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- By Loganberry [gb] Date 11.05.05 19:26 GMT
hi i was wondering what others thought. My pup was poorly last time i wormed her with panacur and then when i wormed her this time she was ill again, struggling to breath, shivering, being sick blue tongue ect, i rushed her to vet again but he dismissed the wormer and said it wouldnt be the Panacur. She is fine again now it just seems strange that it happened each time i wormed her??
- By Smudgley [gb] Date 11.05.05 20:41 GMT
I'd use a different product next time.  :)
- By kirab [gb] Date 11.05.05 21:43 GMT
Hi, My 12 week old pup also had a bad reaction when I gave her milbemax wormer given by vet .She cried all night and I couldn't get her to settle, next morning she had diarrhoea and blood in her stools , she was definately off colour. I rang the vet who said it couldn't be the wormer . poor mite she must have had a sore tummy all night. Makes you worried to give her the wormer next time.
- By shifting sands [gb] Date 12.05.05 08:45 GMT
Use Drontal or Strongid next time if I were you. If you know she had a bad reaction this time - dont use it again, throw it out if you have any left and write to the maufacturer and tell them.
- By Keithf [gb] Date 17.05.05 10:07 GMT
Strange that, I wormed my 11 week old Golden Retriever puppy with Drontal a the day before yesterday, gave it during the early evening. By bedtime the puppy was hyper. That night the dog did not sleep, nor did I. He was awake barking all night, I let him out a couple of times but he still would not settle, evetually had to leave him to it and go back to bed. He has never had a night anything like this before, he usually goes to bed and we don't hear a peep until about 5.30 in the morning. The next morning he was shattered, slept nearly all day and hardly ate until the evening.
It was almost as though he had been fed amphetamines, then had the downer next day.
Last night he was completely back to normal.
The only thing that was done different was to give him the Drontal.
I can find no mention of any side effects in relation to this drug, but next time will give it in the morning not the evening!
- By Dill [gb] Date 19.05.05 11:22 GMT
I had that reaction to drontal with mine :(  wouldn't give it again in a blue fit :(  these days I use Panacure liquid (for the cat and the dogs) and nobody suffers.  I found that the puppy dose was a bit much for mine tho - diarrhea was pretty bad so didn't give last dose.  The pup didn't suffer tho and worms have never been a problem ;)
- By Teri Date 19.05.05 11:44 GMT
LOL I can't get any of mine to tolerate Panacure liquid - let's just say "projectile vomiting" - graphic enough :P   I had a litre bottle, so quite expensive, and poured it down the sink.

I used Drontal liquid puppy suspension for the litter and did notice that the last time they were done before leaving for their new homes they were hyper-active that night :rolleyes: as if it wasn't all traumatic enough!  However they didn't have any tummy upsets (either end ;) ) so it would still be my preference for young pups.  At 9 weeks onwards, it's too messy and I think tabs or granules are more practical.

In the past I've used Panacure granules too which although designed for cats can be used for dogs - but you do need your vet to work out the dosage more accurately as it's done by x amount of sachets over three days (from memory).

Just goes to show that as usual they're all different - like to keep us on our toes don't they!
Regards, Teri :) 
- By ChinaBlue [gb] Date 21.05.05 11:42 GMT
I too have just wormed my 10 week puppy with Drontal. I gave it yesterday morning, and he was like a mad thing all day, and settled with difficulty last night. He was as you say, just like he was on amphetamines. He did eventually settle but was incredibly restless, kept getting up and lying down continually. Still seems quite active today, but definitely getting a good snooze now and then.
- By Missie Date 21.05.05 11:58 GMT
My mate gave her dog Drontal last night and said he was howling to go out this morning. Good job he did as the last thing you need is a 70kilo leo with the squits in ya kitchen! :D poor thing. I've got Drontal for mine and its never bothered them before, but then it never had this effect on hers before now either!

- By snomaes [in] Date 22.05.05 18:40 GMT
<i rushed her to vet again but he dismissed the wormer and said it wouldnt be the Panacur.>

It certainly could! My Aunt lost 3 puppies in a litter of large Munsterlanders and the remainder of them were at the Vets on a drip. This was due to the Panacur wormer.
Since this occurence, we have heard of many other breeders who have also lost puppies and some with puppies whose intestines were destroyed by the wormer, it does and can happen.
This adverse reaction should be reported via the vet, they have forms available specifically for this purpose.

