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- By paxo Date 20.04.05 12:40 GMT
A friends bitch has missed on the last 2 occasions that she was mated although she had a litter over 2 years ago.Her other bitch has also missed twice and has never had pups.She knows it is unlikely to be the stud dog as he has fathered pups before. She said someone told her that there are supplements you can buy to improve a bitches fertility but I am unable to advice her as I honestly don't know if you can get any supplements for this as I have never had this problem. I have advised her to feed them a quality maintenance diet,and get them fit. Has anyone used any kind of supplement and if so was it succesful.
- By inca [gb] Date 20.04.05 12:45 GMT
I have read vitamin E
- By megaloo [es] Date 20.04.05 13:44 GMT
Wheat Germ is supposed to be very good. Get in touch with Dorwest Herbs they are very helpful
- By pjw [gb] Date 20.04.05 15:32 GMT
If both her bitches have missed they could both have a low-grade infection.  It may be worth getting them swabbed.  This happened to a friend a few years ago.  Both her bitches missed to different dogs - one of them missed twice.  A course of antibiotics for them both before mating and they had pups.
- By Dill [gb] Date 20.04.05 15:35 GMT
Don't know whether it would affect dogs but in the 80's there was research into Soya causing infertility in big cats and other zoo animals.  Soya was removed from their diet and fertility returned. 


there are loads more links about how soy affects fertility

May help, may not , but worth a try :D
- By paxo Date 20.04.05 17:26 GMT
Have passed on your useful comments on to Jan and she says thanks very much for your help. She is going to try the dorwest supplement as that may be beneficial anyway.It has made her wonder now about their previous diet as someone mentioned soya.She says that the 12 months they didn't conceive she was feeding Dr Johns but took them off about 2 months ago as one of them developed a skin allergy,although she didn't know if it contained soya. She says  she looked on the bag  of chudleys which is what she is feeding now and there is no mention of it having soya in it so she hopes that will be ok.
- By Big Girl [gb] Date 21.04.05 06:53 GMT

I have a friend who has some information on a Canine herpes vaccine, eurican, they have used it with great success she is having probs emailing here so if you want you can email her on (Wendy)  she will be happy to give you more info
- By Harmony Date 23.04.05 00:17 GMT
I mated one of my girls last year & even though she had a good mating & at the right time she missed.  On talking to her breeder about it I found out that there could be a hormone imbalance within her line.  I looked at homeopathic treatments & on advice from a homeopath I started my girl on Sepia 30c for 10 days every month until she came into season where at which point you stop.  Apparently the Sepia is very good for clearing out the reproductive system & is also effective for phantoms.

Anyway, I followed the regime with my girl, albeit it was only for 3 months but she did get into whelp this time :-)  I'm now sat up with her waiting for them to arrive at some point hopefully in the next few hours!!

HTH & good luck to your friend :-)
- By briedog [gb] Date 23.04.05 07:11 GMT
at the moment there alot of bitches that not coming into season or missing.

when my girls go to be mated i always put them on a course of antibotics for the first 8 day of the season,to cover any low grade infection,one vet told me that if you swap a bitch you may start up and infection that may be laying doarment,
when wispa had 3 litter one miss,
brie had 1 litter and on a course antibotics due to be mate next week.
gollie was on a course and she in whelp.

plus when my rush went to stud all the girl that came to hi where put on antibotics and all took by one who didnt go on a course but 6 month later did and she had a litter,

plus on day one i worm the girl and other other drug or treatment before the pup are born why pump them with wormer,flea control and injection it going to have some side effects if not on the bitch it may come out on the bitch.

human  and dogs can have ecoil that laid doarment,untill the baby pass the birth cannal  and the afterbith and that cause infection and dead, in babys and pups.
- By minnie mouse [gb] Date 26.04.05 16:38 GMT
I use vitamin E everytime i mate one of my girls & they have not missed, i give vit E 3 weeks before itake them to be mated also try Dorwest Herbs, Wheatgerm Oil it is a natural source of Vitamin E.
- By paxo Date 26.04.05 17:19 GMT
Thanks for your help again everyone I am passing it all on to  Jan. I note vitamin E is highly recommended so I am sure she will try that.In fact I think she did say that she has ordered some from Dorwest.

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