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- By cme210884 [gb] Date 18.02.05 10:53 GMT
I am desperately looking to buy a malti or shih poo and i can't find any breeders in the UK. They all seem to be in the US. If anyone knows of anyone i can contact in the UK, please get back to me. Thanks.
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 18.02.05 10:56 GMT
Luckily 'designer crosses' are mainly limited to the US. Reputable breeders don't deliberately cross, though accidents occasionally happen.
- By John [gb] Date 18.02.05 11:01 GMT
And lets hope it stays that way. There's plenty of mongrels of all shapes and sizes in dog rescue. Maybe one of those might fill the bill?

Regards, John
- By Trevor [gb] Date 01.06.05 04:44 GMT
Hello John - glad that you're back :D hows retirement suiting you ;)

- By frodo [au] Date 01.06.05 12:38 GMT
Em Yvonne have you seen the date on Johns post??? ;)
- By Carla Date 18.02.05 11:08 GMT
Reputable poodle breeders and owners must despair at the constant crossing of this dog - must be the most crossed breed ever!
- By Brainless [gb] Date 18.02.05 12:14 GMT
As has been pointed out puppy farming is mega big business in the USA as opposed to just big business over her.  the reason for these poodle crosses is not because they make better pets than either breed, it is because poodles are likely to have larger litters and also may be easier to mate diferent breeeds together than keep a stud dog of each.  Think about it one poodle male and lots of bitches of different breeds will give yu all the mixtures a puppy farmer could want.

Investigate the Poodle, Maltese and Sghitzu breeds and buy a puppuy from a reputable breeder recomended by one of the breed clubs.

Alternatively visit your nearest resue centre and choose any number of attractive crossbreeds, without encouraging exploitation.
- By wintamagaik [gb] Date 18.02.05 15:01 GMT
- By Anwen [gb] Date 18.02.05 15:22 GMT
Why anyone wants to pay pedigree prices for a crossbreed with a stupid name is beyond me.
- By sarstaff [gb] Date 18.02.05 23:15 GMT
i wonder why its always poodles, maybe people like using the word poo in the name ??
- By archer [gb] Date 19.02.05 16:54 GMT
Probably so they can add the other commonly used lie to their selling 'spiel'....'it doesn't moult either!
- By IceQueen2 [gb] Date 15.03.05 11:42 GMT
I am looking for a Malti-poo breeder as well.  And yes I am prepared to pay pedigree price because it's one of the few breeds that I can have because of my partner's allergy.  And the name is NOT STUPID at all, especially considering it gives a chance for dog lovers with allergy to have dogs.   
- By Lokis mum [gb] Date 15.03.05 11:55 GMT
This isn't Roxanne (ice_queen) posting!!!
- By kayc [gb] Date 15.03.05 11:59 GMT
We know Roxanne has more sense than that :D :D
- By kayc [gb] Date 15.03.05 11:57 GMT
Icequeen, the Malti-poo, or whatever you wish to call this x dog, (I cant say breed, as it is NOT a breed) will still have dander, all dogs do x or otherwise, some more than others.  There is no guarantee that your partner will not be allergic to this cross-breeding.  Are you so desperate for a dog that you would happily and willingly condone the breeding of dogs without health checks. hip, eye, hearing and heart problems that may come to light. Can you condone the conditions of backyard breeders,(no reputable breeder would even consider this) to satisfy your own selfish needs.  If you really want one os these crosses, wait a year or so, I am sure you will then find many in rescue, and wont cost you a penny.

Had to do a double take on the name there :D
- By Lokis mum [gb] Date 15.03.05 11:59 GMT
So did I - wondered what she was up to, for a couple of minutes - thats why I posted!!

- By ice_queen Date 15.03.05 12:46 GMT
So did I...I thought...I haven't posted...then thought...I wouldn't say that!!! :eek: could you really see me owning a small fluffy crossbreed!!!!

Icequeen, the name is only good to the sad few who think it is funny, the rest of us think some very cleaver person is making a fool out of everyone who will pay £££££££ to have a dog's name that is suposidly funny/rude....