We always use Drontal Puppy liquid to worm our pups, we would not risk Panacur again.

- By Shandra [ca] Date 08.05.09 04:11 GMT
My vet uses Stongid T and I've never had a problem with it. The dose is quite low. What I want to know is, are the people who have the hyper-active puppies using Drontal Puppy or regular strength Drontal? My Border Collie loves to bring me rodents, such as mice and gophers, and I use Drontal for tapeworms when she gives me these "gifts". She's never been hyper on it, and I've used it on her for 7 years.
- By toffeecrisp [gb] Date 09.05.09 09:06 GMT
I have 3 16 day old pups, vet gave me Panacur paste to give them over 3 days...only managed 2. I wormed them in the morning on day 1...bit niggly and restless, yesterday crying, drawing their little legs up and really not happy. Rang vet...not the panacur he said..ok said I, will keep an eye on them though. Last night I honestly thought I had lost the little female...she wasnt moving, listless, no response to touch....rang vet..different one as emergency switch over. Took her down and she was lovely, asked what we had been giving her and how much, told her and she said not to give her anymore as she had had an allergic reaction to it. I was so upset to think that I had been giving them medication on the vets advice and it could have killed her. She said my vet would probably recommend drontal or milbamix???(not sure if thats how you spell it). Rang my vet this morn and we have an appt at 1130.

This morning the little girl seems to be better.
- By munrogirl76 Date 09.05.09 09:14 GMT
I thought Strongid was a horse wormer. :confused: My dogs have had panacur, drontal + and milbemax, all without any problems - I think it's the case that, as with any medications, some will have problems, others not.

And thought I would also just mention, this thread is 4 years old. :eek:
- By Moonmaiden Date 09.05.09 09:19 GMT

> My dogs have had panacur, drontal + and milbemax, all without any problems

Just to repeat a heads up-Milbemax-shouldn't be given to un MDR-1 tested herding breeds
- By munrogirl76 Date 09.05.09 10:03 GMT

> Just to repeat a heads up-Milbemax-shouldn't be given to un MDR-1 tested herding breeds

My dogs are gundogs.... where did I say it should?
- By helenmd [gb] Date 09.05.09 10:06 GMT

>> Just to repeat a heads up-Milbemax-shouldn't be given to un MDR-1 tested herding breeds

I didn't know that-my Australian shepherd was given Milbemax last week by my vet.What are the side effects? I'm worried now!
- By Moonmaiden Date 09.05.09 10:19 GMT Edited 09.05.09 10:22 GMT
Did your vet give you the contra-indications sheet ? They should have weighed your dog & given the drug exactly to the maker's instructions

From the Novartis site

Studies with milbemycin oxime indicate that the margin of safety in certain dogs of Collie or related breeds is less than in other breeds. In these dogs, the recommended dose should be strictly observed.

The tolerance of MILBEMAX in young puppies from these breeds has not been investigated.

If it was last week your dog should be OK, if your dog isn't from MDR-1 normal parents & you haven't had him/her tested, then I wouldn't use Milbemax again.

All my collies are tested normal
- By Moonmaiden Date 09.05.09 10:21 GMT

> My dogs are gundogs.... where did I say it should?

As another poster has mentioned some vets give Milbemax to herding breeds & really they shouldn't unless the dog is MDR-1 normal-you didn't mention in the post that your dogs were gundogs.
- By munrogirl76 Date 09.05.09 10:25 GMT
The company actually say it has been tested on collies and related breeds and they have a reduced tolerance for the drug so dose should be carefully given for exact weight, but they do not say not to use it in them. I have to say that personally I would not use it if I had herding breeds - but at the same time I wouldn't panic - if there was going to be a reaction you would have seen it by now. :-)
- By Isabel Date 09.05.09 10:27 GMT

> you didn't mention in the post that your dogs were gundogs.

I think mgs avatar is a bit of a giveaway :-)
- By munrogirl76 Date 09.05.09 10:45 GMT
I didn't mention in the post - but you are, as I know, well aware of the fact - and as Isabel says, the avatar is a bit of a giveaway - so why choose my post to quote? Why not start a new topic?
- By satincollie (Moderator) Date 09.05.09 11:13 GMT
A dog that hasn't been tested for MRD1 and infact turns out to be a carrier can have very serious up to  life threatening reactions to this drug and vets are not always aware of this so I do feel it is useful for general information on this to be given.

However as this is a very old thread I am locking it now
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