, they were just whole! He had to cut his stomach open and remove them.

I could not believe it and I was thinking everyone will be thinking that we are dead careless and just let him do what he wants but the fact is we are so so careful with him but this one chance he seized and went upstairs and muched his way through my underwear!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be careful with your lab - hide things and tidy things away and don't give him the opoprtunity to do anything like this again.

I nearly lost Henry, I was in bits, devasated and made myself really ill with worry over him.  I lost a stone in weight cos I thought I was going to lose him.

Please be careful - labs will eat anything they don't care what it is.  Henry will eat anything and would do the same thing all over again if given the chance.  They don't learn from their own experiences...everything is food to them!

Thankfully my Henry is now fighting fit :-D

Take care

- By Bluebell [gb] Date 17.08.05 16:07 GMT
Goodness Em that sounds like a realy determined eater! Ours I discovered only chew things that they dont think they should have, so I now start training retrieve as soon as I get them, so if they ever have anything in their mouth I just say 'good dog, good hold' and start walking away calling them. Fortunately neither have ever been quite as bad as yours but I have found this helps, guess it is just building an association with not swallowing everything that fits in their mouths :D 

Ill say one thing owning a Lab does make you tidy and also notice EVERYTHING on the path when you walk!
- By labmad [gb] Date 18.08.05 10:19 GMT
Hi Bluebell,

Don't be fooled by teaching retrieves either!  Henry does working trials and will quite happily hold the smallest piece of cloth or scouring pad or anything small in his mouth and bring them to me.  I also do obedience with him and he can do a brill retrieve no probs but....when he can get at things that he isn't supposed to have, down they go!  Labs just want what they aren't supposed to have so just be dead careful.

Oh Henry doesn't chew....just gulps and down they go in one piece!
- By Bluebell [gb] Date 18.08.05 10:22 GMT
LOL Labmad I must have just got the exception that proves the rule! Youngest one chews her food, has never really stolen anything and only really has a thing for shoe insoles! The older is much more typical - he even thought it funny to steal a bird off the game cart and eat it infront of the guns - well they were having elevensies :D
- By labmad [gb] Date 18.08.05 11:25 GMT
LOL Henry does chew his food and funnily enough he has been known to eat a couple of insoles too well he's eaten a couple of everything really!

I do have the exception I am sure I do!  He is like a hoover!

Anyway my lesson was learnt the very hard way.

Hope your labs don't develop a penchant for knickers too! it's gross!
- By LucyD [gb] Date 18.08.05 12:36 GMT
My Henry thinks chewing is only for wusses - he inhales his food so fast he often starts coughing after bolting it!!! And to think he was a fussy eater as a puppy!
- By Bluebell [gb] Date 18.08.05 13:59 GMT
As a pup Hook 'ate' so fast it always came back up so I had to feed him his meals a handfull at a time to give him a little pause in between mouthfulls!
- By labmad [gb] Date 18.08.05 14:10 GMT
Oh the joy of being a lab owner!...but we wouldn't swap them for the world would we :-D
- By Bluebell [gb] Date 18.08.05 14:14 GMT
Life would be VERY dull without them :D Looking forward to Truffles first season in the shooting field filled with joy and trepidation - cos you just never know what they will think if funny. 
- By labmad [gb] Date 18.08.05 15:05 GMT
Oh yes you never know what they are thinking and what they will do next just for comedy purposes!  Every time in the ring is a whole new experience for me ha ha
- By Nikki-deeee [gb] Date 18.08.05 19:51 GMT
Thanks for all your replies and concern. We spoke to the vet who just said its a regular occurance with labs (as if I didn't know after reading all your comments! :-) ) and just to keep an eye on him and if he becomes sick, off his food or temperment changes bring him straight in. The sock still hasn't surfaced though but he is completely 'normal' - whatever that is for a lab! I'll keep you all posted though as to what happens. We have now officially 'de-Barney-fied' the entire house, my home has never been as clutter free! :-)

Thanks again,

- By labmad [gb] Date 19.08.05 07:59 GMT

Don't be at all surprised if he doesn't hang on to it for 2 weeks and then throw it up or send it down.  It has been known with Henry to hang on to a sock for 2 weeks then throw it up. 