Thank you margot for pointing out it wasn't me...and Kayc for thinking I have sense!!! :D ;)
- By Fillis Date 15.03.05 12:19 GMT
There are plenty of pedigree dogs which may be suitable for allergy sufferers - what about a poodle, from nice health checked parents, or one of the other (many) non-moulting breeds. You can bet money on the fact that any breeder who tries to sell puppies by using the statement that they are suitable for allergy sufferers, will not give the support afterwards if in fact they DO cause allergies.
- By EMMA DANBURY [gb] Date 15.03.05 12:29 GMT
I have to agree it is a very silly name and an even mader thing to do. These people clearly have no interest in the dog breed whatso ever.
- By archer [gb] Date 15.03.05 12:39 GMT
<<<<I am looking for a Malti-poo breeder as well.  And yes I am prepared to pay pedigree price because it's one of the few breeds that I can have because of my partner's allergy.  And the name is NOT STUPID at all, especially considering it gives a chance for dog lovers with allergy to have dogs.>>>>

Firstly....IT IS NOT A BREED!!!!!!!!
2/....if you want to pay stupid money for a pup from unhealth tested parents thats your choice....some people have more money than sense
3/...most people are allergic to dander...ALL  dogs have dander
4/....there are BREEDS out there that don't moult...why not have one of them
5/....there no guarantee that the pups of a cross breed won't moult
6/ is a completely STUPID name designed to con uneducated(dog wise) people into thinking this cross is a 'proper' breed
- By EMMA DANBURY [gb] Date 15.03.05 12:41 GMT
Things dont change.

<runs into another brick wall>
- By archer [gb] Date 15.03.05 12:44 GMT
Makes you wonder doesn't it!!!!
- By EMMA DANBURY [gb] Date 15.03.05 12:46 GMT
It was labradooodle dooos last time wasnt it.
- By archer [gb] Date 15.03.05 13:02 GMT
All the time theres gullable people out there these idiots will keep producing x breeds and making a mint!!
- By EMMA DANBURY [gb] Date 15.03.05 13:11 GMT
I know my boxer used to do Malti Poo's. Im sure alot of our dogs do Malti Poo's and would be willing for you to take a couple.
- By EMMA DANBURY [gb] Date 15.03.05 13:12 GMT
As for a Shih Poo, never new they were sexed. Oh well I learn something new every day
- By ice_queen Date 15.03.05 13:12 GMT
:D Emma  :D
- By EMMA DANBURY [gb] Date 15.03.05 13:32 GMT
Sorry thought Id add my madness to theirs.
- By spaniel-lover [gb] Date 15.03.05 15:10 GMT
If you are after a breed that does supposedly doesn't moult (there are no guarantees!) then choose from this list compiled from the Kennel Club:


Pick yourself a breed and pick a pup from health tested parents from responsible breeders and do your bit to help stamp out this practise of irresponsible breeding.  If you are a dog lover then surely unscrupulous and irresponsible practises would be the last thing you would want to contribute to?
- By CoeurdaleneMike [pr] Date 10.09.05 17:07 GMT
You pure-breed elitists suck!!  A dog is a dog, and even your purebreds are just mixes of other dogs that have, through hundreds of years established a recognized "standard".  Mixing unrelated dogs makes for stronger and healthier dogs.  My personal feeling is that society has doomed millions and millions of dogs to breed-specific disabilities.  So you have dogs with inherent problems like blindness, deafness, bloat, hip dysplasia, etc.  Mixed breeds do NOT suffer from these problems to the same extent your purebreeds do.  So kindly bugger off your purebred soapbox.  Someone who wants a cross breed, and who hopes to get physical/behavioral characteristics of two different breeds is not an idiot - they are smarter than most purchasers of purebreeds who buy from pet shops and backyard breeders.  And, by the way, this is the way MOST purebreeds are brought into the world.  Again, I find the arrogance of this board outrageous.  Read back through your posts.  Who gives a funk if any dog isn't an AKC registered dog, with an established standard?  All AKC registered dogs started out like the -oodles and -poos have.  It excites me that breeders are recognizing that there is a need for more allergy-friendly breeds (even if there is "some" dander).
- By Lokis mum [gb] Date 10.09.05 17:09 GMT
Are you, by any chance, a breeder of such cross-breeds Mike?   And I take it you are in the US - am I right?
- By Val [gb] Date 10.09.05 17:11 GMT
What a load of rubbish!! :(  If only.............
- By digger [gb] Date 10.09.05 18:09 GMT
Sadly, simply mixing unrelated dogs does NOT make stronger and healthier dogs - cross breeds and mongrels can suffer from congenital defects just as any purebred can :(
- By malwhit [in] Date 15.03.05 18:47 GMT
I feel like selling a Mini Schnauzer-poo, Leo has just rolled in horse muck....does that count?
- By BorderCollieLvr [gb] Date 15.03.05 19:42 GMT
i wana sell some colliepoo theres LOADS of it in my gardern!
non health tested and it doesnt shed hair only £800
- By EMMA DANBURY [gb] Date 16.03.05 10:39 GMT
Ahh but do you no if its he poo, or shee poo?
- By Blondiflops [gb] Date 16.03.05 13:26 GMT
:D you lot are nuts!! hee hee!!:D
- By BorderCollieLvr [gb] Date 16.03.05 21:26 GMT
the shepoos at the top of the garden and the hepoo hides under the hedge
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 16.03.05 21:35 GMT
There are sheep at the end of our garden. They produce sheepoos.
:) :)
- By rose [au] Date 16.03.05 23:45 GMT
Dont forget shnauzers and shih-tzu's,these dont moult either :)

