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- By crissb37615 [us] Date 04.04.05 04:23 GMT
i hope that someone can answer my question, my pekeapoo is in heat and got out the other night. i could not find her anywhere until my neighbor called me and informed me that she was at their house and she(pekeapooh) and their male poodle were stuck. i was shocked and embarassed. They were stuck for about 45min. I was just wondering is it safe to say that maybe she isn't pregnant because she is still bleedding. I noticed today while giving her a bath. Any information would be helpful.
- By tohme Date 04.04.05 04:34 GMT
Start knitting..........
- By crissb37615 [us] Date 04.04.05 05:15 GMT
lol that's what i thought. i wasn't for sure because my friend said that if she was still bleeding that there was a chance she wasn't but wow they were stuck for 45min and i felt so sorry for her because she was crying and trying to bite him. my husband found it very amusing. lol
- By Trevor [gb] Date 04.04.05 05:30 GMT
"my husband found it very amusing. lol "

:mad: :mad: :mad: - words fail me  !

- By snomaes [in] Date 04.04.05 05:40 GMT
This must be a troll!

Surely no-one could be this ignorant, irresponsible & not even have a basic grasp of reproduction?

- By Lokis mum [gb] Date 04.04.05 06:15 GMT
Message deleted!
- By crissb37615 [us] Date 04.04.05 06:17 GMT
on that last remark exactly who were you refering to?
- By crissb37615 [us] Date 04.04.05 06:26 GMT
to snomaes, for your information i am not ignorant,irresponsible, and i do have a basic grasp of reproduction when it comes to humans. you know there are people out there that aren't that familiar with animals. since you are so rude i thought you might know that my 2 year old little boy accidently let her out. he is a baby and doesn't know about not letting her out the door ,he is so use to seeing me let her out to potty i think maybe he thought he was helping me. plus this is my first female dog. are you always this rude or just lonely?
- By crissb37615 [us] Date 04.04.05 06:41 GMT
you know i came to this site seeking some friendly advice, i didn't know that people could be so cold hearted and rude. life is too short to treat people badly. i'll pray for you. i'm sorry i even came to this site.... thanks to the person who replyed to me first. that is what help is all about.
- By Lea Date 04.04.05 06:47 GMT
Get your dog down the vet for a mismate injection ASAP.
It will stop the pregnancy which is the best thing for your dog.
You can have it done days after the mate.HTH
Lea :)
- By crissb37615 [us] Date 04.04.05 06:51 GMT
thanks for the advice i was going to get her fixed when my finals were over. I tried to keep her up, but ya know things happen. esp. when you have kids.
- By Lokis mum [gb] Date 04.04.05 06:50 GMT
If this is genuine, and has only just happened, then you MUST take your bitch to your Veterinary Surgeon PDQ!

There is an injection that she can have that will prevent her from having puppies AT THIS TIME.  However she will come into season again, very soon.   You must then keep her confined so that she cannot get out - as you cannot watch your 2 year old all the time, you will need to keep her crated.  Then in 6 weeks time, take her back to your vet and get her neutered - this will save a recurrance of this unhappy event.

If however this happened more than a week ago, you still need to take her to your vet and arrange to have her spayed now, which will remove the puppies.

If she goes ahead with the pregnancy, you could well lose her, and the puppies, or finish up with very high vet bills.

- By carene [in] Date 04.04.05 06:52 GMT
We bought my bitch while she was in season, the first week. She continued to bleed on and off for nearly 3 weeks. 8 weeks after we bought her she produced 6 puppies. Having puppies is very very hard work, much more so that a full time job, it's 24/7. We have no children - as you have a 2 year old child, coping with puppies would be so much more difficult for you. It would be wise to see your vet as soon as possible, and discuss the possibilty of terminating the pregnancy. HTH.
- By crissb37615 [us] Date 04.04.05 07:03 GMT
this is true, both are small dogs, actually the male is smaller that her. i had called my vet to ask him about this situation and he has yet to call back.
- By crissb37615 [us] Date 04.04.05 07:10 GMT
i'm fully aware of the responsibility of pups i'v had a dog that had a litter before, it wasn't my dog but somehow i got stuck with it she had her pups on the 31st of october and i got rid of all except one male that i chose to keep he is  a wonderful puppy, black lab at that and stays outside in a kennel, there for a while i thought i was going to lose my mind because it got cold and i had to bring all of them inside. after three weeks she quit feeding them so i had to nurse them,i went out to pets mart and bought bottles and puppy formula  it was like taking care of a newborn all over.
- By ChristineW Date 04.04.05 07:18 GMT
The injection to prevent a mismating between 2 dogs is given in 2 injections, one 3 days after mating & then 2 days later.  Although I believe there's another injection out that you have a far longer timespan with.  These injections aren't 100% guaranteed to stop pregnancies I have to warn you but your vet will give you more information.   I haven't noticed any bitches coming back into seaon unduly early after having had the mismating injection.

Accidents can happen even with the most careful of people.  I would recommend that you have your bitch spayed and then an accident can't happen again.   
- By SharonM Date 04.04.05 09:42 GMT
The trouble is if she is still bleeding there is a chance of a problem, my girl bled after mating and lost her litter and nearly her need to get her to the vet ASAP or you could end up with no pups or mum!
- By Brainless [gb] Date 04.04.05 09:53 GMT
I would advise that you take your bitch to the vet for the morning after jab, or have her spayed right away.  tjhis will solve the problem of unwanted crossebreed pups and the problem occuring again.

Even though your bitch has been mated she will still be more than willing to be mated again, and may be more keen to get out.  bitches can have pups by more than one male in the one litter.

I assume you are in the states,a dn would strongly urge you to ahve this pregnancy terminated, as you have a huge unwanted dog problem with most of the unwanted animals being put to sleep.  You don't want to add to this number.  Also the mix your dog is means she is at high risk of whelping complications and might die gving birth if you are inexpereinced and don't know if she gets into difficulty.

As for not understading about canine reproduction, I suppose most people would consider learnign about this to be essential before purchasing a dog, especially a bitch.  We do get a lot of wind up posts about unsuitable breeding to get peoples backs up, so maybe the other posters were a bit disbeleiving as we have ahad a lot of silly posts as it is the school holidays, so don't take it to heart :D

The best book you could buy on all things female is 'The Book of the bitch@ by White and Evans, available from amazon online. :D  Even if you have your girls spayed it wil still be very useful.
- By ChristineW Date 04.04.05 10:37 GMT
My bitches bleed all through their seasons regardless of whether they have been mated or not and I've had 3 healthy whelpings!

I endorse what Brainless has to say, I may add that (Although not totally ignorant) I have my first unspayed cat and I'm not really 'up' on cat reproductive cycles so people don't sit on your high horses.   The poster came to ask a question & for some help - remember that.
- By Brainless [gb] Date 04.04.05 10:59 GMT
I took the post seriously as the poster bothered to register, and most of the WUMs and Trolls hide behind the anonymity of Guest posts :D

Welcome aboard Chriss, I am sure you will have useful expereinces to share with others, I am sure you will enjoy it here :D
- By snomaes [in] Date 04.04.05 18:27 GMT
No, I am not lonely nor rude, the post just seemed so unbelievable and the kids are still off school, so I guessed that it was a 'wind-up'.

I would have thought that seeing two dogs tied for 45 minutes would be convincing enough that the male had mated with the female. You do not need too much knowledge of animal reproduction to understand what is going on.

However, if you are a genuine poster, I apologise for my first message and stongly advise you to take heed of others on here and spay your bitch to ensure that she does not have puppies.

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