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- By Nav [gb] Date 27.01.05 17:08 GMT
i'm looking for an American Staffordshire Terrier breeder in the UK but am having trouble finding one. dose anyone know of any breeders or websites?
Thanks for your help!
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 27.01.05 17:19 GMT
Although there are people who will try to tell you otherwise, American Staffordshire Terriers are legally classed as 'Pitbull type' and are therefore banned. That is the verdict of the courts, and even the foremost solicitor who defends dogs caught up in this iniquitous Act confirms this viewpoint.
- By nk_london [gb] Date 27.01.05 17:47 GMT
i've seen amstaff's advertised on many pet websites. though i don't know of any specific breeders if you keep an eye on and among others like, you will find amstaff pups there.
- By archer [gb] Date 27.01.05 18:21 GMT
And 99.9% if not all of them will be badly bred staffs or cross breeds!!!!!!!!!
- By sarstaff [gb] Date 27.01.05 19:42 GMT
I wouldnt go there Nav, as archer says, in the uk, all your likely to get is a cross or a big problem ! Why American ??
- By spaniel-lover [gb] Date 27.01.05 21:17 GMT
Three words spring to mind concerning this breed: asking for trouble!  Especially if going through the free ads, please, if nothing else, stay away from those!!

- By SashaKameo [gb] Date 27.01.05 22:26 GMT
Those sort of Ads should be banned, it's just encouraging puppy farms.
- By perrodeagua [gb] Date 27.01.05 23:44 GMT
They're going for £650 here in the Manchester area.  One of my workmates son's went out got a male, 2 weeks later went and got a bitch.  Two months later the dogs been sold and they are looking forward to having pups off the bitch, who is only 6 months at the moment.  Told his mother in no uncertain terms what I thought of him!

They didn't realise that they weren't properly registered etc. as they had papers and they must be the real thing !!
- By hairypooch Date 28.01.05 09:43 GMT
Why look for this type of breed when there are many other wonderful Terrier breeds in the UK? Haven't we got enough breeds in this country to choose from that will satisfy? :confused:
- By lel [gb] Date 28.01.05 11:55 GMT
They are lovely looking dogs but its the DDA issues that concern me
- By Fillis Date 28.01.05 22:48 GMT
Yes, they are beautiful dogs, but the problem is that seing a picture does not prepare you for meeting the real thing. Here, most people will only have a vague idea of what the breed looks like - hence the fact that folk get away with pretending crosses are actually Amstaffs.
- By cooper [gb] Date 29.01.05 18:18 GMT
there were NO am staffs brought to the uk.if anyone can PROVE otherwise with genuine AKC or UKC paperwork i will eat my hat without salt and pepper.
those selling dogs as am staffs are merely peddling poorly bred apbt's , staffords and varying bull and terrier crosses.
- By perrodeagua [gb] Date 29.01.05 20:36 GMT
There's somebody who has a very nice site saying that they are American Staff's. so I presume that the are in this country.  Could be wrong as I've only seen the breed a couple of times in Europe, must admit I did like the look of them but they are not my kind of breed.
- By cooper [gb] Date 30.01.05 01:46 GMT
i have seen a couple of these sites that advertise their am staffs but as soon as you see the breeding you realise that they are from apbt lines like patrick,reid,curstopper,mayfield etc bloodlines.
- By perrodeagua [gb] Date 30.01.05 09:48 GMT
The thing is that pet people who wouldn't know are buynig into this and paying over the top prices.  Due to them being given some kind of paperwork they think that they are KC registered, Mr Average doesn't know what a KC paper looks like and these people play on this.

My work colleague was really excited when she came in and told me about her son buying the first pup, unfortunately I deflated her happiness, but he stil went out and got another, then the first one was soon down the road.
- By andy_s80 [gb] Date 30.01.05 12:04 GMT
I think generally if you see someone with an American Staff the first thing that sould enter your head is PITBULL.

Yet another breed which has been tarnished by people trying to hide the fact that they are illegally breeding pits.

- By APBT owner [in] Date 21.07.05 20:42 GMT
Being the owner of an American Pitbull, who we got from a rescue centre and were told was a cross staffie!! Until the vet told us otherwise! I would recommend you stay well clear of anybody who offers for sale any American Staff. As other members have said this is just a not so clever cloak for an American Pitbull terrier. They can be fantastic dogs as ours is but it has cost me £1800 in legal bills to keep our dog. For the record the Dangerous Dogs (Amendment) Act 1997 does allow you to own an American pitbull provided it is registered with your local police station (it will take them weeks to do this as noboby at ours new the law or could find the register!!) is microchipped and when in public on a lead and muzzled. For the long and very boring story of how I legally possess our dog please contact me or for legal advice with similar problems I will be happy to help. For the record we have our dog as nothing more than a pet!! Take my advice get a straightforward Staffie or similar they are effectively the same dogs! Good luck
- By spanishwaterdog [gb] Date 22.07.05 08:41 GMT
I'm surprised that a vet in the UK knows what they are, they seem to find it hard with the more popular breeds sometimes to know what they are :d
- By archer [gb] Date 22.07.05 10:49 GMT
Some vet s struggle to know the difference between common breeds.I visited my vet with my then new addition Shiba Inu and he didn't have a clue....even though he is a 'mature' vets in his 50's!!!!!
- By Blues mum Date 22.07.05 11:53 GMT
One of my vets thought blue was a weimaraner when in fact his a dane! lol i know he doesnt look nothing like one but she thought so!
- By scotty1963 [nl] Date 02.03.08 08:59 GMT
dose anyone know if there are moves to ban am  staffs in the netherlands as i am thinking of importing a dog pup from the states
- By Melodysk [gb] Date 02.03.08 09:41 GMT
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