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- By Lokis mum [gb] Date 24.03.05 07:11 GMT
Is it only me, or does anyone else think that we have a sniper (maybe a member, although I do not want to think that) who posing as "Guest" attacks, targets one Champdogger in particular - others join the bandwagon and attack whilst the rest of us rush to defend the beleaguered one, who sometimes gets so fed up that they leave us completely.

It starts off, very innocuously, with a question from Guest on "breeding" or "feeding" and then escalates..... - can Admin actually chart which "Guest" starts what thread?    And how many times can a Guest post, and on how many different subjects, before Admin steps in and bans him/her??

I'm referring particularly at the moment to the two threads currently opened by Guest on breeding..........

- By nursey Date 24.03.05 08:23 GMT
Hi Margot, when Guest postings were discussed a few weeks ago, Admin posted that members can post as guests, but that admin knew who they were.

Dawn R.
- By ice_queen Date 24.03.05 08:26 GMT
How does that work!?
- By Lokis mum [gb] Date 24.03.05 08:26 GMT
....mmm - so Admin are happy to stir up a hornet's nest and allow misinformtion???????

We've now got a 3rd thread :eek:
- By ice_queen Date 24.03.05 08:44 GMT
Sometimes I lack faith in admin :(

I think we are getting worse here and think it's a shame.  hwen I first joined everyone was lovely, now not only do people get banned (some valuble people at that!) we get valuble people leaving.  Soon we'll be left with only  snipers etc and afew people trying to do their best to keep this forum alive.
- By Brainless [gb] Date 24.03.05 08:53 GMT
Don't worry we get this from time to time with same issues raised adn we get over it.
- By Brimble [gb] Date 20.04.05 08:59 GMT
Quite new to your site but I have seen the pain one of these posts can cause.  Not every guest post seems to have the troll logo.  Are they veted first or do they just appear as soon as the guest posts?

There are some very knowlegable people out there with a lot to give.  I always seem to come in way down the discussion and miss the beginings when the debate becomes heated.  I guess it is up to each one of us to be vigilant and take a good look at the post we are responding to.
- By Blue Date 20.04.05 12:36 GMT
Lokis & Ice Queen..  I don't know what the threads are but just ignore them :-))

I think people forget that this is a internet board..  monitoring these things is not a full time job ( it probably feels like it)

People have to be mature enough to walk away from stupid , trouble making threads. 

There are boards out there who are not moderated at all..

IT is free after all.. :-))

EDIT to add it is not all guest posts that have the warning so if in doubt move onto the nest post and ignore it.That is what I Do :-))
- By echo [gb] Date 09.06.05 09:23 GMT
Second though for the day, dog helping me with this one so the typing may be a bit odd. I think I am right in saying that sending a post or email to admin identifies your computer or email address or both.  When admin says they know who the posters are it just means they can identify the posts in this way.

I have an internet site myself and it is very difficult to vet posts all the time, It really is down to us to try not to respond to iffy posts as if they are real but to ask questions to draw the poster out and get them to join if they want to or if not real guests, to give up and go away to torment someone else.
- By oliversmum [gb] Date 11.06.05 13:00 GMT
There is s post that has just come on titled "blame". The heading says this is a troll post. How do you know what is a troll post as I have come across this ref a few times since joining CD. The title doesn't give anything away, just wondered?
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 11.06.05 13:20 GMT
The heading only says that it's a possible troll post, not that it is definitely one. It's up to us to gauge whether the poster is making a genuine enquiry or is out to stir up trouble. If you think it's the latter, ignore the post.
- By oliversmum [gb] Date 11.06.05 13:22 GMT
Ah. Wonder who thought of the name troll - my imagination is running wild now. Little green gnome things tapping away at a computer begging to be fed. :-D
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 11.06.05 13:23 GMT
The name 'troll' is used all over the internet, and has been for years. Googling for "Troll definition" turns up loads of info.
- By oliversmum [gb] Date 11.06.05 13:27 GMT
I've never heard of it before, I've been using the internet for 2 years now - been too busy with children. I'm only a member of this forum so not come across it before. Thanks for explaining.
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 11.06.05 13:29 GMT
No problem! :)
- By ManxPat [im] Date 11.06.05 15:07 GMT
I agree with Lokis Mum - I get a bit tired with these posts, two in particular were downright abusive and slanderous. I usually boycott and don't give the poster any satisfaction by adding to it. I think ignoring such posts are possibly the only way to stop it.

I am a member of another site, which is breed specific, and we have none of this.
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