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- By Guest [gb] Date 24.06.05 13:40 GMT
hi i was wondering if any1 can help. i want to start breeding my girl next year. but im a little unsure if its a good idea and was wondering if any1 can give me advice about breeding pugs.

she is going to be 6 months old in july. i spoke to my vet about breeding her and he said it will be best 4 her to breed her bitween 12 to 18 months old as pugs can have alot of complications its best to breed her younger then 2 years. so her pelvis can streach.
i was also wondering at what age do they normally come into season?
- By janeandkai [gb] Date 24.06.05 13:59 GMT
why dont you join champdogs (its free) then you can ask lots of questions :-)
- By archer [gb] Date 24.06.05 14:08 GMT
if you are the same person asking about showing your bitch you should reconsider breeding her at all since a bitch with a hernia should not be bred from.If you are not then I apologise for the mix up
- By Kelsey Youngman [gb] Date 27.06.05 00:18 GMT
hi i have now become a member thanks 4 ur advice i can now repliy and ask more questions
- By lottie [gb] Date 25.06.05 08:24 GMT
guest, i am surprised your vet encouraged you to breed your girl.did he/she explain the whelping process at all? did they give you an idea about what is involved?or are they just after your money when the bitch has to have an emergency c section due to the lack of your knowledge? sorry to sound harsh but as a novice person youshould not be even considering breeding from her, what worries me is that you say "i want to start breeding my girl next year" this makes it sound like you have plans to have many litters from her?
as for seasons,she could come in at any time from now-18months. she should not be bred until she is at least 18months or on her 3rd season, as stated in the pdc rules of ethics.
please talk to your puppies breeder and explain that you want to breed, they may help you(also make sure there is no endorsement on her pedigree,this is why i endorse all puppies.)
you do need to join in here if you want to reply to the messages left.
- By vicky w [gb] Date 25.06.05 20:33 GMT
hi  our pug is 14 mounths old shes just had 5 pups with no promblems. we were worried just like you are. she had all five within an hour. we were also told its best to breed when your pug is older by the vets but a breeder told us its best whilst young has theres little chance of complications.
- By vicky w [gb] Date 25.06.05 20:43 GMT
my pug has just had 5 puppies. its only been a week and shes losing brown dischage from her private parts is this normal. can anyone help?
- By Lokis mum [gb] Date 25.06.05 20:45 GMT
I'm sorry Vicky, but I do not think that you will get very many complimentary messages on breeding from a baby of 14 months.    You have been extremely lucky that she has sailed through her pregnancy - I hope that she will be a good mother - but I doubt very much if any member of the breed society would recommend breeding at such an early age.   

How much knowledge do you have about the breeding/looking after a bitch and puppies?   Yes, it is quite normal for her to continue to have a discharge after the birth of the puppies.   Did you have the vet check her and her puppies after the birth?   I suggest that you get yourself a copy of The Book of the Bitch ASAP.

- By Brainless [gb] Date 25.06.05 22:43 GMT
If expereinced members of the Pug Dog club consider 18 months a minimum age for ahving puppies then I would hazard a guess that their cobined expereince and knowledge should be adherd to by responsible breeders and novices alike.  I am glad things have thus far goen well for you and your bitch, but as you seem to ahve very little knowledge about canine reproduction I suggest that you do a lot of study PDQ as the hard stuff (rearing, homing and being responsible for the pups you ahve bred for maybe the next 15 years) is yet to come.
- By lottie [gb] Date 26.06.05 10:13 GMT
by the way the post is written i would assume you are very young? i am afraid i cant see that your bitch had 5 pups in an hour? you would be lucky to get 2 pups in an hour. as i have said previously, the pdc code of ethics say at least 18 months or on the 3rd season. there is a very god reason for this,pugs stay young in mind for a long time, its like a girl of 12 being a mother? shame you have taken away her childhood, you have been very lucky to have a trouble free whelping. shame on the stud dog owner, thats what i say
- By archer [gb] Date 26.06.05 17:37 GMT
<<<<<<<we were also told its best to breed when your pug is older by the vets but a breeder told us its best whilst young has theres little chance of complications>>.
Vicki...young maybe ...but not while still a puppy!!! At 14 months she is still a baby.
- By gwen [gb] Date 26.06.05 20:19 GMT
I am typing this with my toes curling up in horror!   I dont know which of the 2 posts is the more scary!  To the OP, please think long and hard before contemplating your girl,  and certainly dont contemplate it before she is 18 months.  You can spend this time finding out all sorts of important things, and possibly saving up enough to be able to get on the road to breeding confiently and with some back-up.  First yoru need to sind out if she is fromhealthy lines, with no discernible  maor faults or problems herself.  Also find out is her Mum self whelped or needed a c section - this runs in families  in pug bitches, and odds are if she was born by a Csection she will not self whelp.   Next you will have to make sure you have the time to rear the litter,  in my experience well over 50% of pug mums have no maternal instinct at all - so you have to do all the work, right from delivering the pups to all the feeding and cleanin g ( every 2 hours, day and night for the first weeks)

To the 2nd poster who tried to give "helpful advice" about her pug pup whelping with no problem - please dont think that having 1 litter makes you an expert, and are you at all sure of your facts, 5 pups in an hour!! (Unless by C section of course)

- By Schip Date 27.06.05 06:23 GMT
Just like to say that I've been advised my some long time breeders of pugs that if I do go with the breed to mate and whelp a bitch whilst before the age of 2 preferably on her second season so I'm not surprised others have been given the same advice by breeders, not saying it's right but I was also given the same advice for poms when we first had our boy.

On the topic of whelping 5 pups in an hr my schips do that, my last one taking less than 40 mins to whelp a litter of 5 pups only 4 wks ago that's from delivery of 1st pup to last my experience has been such that I've yet to have a whelp take longer than 2 hrs from first to last but I do tend to keep my dogs 'hard' on the muscle front and fit even my GSD's used to be speedy on the whelping front.
- By Kelsey Youngman [gb] Date 27.06.05 00:15 GMT
Hi i have become a member now. i asked the question about breeding my pug when shes 12 to 18 months. thankes 4 ur repliy. i have had dogs all my life and i am a big lover of all animals. so i decided to breed next year and as this is my first time breeding i am triying to get as much info as possible. i have bought some bookes about breeding 2nite. so i hope they will help i would like to hear any info or advice u may have about breeding as u have had experience 1st hand with ur own pug. repliy plz
- By archer [gb] Date 27.06.05 07:23 GMT
Please listen to Gwen...she is a very experienced and knowledgeable lady who breeds pugs and another breed.
I applaud you for asking questions and for doing your research.Have you joined a breed club?
- By gwen [gb] Date 28.06.05 20:24 GMT
Hi again Kelsey,

I think mating for a pug bitch 18 months as the lowest age advised is fine, 2nd season probably way too young!   This seems to be the old wives tale of the pelvis being more flexible at the earlier age cropping  up again.  My last 2 first time whelping pug bitches were respectively  2 weeks short of the 2nd birthday, and 2 yrs  &8 months old.   Both whelped without problem.  I have a puppy bitch ( welll just out of puppy)  13 and a half months old, whilst physiucally she appears mature, mentally she is still just a pup, not at all ready for motherhood.

Please feel free to PM or email me about pugs any time
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