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- By Guest [gb] Date 06.08.04 11:28 GMT
Hi i am looking for jack russel cross patterdale puppies, for sale around september 25th?? Does anyone know anyone that has any of these puppies available at any time, but better due 25th september??
Please help...
- By Jackie H [gb] Date 06.08.04 12:09 GMT
Until and unless someone is able to help with this may be looking in some of the sporting type papers would be a good idea as this sort of terrier cross is more often used by farmers and country people they are not used as pets and for showing. Try Farmers weekly, Horse and Hound and anything of that sort, you should be able to read them at your local library
- By russett1 [gb] Date 06.08.04 12:13 GMT
actually these type of dogs ARE used for showing (and they make good pets), in fact there are hundreds of working terrier shows all over britain during the summer, and the dogs are highly prized by their owners. It just so happens that they cannot be shown in KC shows, which not everyone wants to do anyway.

Guest would be best to look in the sporting press such as countrymans weekly, shooting times etc, and a visit to alarge game fair or country show will also help you find breeders/exhibitors of these terrier types.

good luck in your search guest :-)
- By Jackie H [gb] Date 06.08.04 16:17 GMT
Sorry russet I have never had to spell it out before but if you like I will try to say in future, that type of dog is more often used by farmers and sporting people and rarely used purely as pets although I expect some are and they are not used for Breed Showing although they can be show at Companion shows or of course Terrier show, but I don't think I will remember :)
- By russett1 [gb] Date 06.08.04 16:57 GMT
no need to apologise, Its an easy mistake to make :-)
- By Dawn B [gb] Date 07.08.04 05:52 GMT
Yes that is a cross used in Terrier circles.  Most of these will already have homes lined up although you "may" find one for sale in the Countrymans weekly.  Wouldn't recommend one as a pet though, too "work" orientated.
- By russett1 [gb] Date 07.08.04 10:43 GMT
we have friends who have a terrier of this cross, and shes a very sweet dog, an excellent pet. she loves her long walks and has to be kept on an extending lead when there are bunnies etc in the vicinity, but shes a fantastic little dog and I would reccommend them as pets. thats the great thing about these message boards, you will get people who have different experiences and one person may think a breed or type of dog is unsuitable for one purpose, another may have the opposite experience.

We also have friends who have a greyhound (retired racing dog- rescue) and they are supposedly not good with cats, chase things, hard to train etc etc (all the usual stereotypes!) and toska is NONE of these things, shes a placid, lovely natured dog who is quite happy to share the sofa with the cat, will walk to heel calmly in the park, and is very obedient, in fact she puts some other breeds to shame! she has taught me to keep an open mind, and not to judge the breed as a whole, but to take each dog on its own individual merits! :-)
- By Jackie H [gb] Date 07.08.04 06:05 GMT
Not talking to myself, was replying to a post that has since been removed, may start soon though :D
- By Dawn B [gb] Date 07.08.04 18:06 GMT
I missed that one Jackie, I didn't think you were nuts, honest!! :D
- By Jackie H [gb] Date 07.08.04 19:08 GMT
How does it feel to be in the minority Dawn :) :D
- By John [gb] Date 07.08.04 19:16 GMT
I dont think you're nuts either. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A little eccentric maybe? ;)
- By Jackie H [gb] Date 07.08.04 19:37 GMT
Well you know what they say John, it takes one to.................... :P
- By John [gb] Date 07.08.04 19:45 GMT
Me? There is nothing eccentric about standing in the middle of a frozen flooded field all day. . . . . . . . . . . . Strange maybe, crazy possibly, mad certainly, but eccentric, never! :cool:
- By Jackie H [gb] Date 07.08.04 20:13 GMT
Well as we always say it is all a matter of opinion :D
- By kazz [gb] Date 07.08.04 20:29 GMT
John I always believed you had to be rich to be called eccentric. And if you are poor then sadly you are just plain barmy ;)


PS Jackie; I thought you were talking to yourself.... as you normally do :)

- By John [gb] Date 07.08.04 20:43 GMT
Me and church mice have a lot in common Karen :(
- By Jackie H [gb] Date 08.08.04 05:58 GMT
You, I and church mice John. :)
- By Horse [gb] Date 05.01.06 22:58 GMT
I agree with the statement about dogs being type cast who says they dont make good pets as long as you give them enough execise, mine have just gone to pet homes, outdoor horsey ones, still pets though?? I too have a lurcher she is scared of the cats and eats along side chickens!!!! If dogs are bought up correctly and managed appropriatly then they should be able to do any thing within reason, what ever fault a dog has is usually down to human interference not breed trates!!!!
- By Goldmali Date 05.01.06 23:09 GMT
Horse again you've replied to a very old post -this one from 2004. I doubt the original poster is still looking for replies. :)
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