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- By denese [gb] Date 24.05.05 11:43 GMT
I would like your opinions!!!!  on at what age might be best to start a puppies injections?
Most pupies are sold at 8weeks with no injections! As they say that they are to young!
But! what if they are going where other dogs or cats are!
I always though you started the injection program at approx. 6 weeks?
What reason do they wait longer?
Do any of you that sell your pups ever have them injected first?


- By Enfielrotts [eu] Date 24.05.05 11:51 GMT
If they are going where other dogs and cats are should the other dogs and cats not be inoculated too?  That's why you are not able to take them out until all jabs complete; you can't trust any tom dick or harry to carry out the yearly booster!

I don't and don't know of anyone that does do the jab before the pup leaves and I was under the impression that the injections can not be started until they are 7 weeks but this may have changed or I could be wrong?
- By spanishwaterdog [gb] Date 24.05.05 11:57 GMT
I also don't vaccinate before they leave, I think an injection at 8 weeks is soon enough and they should have some immunity from their mother any way.  As the previous poster said if they do have other animals then they should already be vaccinated.
- By denese [gb] Date 24.05.05 12:15 GMT

I do agree the other animals should have had boosters,
even though, as you say, can you trust people!!
I am intrested to know. I always have mine done with in the week of having them
at approx. 8-9 weeks. plus micro-chipped." even though I feel for them."
But! you hope it might!
Just might! keep them a little safer.
On the net- they recommend 6 weeks!


- By Lois_vp [gb] Date 25.05.05 11:34 GMT
As one of the Toms/Dicks/Harrys who has made an informed decision not to booster my dogs, please note that some of us are, in fact, quite responsible owners.......:)
- By Moonmaiden Date 25.05.05 11:40 GMT
Sadly I lost a dog to vaccinosis after his booster & have not boostered since(long story but I have medical evidence that it was the vaccine that caused his death)I have them titre tested & use homoeopathis nosodes
- By satincollie (Moderator) Date 24.05.05 12:02 GMT
Vaccinations cannot be started at to young an age as the natural immunity that puppies recieve from their mother conteracts them if they are. It also depends on the vaccine the vet uses and what protocal they use some will vaccinate at 8 weeks but some still believe that it is better to wait till 10 weeks to start.
- By thomas-the-spot [gb] Date 24.05.05 14:18 GMT
My vet now does them at 6 weeks but they have told me not to bother if I am selling them as the vaccine they use is not compatable with all vaccines and thye have had occassions where the new owners have to start the whole programme again.  I also think that people will begrudge paying the extra it costs. 
- By Brainless [gb] Date 24.05.05 23:50 GMT
That is the reason I won't do half a vaccination course on pups, they either have none or get the full course so don't leave until 12 weeks, or go unvaccinated before 10 weeks.
- By yorkiefamily [in] Date 24.05.05 16:44 GMT
i got my yorkie in dec 23rd 2004 she was born 23/10/04 and the breeder got her first injection 13/12/04 when i bought her home she had the  2nd one 6/1/05.
i bought my yorkie home at 8 weeks although i have heard that puppys can benefit more by staying with there mother for 10 weeks.
- By colliemad Date 24.05.05 17:12 GMT
It depends on whether the bitch is vaccinated some people don't do it. Your pup will have some immunity from it's mother and this starts to wear off at around 8/9 weeks? The first vaccination is usually done then. Some vets will do them earlier but it does depend on the circumstances, my first was done at 6 weeks and 10 weeks and out walking at 12 weeks as his mother wasn't vaccinated although he was wormed. The other two were done at 9 & 11 weeks and out walking 1 week later. You really need to speak to your vet and they will be able to help you with what's best for your pup depending on the circumstances.
- By kao kate [gb] Date 24.05.05 22:15 GMT
my vet reccomends 8 weeks , my puppies leave between 7-8 weeks so I ask people to make a appointment within 5 days of collection for a health check and the first vacine. :) I am however considering keeping them on next time till after the first jab.
- By Brainless [gb] Date 24.05.05 23:48 GMT
The reason for not doing them sooner is that in fact you may stop them taking due to maternal antibody interference so you end up with a pup with no protection or reduced protection until they get their booster a year later.

Even though they can now do the first jab at 8 weeks I still prefer to wait until 10 and 12 weeks rather than 8 and 10 or 8 and 12.

My bitches are uysually still giving their pups some milk right up to when they leave or even longer if a puppy is staying but have usually stopped by 10 weeks.
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