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- By sarstaff [gb] Date 27.10.04 17:42 GMT
   i think  the answer is yes but what are the chances of it actually happening, my youngest stafford is in season now but oldest isnt due for few months and dont really want her to come on till then. she is very turned on by youngest bitch scent but showing no signs yet . thanks for your time sarah
- By sandridge [gb] Date 27.10.04 17:53 GMT
My lab bitch is astually going over with my friends girls that are in season,to bring her in,but shes due or over due, should i say anyway.
- By Moonmaiden Date 27.10.04 18:05 GMT
I dom't see why not the opposite happens in wild dogs where usually the Alpha bitch is the only one who comes in season
- By digger [gb] Date 27.10.04 18:17 GMT
Yes, many mammals cycles will adjust to correspond with the lead female - even human females working together can find their cycles adjusting - which might be a scarey thought for any man working with them ;)
- By Jan Date 27.10.04 18:25 GMT
My 3 bitches all come into season within a few days of each other.
- By SharonM Date 27.10.04 19:04 GMT
One of my girls came in season recently 10 weeks late, which then brought my other girl in 5 weeks early, so I would say yes, it definitely does happen
- By tcarlaidh Date 27.10.04 19:41 GMT
IMO they can hold them back too.
- By Canjoline [gb] Date 27.10.04 20:45 GMT
My oldest bitch comes into season when she likes. Her last 3 seasons were 13 months 11 months and 12 months apart. When our 2 year old came into season we decided to mate her with the ideaa that we would mate the older one in about 7 months time. We arranged to mate the younger one had pre mate tests done etc. and guess what? the older one came into season the next day. Because of this we decided to mate her too as she is 4 year old now and if we left it she might not come in for 11/12/13 months if we mated her then and she she missed we would be looking at mating her at 6 year old which is too old for a first litter so fingers crossed everyone we should have 2 litters one at the end of Nov and the next at the begining of Dec. Am i mad or what!!!!!!!!!??????????????

Pauline (Canjoline Beardies)
- By sharonb [gb] Date 27.10.04 22:51 GMT
My 3 usually follow each other by a week or so. The poor dog next door is tortured for about 6 weeks.
- By sarstaff [gb] Date 28.10.04 08:08 GMT
   oh well looks like i should throw those plans out of the window and fly by the seat of my pants. thanks for replys .
- By Fillis Date 28.10.04 08:32 GMT
Keep an eye on the elder bitch. My younger one came in for the second time and brought in her mother early, but she went on to a have a split season, and as we wanted to mate her it was very difficult to assess her ovulation so the poor girl ended up having loads of pre mate tests. We did get a successful mating however. The next time the younger one came in, her mother showed all the signs, bled for 3 days around the middle of her daughters season and then stopped. She went on to have a normal season at her expected time. It seems my younger one has a 6 month cycle where her mothers is usually 71/2 to 8 months, so dont know whether they will ever be together, but certainly it seems to me mums body is doing everything it can as alpha bitch to stop the younger being mated. From a week before her Daughters season, mum wont let our dog anywhere near her!
- By pjw [gb] Date 28.10.04 09:50 GMT
It doesn't always work.  My bitches came in together last year, both had litters, and then one came in again 7 months later but the other one didn't.  She came in 3 months after that.  Now the first one has just had another season, but the other one hasn't come in and is showing no signs at all.  I have always found that bitches will bring each other in, but only if their seasons are due within a month or so anyway.
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