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- By clancaspa [gb] Date 04.07.01 15:10 GMT
I am writing as I have a problem that is causing much puzzelment. I have a chihuahua bitch that I have tried to line the past two seasons, I have tried a couple of different studs but on each occasion we have not achieved a tie. We have extended mating times over several days angain no change she presents herself correctly, although I have to say she is not as swollen as seen in my other bitches. She has just come back into season and we are off the vets tomorrow but I am keen to hear from others who may have had a similar problem, and what was the out come.?

thanks alot
- By Polly [gb] Date 07.07.01 09:48 GMT
Not all bitches achieve a tie, this is often called a "slip mating". Did you get any puppies resulting? I ask as it is not unheard of to get puppies from a "slip mating". a friends bitch had a "slip mating" and had 5 puppies!
- By clancaspa [gb] Date 08.07.01 09:39 GMT
Yes I am aware that slip matings do occur occasional, although I have never had the luxary to have success with this for my bitch. I have been studing dirrfent techniques to help the bithc but alas apart from manhandling the dog, I dont think im going to win. I know my dog does not have success with slip matingsd neither did the the 2nd dtud dog, perhaps I could pray for a miracle as time is drawing ever closer she has now been in season for 6 days.
- By sharie [gb] Date 08.07.01 12:52 GMT
Hi, I just thought I'd write and say my stud dog only does slip matings but you can actually hold the dog to the bitch to achieve a longer mating. The average number in a litter for our breed is about 5/6, but with a lot of help from the bitch, we have had litters of 10/11 and the average number of pups in his litters is 8. So never think that a slip mating means no puppies.
I hope you have a good outcome this time, good luck!
- By westie lover [gb] Date 09.07.01 06:25 GMT
Hi I agree, there is no need for a tie, about half the matings ( I use other people's studs) that my bitches have are "slip matings" to some degree or other, and we have always had a normal size litter. the very first time I had a Westie bitch mated, it was a "blink and you'll miss it" one, I felt very sad as I handed over the £200, but the stud dog owner was right when she saw my disappointment and said "dont worry, if she's "ready" she'll have puppies". She had 5 bouncers which is a good size litter for my breed. Of course having a tie is more satisfactory for us to see, but it doesn't make much difference to whether she'll conceive or not. As long as he stays there long enough to "finish" the main bit, if you see what I mean, it'll be Ok. A sign to watch for, though if you are holding the bitch, you wont be able to, is a twitching of the dogs tail near the root, which means he's doing what he should. Gosh its hard to write this politley!! Good luck.
- By Aileen Gemmell [gb] Date 09.07.01 15:20 GMT
I should just like to endorse a number of previous responses. The Tie (whether good or bad) is no indication of whether the bitch will be in whelp. Indeed there are many breeders who feel that an overly long tie is a bad sign and often the bitch has no puppies.
Have you thought of checking with your vet to ensure precisely when your bitch is ovulating? It may have nothing to do with the stud dogs (you do not mention whether they were proven studs or not) and may in fact be that you have just got the timing wrong. Many bitches will stand for many days - others settle down very quickly after they have been mated if they are in fact in whelp. But there is a product known as Premate, which will assist you to know precisely when the bitch is ready for mating. Why not consider the scientific aspects in a bit more detail before assuming it is down to the tie. Indeed, it is actually the bitch (and not the dog) which creates the "tie", so do think about checking with the vet as to the "right time".
- By Leigh [us] Date 09.07.01 16:01 GMT
Hi Aileen.
Welcome to the board :-)

- By clancaspa [gb] Date 09.07.01 18:19 GMT
Thanks for the reply, to answer your reply, both studs were proven, one is my own stud, I always mate from the first day they will stand usually day 10 then every second day until the bitch is post estrus. This bitch just has no success (so Far) with slip matings. Of course although slip matings do produce pups the scienfic evidence says that it is the ties that produces the ejaculation. That the gentle squeeze of the muscle behind the bulbus produces the three stage ejaculation the first part only having a small percentage of sperm (part produced in slip mating) the middle part the highest percentage, then the last part the same as the first. So I am quite up to date with the male aspect of the reproduction process the frustrating part is getting my bitch pregnant lol.
If we achieve a pregnancy though a slip mating it will be third time lucky then I will take you all out for a drink LOL. (if ive got any money left after the vets bills.)
I just wanted to say thankyou to everyone whos replied its great to be able to chat to like minded people
- By magnolia [gb] Date 11.07.01 20:03 GMT
I was very interested to read that I am not the only one having 'tie' problems.
I have a chocolate Labrador who I have tried to mate for the past 2 seasons,I thought the first dog was too old at nearly 9 as we did not get a tie, and the last one too young as he did not seem to know what to do, however I have tried this week with a 'proven' stud dog but again to no avail, he visited us on the 13th day but again just kept jumping on and off without a tie although my bitch stood without a problem, I have taken her to the dog yesterday 15th day and today 16th day and I am about ready to give up.... will tomorrow Thursday or even Friday be too far into her season, or do some bitches go that long, she still seems keen and the poor dog keeps trying, perhaps someone could advise me, I am fairly certain that they havent slip mated.
- By Leigh [us] Date 11.07.01 20:15 GMT
Welcome to the Forum Magnolia :-)

- By westie lover [gb] Date 12.07.01 07:01 GMT
Hi I have a bitch that is NEVER ready before 16 days and last time was mated on the 18th day and had 8 puppies from a slip mating, the biggest litter I have ever had. My only other suggestion is to have a cell cluster test( glass slide pased over vulva to collect liquid, dried and dyed and examined under a microscope to check for white cells, which can appear early in the season to fight off any bugs) done on an infertile bitch as soon as poss at the start of the season, she may have a very low grade infcetion which prevents her from conceiving but shows no symptoms of illness at all. If there is something there, there will be time to treat with anit biotics well before mating time arrives. Just a thought.
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