If (and heaven forbid it should happen) he does it again and you know that he has eaten it.  Quickly stick a soda crystal down his throat.  Just one, and viola he will instantly throw it up!
- By mannyG [us] Date 19.08.05 17:40 GMT
Haha , socks! Bad experiences , oh boy it sucks when they only come out half way then they start to whine and that's when the rubber gloves are taken out of the cupboard.
- By tracychester [gb] Date 20.08.05 21:17 GMT
We had a similar problem with my 6 month old Golden Retreiver but ours involved a cloth and a couple of sponges that went missing from the kitchen sink. I assumed my boyfriend put them somewhere (him being obsessed with tidying) until i went outside to clean up his mess (the dog not my boyfriend) and found that the cloth had come out the other end whole and a couple of spongy green poos - lovely.

I wouldnt worry too much but if it hasnt come out after a few days you could always ring the vet and see if they think its worth bringing him to be checked over.
- By ChinaBlue [gb] Date 20.08.05 22:18 GMT
My GSD pup vomited up two whole socks last week while we were out on our walk - I was horrified, and felt so lucky they hadn't caused a blockage. Someone asked me whether they were mine or OH's, but having had to poke them around with a stick to identify WHAT they were, I certainly didn't go into whose :D
- By Nikki-deeee [gb] Date 28.08.05 08:44 GMT
Hi all,

Just to let you know that Barney has finally passed the sock!!! Out on a walk last night he was squatting for ages and then there it was-like a ray of sunshine! :-) Relief all round! :-)

Thanks again for all your advice

- By janeandkai [gb] Date 28.08.05 11:50 GMT
gosh! that took along time.... glad its make an appearance thou :D
- By LucyD [gb] Date 28.08.05 17:55 GMT
Glad to hear it (but not see it, thanks all the same!)  :-)
- By anastasia [gb] Date 29.08.05 21:17 GMT
I recall when I was a youngster our  Cocker Spaniel,who had a diabolical  temper ate a 3 foot thick boot lace.It was one off a Roman Sandal that were fashionable then.Days passed and then my Mother called me to see what was hanging out of the dogs b**!! Well there was about 2.5 feet of this lace and the dog was really in a foul mood as you can imagine as he sat there straining!! Then my mother told me to stand on the end of the cord while she struggled with a very bad tempered Cocker to get his lead on.She huffed and puffed and eventually the Cocker moved forward at the same time as my mother shouted for me to press down hard on the thick lace. Suddenly there was a short "yelp" from the dog and out came the lace with a large knot in the end!! It was about 4 feet long by this time as it must have stretched!
- By Bluebell [gb] Date 31.08.05 16:13 GMT
And we thought that we were odd 'cos we had a cat that ate the string from round the joint :) Seriously though you have to be a bit careful pulling things out like that as it could be too big or too far in still to pass without damage :(
- By alic [gb] Date 31.08.05 13:28 GMT
Did anyone see you smiling and laughing inexplicably at your dog doing a number two??!!
Seriously, glad it made an appearance!

EDIT: Oh god Anastasia you've just had me in stitches and reminded me about our retriever that ate a shoe lace many years ago - only it was left up to my poor mum in her marigold gloves to chase her round the garden trying to pull it out! We laughed about that for soooooooo long!
- By labmad [gb] Date 31.08.05 16:05 GMT
My Henry ate a poo bag once!  He wanted to save me the hassle of picking his poo up obviously :-D:-D
- By Daisy [gb] Date 31.08.05 16:43 GMT
The old'uns on here will get tired of me repeating this, but .....  my older dog ate a load of the children's Cash's name tags years ago - and proceeded to poo them all around the field :D :D :D

