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- By thomas-the-spot [gb] Date 17.03.05 07:07 GMT
I have never walked my girl until after the pups are weaned she is usually to obsessed but her daughter seems to have the idea she wants to go for a walk.  Does anyone else walk their girls shortly after whelping.  Two things concern me a) risk of infection although I am probably the only one who walks my dogs where I do and b) will she run off back to the pups? 
- By briedog [gb] Date 17.03.05 07:50 GMT
wispa and brie was looking for their walks after two,then they went back to their nomal walking routie after that
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 17.03.05 08:13 GMT
I've always had to literally drag my bitches into the garden for pees/poos for the first day or two, then they've gone willingly when I've suggested it, knowing they can run straight back to their pups afterwards. By day 4 I generally find Mum queuing up with the others to have her lead put on when we go for walks, so we go for a short one, then home, then I take the others out for longer. When the pups are about 10 days the bitch is usually coming for a full normal walk, and I've never had any problems with infections - in fact we've never had a pup either poorly or lost one for any reason at all.
- By ChristineW Date 17.03.05 08:40 GMT
My bitches tend to be like Jeangenie's.  They want to be with them for the first couple of days, then they seem to understand the pups can be left and will go out quite willingly for a walk with the others & that the pups WILL be there when they return!   I think it does them good to stretch their legs.
- By Brainless [gb] Date 17.03.05 08:22 GMT
I have always treid to keep my girls home for at least the first week or so, as I tend to be out for a couple of hors when I go for walks and errands.  By two weeks they are looking at the leads wistfully.  I try to keep them focussed entirely on their pups until then, but I bring the whelping box downstairs at this point.
- By thomas-the-spot [gb] Date 17.03.05 11:47 GMT
Thanks that is really reassuring.  Tigs mum would never leave the puppies for weeks so this is a novel experience for me. She has a show at the end of May so obviously I want her tight again but there will always be other shows but unfortunately the pups cant be replaced. :)
- By dudleyl [gb] Date 17.03.05 21:04 GMT
I'm so glad I read this post, as I have had the same concerns.  Pups are 2wks today, and mum is obviously longing to get out now.  I have mats soaked with Trigene solution by each outside door and intend to wash her nipples down after a walk - I'm really looked forward to getting her out again.
- By Gail [in] Date 17.03.05 21:21 GMT
I must be over careful because I don`t walk my girls that have new puppies until the puppies have had, at the very least, their first vaccination just in case.I also keep `walked` adults away from the puppies too, not even through the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!No shoes are worn in the house.As for going to a dog show, thats a strip tease job before I enter the house.........but my husband is always pleased to see me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Gail :) :) :)
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 17.03.05 21:31 GMT
Crumbs! Our vet doesn't give pups their first jabs till they're 10 weeks old! The mother would be doing a wall of death around the house if she hadn't been out for 10 weeks!
- By pjw [gb] Date 18.03.05 15:12 GMT
I always used to give in and take my girls out when they became keen to go (one bitch would queue at the door within hours of having the last puppy).  I used to wipe them down thoroughly with a mild Dettol solution on their return and for many years I got away with it fine. However about 7 years ago, I took the mum out for the first time when the pups were a couple of weeks old, and the next day she was violently sick and passed a couple of really loose motions and that was all.  But within hours the pups were listless, being sick and passing pools of blood.  They all survived, but it was real worry and very hard work for several days.  My vet said mild infections that go practically unnoticed in healthy adult dogs can kill pups in hours.  Well, I learnt my lesson and now they wait until the pups are about 6 weeks old.  I figure that with a big garden it doesn't hurt them for a few weeks.
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