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- By HAMISH75 [gb] Date 15.09.04 18:07 GMT
Hi All

I was talking to a friend today who was telling me that her sister gives her dogs rice pudding for their breakfasts and that they absolutely adore it and go mad when she opens the tin, they are adult dogs not puppies, i always thought that adult dogs could not tolerate milk but she said that they are fit strapping dogs and have always loved their rice pudding for breakfast and then their proper dog biscuit food for their evening meal. Obviously it has done them no harm but i have never heard of dogs having rice pudding before.
Is it just me that finds this unusual?

- By Daisy [gb] Date 15.09.04 18:10 GMT
Dogs will eat most things if they have the chance without problem, although I understand that some have problems with milk. My Aunt's beagle had double cream poured into his bowl most weeks, throughout his 17 years, without any problems - but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone :D

- By ange [gb] Date 15.09.04 18:16 GMT
When I have a surplus of milk, I make my goldens rice pud.They love it!
- By jo english [gb] Date 15.09.04 19:17 GMT
If its tined  rice pudding  ie ambrosia it contains 73% skimmed milk  9% rice and the  other 20% made up of sugars and full cream and whey .why its called rice pudding or creamed rice when the rice makes up the smallest ingredient is again down to marketing
Seems a lot of milk and  sugar to give a dog . bit fatty me thinks-jo  
- By lel [gb] Date 15.09.04 21:50 GMT
I used to give it as an occasional treat and Gus loved it - actually neither of them have had it for ages-
an excuse for my mum to rustle up a homemade pudding for me - she cooks a mean rice pudding does my mum :)
- By dvnbiker [gb] Date 19.09.04 16:46 GMT
I use it on occasion in their kongs frozen.  They never seem to have had any problem with it but wouldnt feed it as their meal.

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