- By janeandkai [gb] Date 31.08.05 20:41 GMT
Oh the things dogs will eat.
Kai ate some blue roll the other week ( industrial kitchen roll ) I had to laugh when i saw it trailing from his behind... he looked like a giant loo roll holder :D :D
- By bint [gb] Date 03.09.05 13:52 GMT
our utonagan pup ate a chinese takeaway carton he found in a bush a few days ago & no way could I catch him until he'd eaten the lot. Atleast he did actually chew it - I could hear it clanking off his teeth. I hardly slept a wink as I thought it would tear his intestines to pieces but he seems ok so far, usual habits. He also has a fettish for socks but so far hasn't managed to eat a whole one! It's worse than having a toddler in the house!!
- By Cointreau [us] Date 05.09.05 22:05 GMT
I haven't laughed this much in days.  You guys are so funny.  In the past two days, I have pulled out two socks from the throat of my vomiting Golden pup (3:00-4:30am in the morning), and then had to watch with anticipation (and relief) as he discharged another sock from his rear.  I could tell something was amiss from his lack of playfulness the previous days.  Thankfully he's back to his crazy self, and I'm just totally grossed out from the memory!  By the way, watch out for those shoe laces.  I pulled one out of my dog's mouth only to realize that it wasn't a shoe lace but a mouse's tail.  The mouse was still alive!  It was all too much for me!!
- By Anwen [gb] Date 05.09.05 22:18 GMT
:D I pulled a twig out of my bitch's mouth & found it was a toad's leg - still attached to a full size toad. Really should wear my glasses more :D
- By Phoebe [gb] Date 24.09.05 12:58 GMT
Ahhh - Tibetan Mastiff puppy did that to me once, but it was a dead baby vole. He used to eat stones as a puppy and puke them up in neat piles in the bedroom or poo them out. It's definitely not normal for a pooing puppy to sound like they're playing castanets! He's borderline obsessive compulsive if the way he neatly chews tags and labels off stuff is anything to go by.

And I don't know how my shar-pei has reached the age of 10 years 9 months without ending up in the vets. She has the eating habits of a great white shark. She's destroyed that many TV remote controls that green circuit board in her poo was normal at one point - and she only eats the Telewest one that I actually need and costs me £13 a knock to replace. She's also ate several CD's, a mirror, hundreds of ballpoint pens (she starts at the blunt end and eats them as far as the ink which she obviously doesn't like the taste of). It's beyond me how she got hold of these things as she's small and I make sure everything is kept either locked away or at an apropriate height. Her most disgusting one was when she was looking a bit off colour one day and puked up a glob of white and blue papier mache and shortly after a plastic strip which appeared to have once been a sanitary towel - EWWWWWW! And it definitely wasn't one of mine which was even more disturbing!
- By gnasher [gb] Date 24.09.05 11:42 GMT
My utonagan when he was a pup used to regularly swallow my daughter's socks - particularly one rather fetching Oililly pair - he would vomit them up a few days later, and would come out sparkling clean, when previously they would have been stained with grass etc!  All they needed was a soak in Ariel, and Bob's your Uncle, a nice new pair of socks!

Thankfully, he has stopped doing this now.

- By Boxer Mum Date 24.09.05 11:48 GMT
I have a basket here which is full of odd socks - the other half of every pair has been successfully pinched, chewed, partly digested and past back out (from either end ! :eek: ) of my springer cross :)  Now he only likes to eat one sock from each pair, never a complete set, he has a thing about leaving me with a pile of odd ones - now that I would like to be able to work out ;)
- By gnasher [gb] Date 24.09.05 11:47 GMT
I wasn't going to say this for fear of making you all vomit, but my warped sense of humour does find it quite funny.  The grossest thing that our utonagan sicked up recently was what we thought was an old sausage, with a long piece of what looked string on the end of it.  We had a long debate with our next door neighbour as to what we thought it could be, and lo and behold I suddenly realised it was a tampax!  Not one of mine I hasten to add, but my daughter's.  Why she doesn't flush them down the loo, god only knows, but she now has strict instructions to seal them up in bags and place in the waste if she must, but preferably to flush them.

I don't know who felt sicker, me or the neighbour !

- By bint [gb] Date 24.09.05 13:39 GMT
Good one gnasher! I just caught our Utonagan pup trying to swallow a sock whole this morning - one my hubby had just worn!!!
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