There is absolutely NO NEED to fork out a fortune on an unhealth tested  dog bred by unscrupulous money hungry swines,when there are plenty of pure bred dogs out there who ARE health tested and bred by loving caring breeders who actually care where they place their pups and most will be there for you and the dog for it's lifetime.Unfortunately you cant say the same for the ones that churn out the latest fad dog :(

It would be in yours and the dogs best interest to seek out an experienced,loving breeder who do the best by their pups and their future owners :)
I have nothing gainst cross breeds per say,they often make great pets,(however you wont know their full history or which parent they will eventually take after),it's the people who breed them for all the wrong reasons that i cant stand :mad: As long as people keep buying them,they will keep producing them :( And dont forget the horrible conditions *some* of these dogs have to live in,for these breeders to make money they have to skimp on the dogs care in some ways.Alot may look good on the outside,they let you see what they want you too see!

Please dont let the previous replies scare you off.If you have ANY questions regarding a pure bred anti-allergy dog,please dont hesitate to ask :) Also please bear in mind that  you can be allergic to any type of dog,moulting or not! The only true allergy free dogs are the hairless/naked breeds :p

Good luck and please keep us updated :)
- By arntyjax [gb] Date 10.05.05 13:59 GMT
Poo is the word of the day going by some of the previous comments! Meow!!!  What about Labradoodles then?  From what I have read, they are bred by careful, loving breeders from parents who are heart and hip scored.  Not all breeders are out for a quick buck.  Sure, there are unscrupulous breeders, but these are not just limited to crosses. 
- By Isabel Date 10.05.05 14:43 GMT
Have a look at this thread:-;pg=1
sorry link won't work  have to cut and paste.
5 pages of everything that could possibly be discussed on Labradoodles :rolleyes:
- By spanishwaterdog [gb] Date 10.05.05 15:49 GMT
Yeah good old Labradoodles, charge a grand give DLRC papers and there we go!!  People think that they've got a proper breed with the correct papers.

I don't mind mix breeds as such but people should be told that they are just crosses and not a "breed".  You also don't know whether you are going to get the coat that people are allergic to or not, though there again it's untrue that a Poodle coat is OK for people with allergies because it's actually the dander that people are allergic to and not the coat!
- By SashaKameo [gb] Date 29.05.05 15:03 GMT
Just found an advert of someone selling "Jackapoo's" for only £195, (mother - jack russel, father - toy poodle).
Or did I read it wrongly and it's a heap of Jacks poo, a new type of manure for the garden?
- By spanishwaterdog [gb] Date 01.06.05 10:39 GMT
Yeah, that was in my paper this week too, presume you live in the Manchester area?
- By SashaKameo [gb] Date 01.06.05 10:56 GMT
No, I found the advert on the net, but I think it probably comes out as a paper as well. Have just seen another one advertising "Pekachi's", The Best Designer Dog in the World, only £380. Pekinese X Chihuahua, another mongrel!!!!
How, or why do they think of them? it's bad enough a mistake, but when they go purposely breeding them for fancy names, the mind boggles.
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